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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Test Drive Unlimited 2 (PS3)
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£35.00+ £3.99 shipping

TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 October 2017
The best car game with the longest realistic maps. I drive for hours and i mean hours to reach the destination that said on the game satnav 1 hour and 20minutes. You cant customize the cars but your character can come out when in the showroom. Realistic game thats what i like about it
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on 6 April 2011
I see a lot of mixed reactions here. I thought I'd focus on the points on where it differs from TDU and what makes this game different from others. Basically if you want a race game that allows you to cruise around in expensive cars in a free roaming world over two exotic islands, then this is your thing. It's as much a driving simulation as it is a racer. The driving experience and exploration elements were what I liked most about the first installment and for me sets it apart from other racing games. The other aspect that stood out was shopping for clothes and furniture for your pad(s). This last part has been expanded in TDU2 so you can not only customise more in your house this time round, you can buy a club house and invite your friends too.

The graphics are very similar to TDU so it's not quite as glossy as more recent titles but the cars still look gorgeous. One major improvement over the first is that the corners are now much smoothly drawn, so you won't be penalised for not getting that perfect drive because of "square" corners. Also they haven't changed the driving experience either, still providing a much more realistic driving challenge than a typical arcade racer though not quite a sim in the same way as Simbin's GT series. You can choose for easy, sport and hardcore modes. I found the hardcore mode responded much better to my tastes, though some might say there is a tendency to understeer. That said, TDU2 is much more forgiving in the single event challenges than its predecessor. You can kick up a little dust around corners with out losing any points.

When I first heard they were making a sequel I understood it was to be set somewhere in Europe and would feature offroad driving. In TDU2 you now have three categories for which have to earn your driving licenses; asphalt, classic and offroad. Some of the driving test get tricky in the higher levels and will take multiple attempts to perfect. What they've also added are day and night cycles and weather, so you'll more skill and concentration in the wet if you want to beat that time challenge (does it always rain that often in Hawaii?).

Unlike the first one where you gain XP for driving challenges and exploration, in TDU2 you score points for racing, discovery, collections and social aspects. You aren't forced to follow one path, so you can take your time and choose what you like doing best. This level of freedom is a nice feature of the game, so if you're more interested in a huge clothes collection rather than exploring, then that's fine. But if the whole "Sims" bit is not your thing that's fine too. Though it does mean you will never get maximum points in the game unless you complete every category. In my case, not being a huge fan of multiplayer, I'm not sure if I'll be able to recruit enough friends for a driving club. As a result it's unlikely I'll ever get the maximum score on this game, but it doesn't force you down every path, it means I can still enjoy it.

So in short, graphically and from a driving perspective there's not much difference from the first installment. What they have done is added offroad, social multiplayer features, expanded on the clothes and furniture and given us two islands to play with. Not sure if I like all the changes, but the free-roaming and racing which made me love TDU are at least as good this time round...only now I can buy a Veyron ;)
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on 23 March 2011
I've been looking forward to this game for ages & I'm glad to say it doesn't dissapoint.
The free roaming nature of the game makes for hours of enjoyment and now there are two islands to explore there is even more to do.

The variety of cars and manufacturers are excellent, there is also a welcome addition of an off road mode (with vehicles to suit).
The graphics are pretty good (not GT5 mind you) with exteriors AND interiors being nicely detailed. Another nice touch is that on some of the convertibles the roofs actually go up and down. As with the last game there are clothes and houses to be bought in addition to the cars.
The handling/ gameplay is more arcade than simulation but is good non the less.

I would recommend buying this game to anyone from the casual gamer to the driving game veteran. Although it isn't as polished as GT5 it is a very enjoyable game with hours and hours of gameplay in it due to being able to drive ANYWHERE and not just tied to circuits and race tracks. I actually find this more fun to play than GT5 (I have both games).
The only down side to the game is that the motorbikes that were in the first Test Drive have gone, hopefully this will be rectified with a download.
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on 21 September 2011
When I brought this game, I want against all my better instincts after reading the endless negative reviews about the bugs and flaws that came with it. I've now owned this game for a week and a half and I've fallen in love with it.

The graphics are beautiful. Not quite the standard for NFS: Run or Hot Pursuit, but excellent for a comparison.
The cars are well made and great to look at. Some have a few handling problems, but it depends on your method of driving.
The environment is what made me fall for this game. Everything is so well planned out and very aesthetically pleasing.

A basic summery of this game:

You're nothing. You're just some guy/girl who thinks they know how to race, so you're thrown in the seat of a Ferrari and asked to prove yourself. After working your way up from the bottom, making millions and gaining a collection of cars, houses, clothes and haircuts, winning tournaments and doing occasional missions on the side like photography and giving lifts to strange old men seeking an adrenalin rush's, you come to be the most respected racer in two of the worlds most beautiful islands: Ibiza and Hawaii.

A few flaws you may want to know about:

The radio glitches.
Not all cars are convertible.
There are no Lamborghini's or motorbikes. Yet.
Driving into lampposts and flying 20 feet away get's irritating after a while.

Online gameplay can mess up occasionally, but ordinarily you can ram your friends up rear bumper like always. If you're worried about any of the problems you've read about, I haven't noticed them, however Eden (Creators) are making a patch that is scheduled for release by the end of the year.

With 100+ Cars, 30+ Houses and days of storyline and extra entertainment, you can't go wrong with this game. I 100% recommend buying this game if you're seeking an amazing racing experience on a variety of consoles. (PS3's the best. Obviously).
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on 13 February 2011
I have seen some pretty bad reviews for this game, slating the handling, namely. However, I believe that those people were entering the game with the wrong mindset; this game is not a simulation, it is meant to be arcade-like.

The handling is hard to adjust to, granted, but it is easy enough to adapt after a few races, and before long you'll be mastering it.

I am long from completing the game, but the problem I am finding is generating money is pretty hard early on, but I assume later on in the game, it will all become easier.

Aside from the handling of the cars, the selection of cars is sensational, the vividness of the colours is astounding, and on some of them, without close inspection resemble the premium cars from GT5 (on about the F430 Scuderia, off the top of my head. Long have I yearned to drive an Ascari, a Sagaris and Caterhams, and to see all of these in one game, plus a hundred odd amazingly glamorous other cars, I was hooked.

The character creation feature, with all the hairstyling and clothes shopping is a feature appealing to selective taste, I imagine, since I have not bought a single item of clothing or haircut, and have no intention to. Although, buying houses is a nice touch, I have found, as I always loved exploring the GTA maps looking for the various properties to buy; this reminds me of that.

SUMMARY: If you like your games glitzy, full of only the fastest and most striking cars, in a marvellously varied and gigantic map, buy this game. However, if you're looking for a simulation, buy Gran Turismo 5. It all depends on what YOU like, so do not let all the negative feedback put you off. You decide.
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on 28 October 2012
This game is so much fun! The driving controls are a bit twitchy but you won't notice it after a couple of hours. The concept of being able to buy houses, amazing super cars and clothes for your avatar is brilliant. This game could of had 5 stars if the driving controls were polished up a bit...
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on 20 September 2015
Not played for more than 5 minutes myself and that was just to check it out... but my 6 year old that I got it for, absolutely LOVES it. It's quite a detailed driving game and the best bit, for my boy at least, is free roaming. Very good condition.
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on 29 June 2012
Just a great game overall, lots of action i would recommend to any of my friends. I have many other games but all i play is test drive great game for those who love cars attention to detail has been perfected in this game
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on 24 February 2011
This game has everything in it i wanted. lets clear this up everyone is criticising the turning because you spin but your gonna spin at over 150 mph into a corner. also it depends what car you have like a dodge viper will definatley be a bit shakey. anyway this game has everthing in it including funny car washes, over 20 diffrent car show rooms, change the look of your car etc. depends what games your into but i say must have!
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on 23 October 2013
This game was just what I was looking for! The cars are fab....the houses could be better inside however it's more about the roads and travel for me!! Wow what a game and with 2 brilliant maps!! honestly if you want a free run/driving game then you have to go for this. Reasonable price and deffinately worth the money. the Graphics are pretty good too, lighting, day and night. I was expecting weather change however for some reason it is not changing on mine! I have heard that it does change so I don't know whether there is a setting but i cant find it! shame. But overall, Brilliant, you guys who buy it for right reasons will love it!!
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