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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 8 July 2017
[Rec] 2 is an utter disappointment. I'm actually slightly annoyed as to how poorly executed this sequel is! Its predecessor is one of the scariest films ever, and yet somehow they managed to remove all of the scares and replaced them with bad editing. Legitimately, every "scare" is an infected person grabbing the camera and just waving their bloody face around the place until a character knocks them away in a poorly edited sequence. Rinse and repeat. Only one scene was good and that involved an air duct where an infected child comes rapidly crawling towards us. One scare out of twenty attempts isn't good enough. My biggest issue is actually with the story. I appreciated the effort for continuity, I really do and actually liked the fact that the sequel takes place immediately after the first. It of course sets out to answer the fundamental questions that were raised originally. What is this infection? Is there anyway we can stop it? I absolutely hated what the film makers decided to do with the story, the so called "virus" is actually something different and it's completely shoehorned in. Diminishes what the first film built with excellence. Good job! *Note the sarcasm* We do have some returning cast members and it does tie up some loose ends but the conclusion was messy and unrealistic. Realism was a BIG plus as to why the first film was so good, this decided to take the plot into the...shall we say...supernatural realms. WHY!? There was absolutely no need for it! Urghhhh so frustrating. The narrative was slightly more interesting where we actually follow two camera holders (a SWAT team and some teenagers), so essentially we saw two different types of fear. The "so scared I cry" or the "so scared I panic and feel the need to shoot everything". There was a decent killing scene with a firework in someone's mouth...not seen that before. Oh, and the mandatory night vision camera shots. But yes this poorly executed horror film did nothing for me and, in my opinion, took the franchise into the realm of stupidity.
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on 1 June 2017
A very intense, disturbing film that will terrorize you like the original film. Rec 1 & 2 are really the best of the series of films, after this thy veer off course in a attempt to expand the franchise and really miss the mark. If you are a lover of down & dirty zombie horror this is for you! Region B won't play on North American players so take note of that, sad these films haven't become a box set in the U.S. this really is great Spanish horror at its bloody best!
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on 30 January 2015
if you like rec then you will like this just as much its more of the same being set in the same building yet has plot twists you wont see coming and still manages to make you cling on to your seat
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on 18 July 2017
Sh*t myself - but not like the first one. Very good and original film - until Hollywood gets hold of it. After this one, the franchise started getting silly.
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on 8 April 2017
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on 9 July 2017
A direct sequel to the original Rec, this film picks up with a military team being sent into the building while the incident is still occurring, unaware of what they are walking into.

While the first film provided information about how the virus was created and spread, this film goes further to provide the full backstory. While this is a great idea, the film mis-steps in that it injects a religious/supernatural element into the mix which instead of resolving all the issues actually opens the door to a whole load of new questions which left me feeling disappointed.

The film is still entertaining if probably unnecessary in that it didn't advance the Rec universe in any meaningful way.
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on 5 August 2013
The original film is one of my favourite found footage horrors.
This is a little more hohum than horror. It doesnt have to be believeable but you have to dispend disbelief...
The previous film was original (till the ending) - this slides too easily in and out of too many genres tropes :- a bastard offspring of Aliens, Carrie, Contagion and 28 Weeks Later; rests a little too heavily on the laurels of REC - and at times falls dangerously close to parody. (The "revelations" concerning a number of main and peripheral characters are not very interesting, the "reason" for the outbreak to me is not affecting enough.)
Having criticised so much - I still like the pace and a couple of the setpieces are great. Just dont expect the thrillride of the first one.
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on 20 September 2010
REC was one of those films that proves yet again recent American horror is in a pretty poor state and was of course remade about ten minutes after the original was released. Doubtless REC 2 will be remade by this time next week.

Anyway, the first question fans of REC will be asking is is the sequel as good? With a big smile on my face, I'm happy to say yes. Beginning almost immediately after the first film ended, part two starts with a SWAT team and a doctor entering the apartment building to find out what happened to the camera crew, firemen and people who lived in the building. It's not long before they discover they're knee deep in the brown stuff and things are going to get worse.

I did wonder if the handheld camera issue would be a problem. After all, there was a reason for it in the original film. However, rest assured it's justified in the sequel and becomes almost as much of a character as the SWAT members and the infected. We see through their eyes and there are several moments in which it seems the infected are coming for the viewer, such is the effect of the camerawork. I was also pleased by some very nice touches - spotting the people from the first film who are now infected, the splashes of blood in the same places as before, and the use of an exit/entrance briefly mentioned in REC.

While some of the mystery from REC concerning the cause of the outbreak has been cleared up, there are still plenty of questions left and still plenty for us to enjoy in what is one of the best horror sequels I have ever seen.
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on 15 December 2010
Zombies are the new Vampires, but with less teenage angst and more chomping on savoury brains. One of the key Zombie films of recent years was cult Spanish hit `Rec', which combined the rabid nature of '28 Days Later' with the found footage of `Blair Witch'. `Rec 2' is a direct continuation of this film and hints further that the film has the hall marks of a zombie film, but is it? An enigmatic academic and 4 special ops policemen enter the, now supposedly empty, tenement building that featured the first film's outbreak. Who is this mysterious scientist obsessed with discovering what is in the attic of the building?

`Rec 2' is an example of the rare occurrence when more of the same is a good thing. The same sets, the same style, similar scares, but they all still work brilliantly. Even after two films you are still a little unsure of the truth and never really see the infected people. Bathed in darkness directors Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza use flashes of fear and the audiences' imagination to distil terror. The opening act is a brilliant mix of action and horror as the capable police officers slowly uncover the truth, only to discover they wish they never did. It is the slightly limp second act which prevents the film from being as strong as the first. A group of youngsters are introduced as a parallel storyline that just proves to be boring.

With a lot of the film being shot via handheld cameras, the HD should not work, but it does. The BluRay highlights the scary sound effects and gives the grainy imagery a depth. Balaguero and Plaza are the people who should be given the most praise for the film, and the series. They have stuck to telling a simple story well and leaving the audience wanting more.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 August 2015
This 2009 sequel carries on immediately after the events of REC 1 as the final scene actually forms the first scene of this movie. We then see Dr. Owen (Jonathan Mellor), an official from the Ministry of Health, enter the apartment building under the protection of a 3 man SWAT team equipped with video cameras. The film follows much the same pattern as its predecessor as the team set about their mission. But exactly what is the mission, it’s a question the Swat team are soon asking and is Owen’ all he seems?
The single disc opens to four feature trailers before going to main menu offering play, scene selection, set up [5.1, 2.0 and English subtitles on/off] and bonus features [what you’ve never seen, extended and deleted scenes]. Play takes you to the very final scene of Rec 1. This time around there is another sub story as we follow a small group of individuals who manage to gain access to the building. As we watch their story unfold, it links in with what you have just witnessed from the point of view of the SWAT team.
This filming and approach is more planned and you actually get more of a sense of panic in this one from the start, but the reactions of the SWAT team are –lets say, unprofessional at best. The other irritation is the use of muted sound to illustrate confusion and such like, in this its overplayed and often inappropriate [lose a *]. That said I did enjoy this just as much as number one and for entertainment and jumpy moments, this has to be a ***** but it’s just a smidge below the original.
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