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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

on 31 October 2004
On the night of a Demon's Moon Geirolf's longboat is caught in a storm and wrecked. Expecting death, he is instead left utterly bewildered when he lands on the coast of Maine and one thousand years in the future. Needing another boat he decides to help himself to the half completed one on shore, thankful he carries a powerful sacred talisman after meeting a green eyed witch named Merry Death, a woman who laughably claims the boat as her own.

Professor Meredith Foster is intent on finishing her Grandfathers dream, the creation of an authentic Viking longship. Mistaking Rolf for a carpenter, she is initially disbelieving when he claims to be a real viking from the tenth century. Yet with his indepth knowledge her grandfathers project goes from strength to strength and soon her house centres around a thriving Nordic community, complete with a longhouse and forthcoming traditional wedding ceremony - hers and Rolf's. Funny she doesn't remember saying yes.

Like other readers, this is the first novel I have read by Ms Hill and will certainly not be the last. Her play on words throughout this book keeps the reader smiling and some of the scenes are laugh out loud hilarious. Not accustomed to modern society, Rolf sees no problem 'phoning Sharon Stone to set up a date with a besotted fan or contacting the crew of Home Improvements after thinking Tim Allen a modern day God. Meredith's daily refusal of Rolf's marriage proposal falls on deaf ears, yet rather than finding this annoying I found instead my heart melting just a little bit more with the arrival of each tender and thoughtful bridal gift (as per ancient Nordic tradition). This is a wonderful romance and I cannot wait to get my hands on the other books within the Viking series.
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on 14 January 1999
She's done it again!! This was not my first Sandra Hill novel, I had read The outlaw viking and found Mrs.Hills writing style refreshing, so when I found The last viking I grabbed it up and I was not dissapointed. If possible I was even more impressed with Mrs.Hill, she is a wonderful storyteller and bring just the right amout of humor to make you laugh AND cry!!
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on 23 January 2010
It was only through absently meandering through the Amazon site one day that one search led to another author which led, eventually, to Sandra Hill. After reading the reviews for 'The Last Viking' I decided to order the first three books in this series, needing a change of pace from some heavier reading and my usual lighter reading: paranormal romance and vampires, and because I love anything associated with vikings!! I began this book almost as soon as it arrived and was absolutely taken with it from the beginning. I think the thing that makes her books stand out from others of the same genre is that her books are full of fun and passion and life in all its glory. Yes, it is impossible and fanciful. Yes, it is full of alpha-males and the women who succumb to them. But, you know, it is fiction and if we can't suspend belief and enter another world in fiction then where can we? They are huge fun and this book, first in the second series of Viking books made me laugh (alot) and cry (somewhat) - Geirolf's leaving of Merry-death to try and return to Vestfold in the 10th Century made me weep as I finished the book late that night. I will not repeat the summations of the story that others have left here - they are accurate and definitely encouraged me to try this author but I can honestly say that if you love romance that is a little out of the ordinary, has a sprinkling of hot (yes, hot) sex and a love of live and a belief on new beginnings then pick up one of Sandra Hill's books. I, for one, will be ordering the rest of both Viking series' and will even try her contemporary series as well. Ms Hill, you have another fan.
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on 21 April 2000
This is the first Sandra Hill book I have read and it was absolutely brilliant. The storyline was different to most time-travel books . This one had the hero (Rolf) bought forward from the tenth to the twenteth century instead of having the heroine go back in time. The story is hillarious, I have never laughed so much as I did reading it, especially at some of Rolf's pronounciation of the words. Merry-death(Meredith) is a wonderfull heroine especially when Rolf is trying to put her in her place. He is a real chauvanist but very lovable with it. I can guarantee this book will have you in stitches and tears, a brilliant read. Well done Sandra. I do hope there is going to be a follow on to this book. I can' wait.
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on 12 October 1998
I was in the mood for a change of pace from my usual historical romance books and picked this one up in the bookstore the other day. I am so glad I did! Rolf the hot viking has had a time travel experience from the 10th to the 20th century. He is the most adorable thing I have ever read on a page. He falls in love with Merry-Death (meredith), how cute! but tries to find a way back to his own time to fulfill a promise he made to his father. Merry-Death fights her very intense feelings for Rolf and finally lets go of her inhibitions and goes for it. I thought this book was totally awesome! Every other word that came out of Rolf's mouth was histerically funny. I highly recommend this book even if you are not into time travels. It is refreshingly different and totally enchanting!
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on 8 October 1998
I never laughed so much reading a romance novel. The sex was great,but the foreplay was better. After I read this book I wanted to hop on a plane straight to Norway and find my own viking.
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on 2 May 1998
I found out about this book on the Kevin Sorbo mailing list because of the references made to Kevin Sorbo and I bought it to see for myself. And I am glad I did the book was excellent, it was the second romance novel I've read and won't be the last. The dialog between Rolf and Merry-Death was fabulous. I laughed and cried and laughed and cried. Rolf's curosity was one of the best parts of the book along with his obsession with Tim "the Tool Man" and Oreo cookies. If you read only one romance novel, try this one, it is a definate must read.
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on 2 November 1998
This was the first book that I have read by Sandra Hill but I already know that it will not be my last. Sandra Hill enchants readers with a story of a lost Viking and a lonely Professor. The dialogue between the character was extremely comical. The book was filled with steamy sex scenes but it also touched the emotions of women around the country. I enjoyed this book and I know that everyone else will too. Often I find myself rereading The Last Viking and each time it gets better and funnier.
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on 16 April 1998
This was the perfect introduction to Sandra Hill. I bought more of her books, and can't wait to dig in. The depth of the authors knowledge about Vikings and Norsemen shines without burdening the novel with a research paper. Rolf is larger than life, and Merry-Death (!) is a woman to reckon with...they are definitely well matched. The pages fairly sizzle with tension, excitement, and humor. Enjoy!
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on 9 July 1998
This was an excellant book. I liked that he came forward to her. Both strong, stubborn characters that work together. Strong men do cry. It gives a bit of insight into the Viking way of life without overwhelming you. I'm not much on contemporary romance but I very much like time travel. This book was worth the money and time to read it.
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