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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 August 2010
I was never really into Oasis at their peak, mainly because I didn't like the Liam Gallacher image. When I heard this album reviewed on the radio, I thought that I really ought to get it. Now I love it! I didn't realise how many of the tracks I knew, without being able to put a name to them. It's not Oasis re-discovered, it's Oasis discovered for the first time. Better late than never!. This is a "must buy", as it really represents an era, and as a bonus there are some great tunes!
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OK, I admit that Oasis never really matched the excellence of their first two albums and they were influenced(ie: sounded like!!)a lot of other bands. But listening to this double CD made me realise that they produced some very good singles. It was 'Some Might Say' that first made me sit up and take notice because it reminded me of Slade which can only be a good thing. From then on there were a lot of singles I liked, some I wasn't keen on but by and large Oasis were a very good band.

I'm not mad on 'Roll With It' and 'Go Let It Out' and 'All Around The World' do go on a bit. But 'Live Forever', 'Supersonic', 'The Importance Of Being Idle', 'Whatever' and 'Falling Down' are excellent and capture the band at their peak. Yes, some of the lyrics are basic and don't even make sense but so what? It's the overall sound that matters and this band delivered some cracking songs.

If you can't stand Oasis then you won't buy this, it's as simple as that. But if you think that you have liked a few of their singles then you might well be surprised at how many more were better than you originally thought. I reckon that I like about 90% of the stuff on 'Time Flies 1994-2009' and that means that this is generally very good and worth five stars.
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on 26 August 2010
There're four medias: 2 CD's, exactly the same Time Flies 1994-2009 sold separatedly, with the 27 singles from Oasis. 1 DVD, exactly the same sold separatedly Oasis: Time Flies 1994-2009 [DVD], with 27 videos of singles in two ways, chronological release order or original order from Time Flies CD above, as a Oasis gig. This DVD has 9 music videos of musics that weren't released as singles or some of the singles in another version, as descibed above. All videos can be seen with release details and comments of composers (Noel and Liam). The latest media is another CD, contains the last live register of them, in London. 16 tracks. My only regret is that this CD has not the complete show. "Waiting for the Rapture", for example, is not listed. Great booklet and a beautiful clam card box. Inside, medias came in card sleeves. Sorry about my english. CHEERS!!!
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on 15 June 2010
Oasis where the beatles of the Britpop era, their songs where easy to understand and tap you feet to , yet whilst not being an albums band and never to better their two defining albums "definitley maybe" and "whats the story? morning glory!" from the later albums they made upto dig your soul there was bound to be the a few singles that people will cherish the most which is evident on this lavish clamshell box set version of time flies by best of highlighting them as a great singles band that alongside the big breakfast and TFI Friday showed what made the 90's a memorable period.

its hard to say which disc is best but i say disc 1 contains their most memorable songs such as "supersonic", "roll with it", "live forever", "wonderwall" and "don't look back in anger".

Disc 2 may be less familiar but does hold some other great songs such as "Lyla", "d'you know what i mean", "the importance of being idle", which would have been better off on disc 1 but disc 3 in this limited box set version which is their final live performance before the gallaghers acrimonious split is like a greatest hits set with none of the filler that will probabley please some of the hard core of Oasis fans as this is a raw, overdub free performance of which we may never see or hear ever again? (watch this space...)

But the added bonus is the DVD of their promotional films which gives this boxset the 5th star whilst the packaging is spot on with the cd's in slip cases and a decent booklet which has a lot of fan tributes under the song titles highlighting their love for a band which other bands like the Kaiser chiefs and Kasabian will never wipe the floor with.
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on 19 July 2010
whats not mentioned is that the DVD is actually NTSC format and not PAL. This may be a problem for some peoples players!
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on 3 September 2014
Could this be one of the best collections of songs ever assembled? It's only when Oasis are gone that you realise how much you are going to miss them and with two CDs packed with hit after hit, you are reminded of how good they were.

There are too many fantastic songs to list and although there are one or two average tunes (every band has the odd lull in form), this greatest hits album will have you singing at the top of your voice and reliving your Brit Pop glory days!!

This special edition also comes with two additional discs, one is a recording from a live concert and the other contains the music videos for every single they ever released - now that is just amazing!!

Any self respecting Oasis fan will have all of their albums anyway but this collection in my opinion is essential as it tells the story of the band and is also a great jumping off point for those who haven't really heard Oasis before (have you been living on Mars?)
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on 20 June 2016
Fantastic CD, fantastic band. It is now 2016 and if you haven't bought a copy of this yet then why not? You have been missing out! Order yourself a copy now and find out what it is you've been missing out on!
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on 19 August 2016
Wasn't a fan of Oasis at the time but like an occasional listen now. Seems to be missing some tracks, although as I said I wasn't a fan so could be wrong, it also contains a few songs I've never even heard before.
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on 20 August 2016
Its hard to believe but Oasis are no more.
In fairness they did split up and almost end the group a number of times...just about every tour if I remember right.

Still here is a collection of music from one of the greats. That is Noel Gallagher...Owen Morris, The Real People and the band.
I mention those names because I think, from reading they had much more to do with the bands success than just Noel G.

Still you can't take away Noels dedication of writing, and while in fairness Liam G did come up with the "So sally can wait she knows its to late" part of Don't Look Back In Anger, you can't ignore the fact it was largely him that made Oasis such a success. Whatever you consider a success.

The sad thing about this album is its missing Oasis's more entertaining moments...My Big Mouth, Cast No Shadow, Columbia, Magic Pie (probably shortened though), Gas Panic, Roll It Over.

And the b sides One Way Road, Full On, Thankyou for the good times, Its better people, I believe in all.

Mmm....sounds like a record company release this. To cash in.
It could of been much better. Thankfully some Oasis albums are being re-released but singles are rarer and harder to get hold off, and Oasis did put out some worthwhile b sides.

To be fair Oasis needed time off, they have had it far to full on, Liams singing was dreadful, Noel looked bored, the albums seemed to become worse and more and more boring.

Some advice though, try and track down the Liam sung version of Lord don't slow me down, and The Noel sung version of Lyla....sound much better to me. Perhaps they should of re-recorded those just to make it interesting.

I hope, I think I know what I am talking about...
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on 25 January 2011
If you love Oasis, you already have all these songs - not only on the albums they were released on, but probably the singles too.

If you hate Oasis, you're never going to buy this album no matter how many people review it positively.

If you've never heard of Oasis then you're like I was in the late 90s when I bought the Stone Roses' best of...completely oblivious to a phenomenon that slightly preceded me. I can't tell you you'll love this compilation, hate it, or merely think it's average. Musical taste, after all, is incredibly personal. What I will say is if you're a fan of guitar music and a fan of well crafted songs (say all you will about Noel's penchant for 'borrowing' a tune) then it's worth the [...] to check this out. You might hate it; you might end up falling in love with the music that inspired a whole generation and still rings true 15 years later.

If you're completely new to Oasis, maybe you're not imprisoned by nostalgia, maybe with the weight of expectation lifted you see excellent songs like Little By Little and Falling Down in their own right, not compared with their illustrious older brothers. For these are excellent songs, and whatever you say about the band, it is surely a short-sighted or biased person who labels Noel Gallagher a bad songwriter - like the Beatles you only have to look at the quality of the songs that were deemed not good enough to make this album.
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