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Rec2 [Blu-ray] [2009]
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on 8 July 2017
[Rec] 2 is an utter disappointment. I'm actually slightly annoyed as to how poorly executed this sequel is! Its predecessor is one of the scariest films ever, and yet somehow they managed to remove all of the scares and replaced them with bad editing. Legitimately, every "scare" is an infected person grabbing the camera and just waving their bloody face around the place until a character knocks them away in a poorly edited sequence. Rinse and repeat. Only one scene was good and that involved an air duct where an infected child comes rapidly crawling towards us. One scare out of twenty attempts isn't good enough. My biggest issue is actually with the story. I appreciated the effort for continuity, I really do and actually liked the fact that the sequel takes place immediately after the first. It of course sets out to answer the fundamental questions that were raised originally. What is this infection? Is there anyway we can stop it? I absolutely hated what the film makers decided to do with the story, the so called "virus" is actually something different and it's completely shoehorned in. Diminishes what the first film built with excellence. Good job! *Note the sarcasm* We do have some returning cast members and it does tie up some loose ends but the conclusion was messy and unrealistic. Realism was a BIG plus as to why the first film was so good, this decided to take the plot into the...shall we say...supernatural realms. WHY!? There was absolutely no need for it! Urghhhh so frustrating. The narrative was slightly more interesting where we actually follow two camera holders (a SWAT team and some teenagers), so essentially we saw two different types of fear. The "so scared I cry" or the "so scared I panic and feel the need to shoot everything". There was a decent killing scene with a firework in someone's mouth...not seen that before. Oh, and the mandatory night vision camera shots. But yes this poorly executed horror film did nothing for me and, in my opinion, took the franchise into the realm of stupidity.
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on 17 March 2014
Ignoring the – rather pointless – Hollywood remake, Quarantine, REC was a cult classic in the horror genre. However, naturally – being a Spanish movie – it was cursed with subtitles, therefore it never reached a mainstream audience. However, that didn’t stop it spawning a sequel, which takes place immediately after the events in the first film.

If you haven’t seen REC then stop reading and watch it now. It is the better of the two movies, but, as far as sequels go, REC2 is actually pretty good. Here, a team of armed police officers enter a quarantined building to see what happened to the original occupants. And here’s a clue… zombies.

Of course naturally things don’t go too well for our boys in blue and, if you can ignore the fact that armed, well-trained men get easily overpowered and forced onto the back foot by unarmed (albeit zombified) civilians, then you can enjoy this one, too. There’s more gunplay as the budget is bigger than the original, so they can afford to add a few shoot-outs into the mix. However, if you’ve seen the original, you’ll have already seen the best scares. REC2 certainly isn’t as intense as its predecessor, but it’s still a decent enough follow-on.

Plus you probably won’t care about the central team as much as they’re all just ‘men in armour’ and it’s hard to make out who’s who. There are some other characters added a little way into the film, but that feels like an interruption as you’ve done your best to follow (and care about) the initial team before this new lot are thrown into the frying pan.

It’s not as good as REC, but in a world of terrible cash-in sequels, it certainly stands out as one of the better ones (which is more than I can say for ‘REC3’).
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on 14 May 2012
I loved Rec and was looking forward to watching the second part. As a recent convert to the zombie movie genre, Rec had me on the edge of me seat all the way through, and although I was little disappointed with the ending it didn't ruin it for me.

So, decided to see the whole thing through to the end and watch Rec 2. I won't go in to the plot as there are plenty of other reviewers who have.

For me, this lacked the tension and jump moments that the first one had managed to do so well. I don't know whether that's because you knew the layout of the building this time and what was potentially waiting in each apartment, or whether it's just that the script and action wasn't quite as good this time round. I have no problem with the hand-held camera thing, it can work really well and that's been proven in a few films now, including Rec, but on this occasion I just got a bit bored of it. There were a couple of times when the camera was put on the floor so all you could see were feet running around. Both times it just annoyed me, it felt lazy.

My partner hated the whole religious aspect of the film, but I found that quite refreshing for a Zombie film, it wasn't just another unexplained virus turning people mad. Quite a nice twist I thought.

Where as I would sit and watch Rec again, I have to say that this DVD will be going to the charity shop now after one watch. It just didn't grip me and I didn't care about the characters, where as in the first one you got to know and like the group of people trapped inside the building, in this one I couldn't have cared less who survived and who didn't, I just wanted it to end.

It was watchable, but not really enjoyable or memorable. I gave it 3 stars for - It's Ok. That's it. No more, no less. It passed some time on a rainy Sunday night.
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on 12 April 2016
A lot of sequels tend to let down the previous entry in a series, but Rec2 is equally fraught, tense and exciting. The cast are exceptional, the setting is still creepy but familiar and the horror is really well done without being cliche. Please don't let the fact that it's subtitled put you off, this movie really is something else. The 3rd instalment is more fun than scary, and the fourth felt a little unnecessary, but the first two are stellar.
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VINE VOICEon 23 May 2014
Despite continuing straight after the ending of the first film in this series, it somehow doesn't manage to sustain the tension and claustrophobia that made .rec work so well. Instead, it tries to discover the back story behind the events in the apartment block, and by doing so, drifts off the path of excitement. The ending is never less than predictable, and repetition of events does not hold the viewer.
That said, it is not a bad film, it just pales by comparison to the first part. Perhaps best watched all in one go?
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on 1 June 2017
A very intense, disturbing film that will terrorize you like the original film. Rec 1 & 2 are really the best of the series of films, after this thy veer off course in a attempt to expand the franchise and really miss the mark. If you are a lover of down & dirty zombie horror this is for you! Region B won't play on North American players so take note of that, sad these films haven't become a box set in the U.S. this really is great Spanish horror at its bloody best!
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on 26 March 2016
Brilliant sequel to the first instalment. An undercover priest is sent in with an army squad to try and deal with the supposed virus outbreak which is more evil than anyone but the priest knows. Again, the hand-held camera action really works in this excellently filmed classic. Recommended.
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on 19 September 2012
REC 2 was a good film but nothing compared to its predecessor. Whilst it still retains the handheld camera technique it loses all shock value by deploying the same scares the first did and by giving the film more a=of an action feel to it by bringing in several armed SWAT members into the mix. Whilst the film was good and is a must see for REC fans the film does little more than provide fan service.
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on 18 July 2017
Sh*t myself - but not like the first one. Very good and original film - until Hollywood gets hold of it. After this one, the franchise started getting silly.
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on 30 January 2015
if you like rec then you will like this just as much its more of the same being set in the same building yet has plot twists you wont see coming and still manages to make you cling on to your seat
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