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on 21 January 2013
I recently started work for a telemarketing company. The standard issue headset (open back) is slightly uncomfortable and on a small yet significant number of calls via Skype I got the impression that the microphone was not the best and that in the environment the standard issue headphones were not ideal. I took delivery of this headset today and set about testing in. Unfairly, I used my existing Sennheiser PC360 as a comparison. The sound through the Sandberg headphones is not great when listening to music. Expected. The sound for Skype was pleasantly good. The microphone is nearly as good as that on the Sennheiser! The Sandberg set is nowhere near as comfortable as the Sennheiser but not unbearably uncomfortable. The Sandberg are closed back cutting out the inane chatter and raucous laughter in the office, allowing me hear the customer clearly :) I just hope the mic does the same for them ;)
I would rate them as 2 stars if they cost the same as the Sennheiser (c.£160 these days!) but for less then a tenner.. 5 STARS!
IMHO .. buy them for Skype/VOIP and no other reason.
Maybe they are optimised for that alone?
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on 15 September 2012
after returning a couple of different sets (other makes) that did not work it was a pleasure to receive these that actually work. the sound quality is outstanding, no hiss or crackles. the microphone works exceptionally well. the wires are held inside cord so are well protected and sturdy and feel well made. there is even a seperate elastic string attaching the cord to the headset so that you can not pull on the actual cord, even with the elastic at full stretch, the cord is not stressed at all which is a nice added touch. i wouldn't say thay are the most comfortable to wear, but not uncomfortable to the point of hurting, far from it. the ear cups could have been a bit bigger but they do the job perfectly, they just dont enclose the whole ear.
i would recommend these without any hesitation, they far exceed my expectations and for a little over 7 quid they are a bargain.
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on 20 August 2014
The headphones are adjustable, they're quite stiff to adjust so there's no worries about them randomly slipping around while you're wearing them. The actual bits that cover your ears are a slightly small - which is perfect for me as I have strangely small ears, but they might be a little uncomfortable if you have larger ears. It might also degrade sound quality, as there will be more room for the sound to escape from.

The ear parts are soft, and the sound quality is much better than I expected it would be. Obviously it's not going to compare to Bose, or an expensive pair of JVC headphones. But I'm really pleased, especially considering the price!

There are two jacks that plug into your computer/laptop/tablet. Pink for the mic, green for the headphones - standard set up. The wire that connects the the headphones to the jacks has been covered in a thin woven rope, which will help them last longer. Also, where the wire connects to the headset there's a small piece of elastic that will stop you from ripping the wire from the headset.

The mic is positionable, but not very sensitive. I bought this for language learning and it takes several attempts (and me speaking quite loudly) for it to pick up what I've said, and frequently it only picks up bits of what I say (and, strangely, it refuses to pick up anything I say in French, but works fine with German...). I imagine this wouldn't be too much of an issue if you want this headset for Skype and the such, but maybe not the best if perfect pronunciation is important.
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on 22 June 2012
Wanted a cheap-but-good headset for Skyping in public wifi areas. Reviewed a load of alternatives and picked these at just £6.99. Brilliant piece of kit. Well built, comfortable, adjustable headband, flexible microphone stalk, braided cable - not just plastic coated - and 3.5mm jacks for plugging-in. Might not be too good for long-term music listening but that's not what I got them for.
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on 10 March 2014
Affordable and compact, I've not been pleased with a product like this in a while. When it first arrived in the post the packaging was secure and wrapped up tight, so there was no initial damage to the product, while everything worked first-time out of the box. I did not have to tweak the microphone or get it to work beyond initial volume levels so it was useable off the bat.

- Good sound quality and comfortable on the ears. I am not a fan of the big headphones which clamp onto your head so these I could use for a long period of time.
- For the price you do get good quality, compared to other headphones which tend to have varying issues.
- Sturdy and can withstand a battering. I ordered this a year ago and have taken it on trips, stuffed it in suitcases and generally given it hell, but a year later and it still works.

- The cord tends to get tangled into knots quite easily, as the cable isn't layered in plastic or encased in any tubing. Doubling it up would be advised for those who use it often.
- After a year of use the headphones themselves still work, but the microphone itself is giving out. This is probably down to the curling cable but again, for the price and how bad I've treated it, I wouldn't consider this too much of a con.
- Not as 'powerful' as other, more expensive and professional headphones, so if you're looking for topmost quality and top-of-the line stuff your budget should be set a little higher.
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on 29 November 2014
Purchased this as am completing an OU Degree, and a headset with mic was recommended for tutorials, basically meaning my usage of this is sporadic, and not for any longer than a couple of hours at a time.

Pleasing quality of cord, (however there's a lot of it!) it's braided and feels well made. Unfortunately, this quality isn't consistent throughout the build of this headset. The headband is very narrow, so sits rather uncomfortably, and the microphone 'bendy' arm is difficult to position properly. In addition the ear cups are slightly twisted, so again do not sit comfortably, or in a way that promotes clear audio.

For what I bought it for, it's okay, though I'm likely to look for a more comfortable version in the future.
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on 25 October 2013
Well made and rugged enough but all plastic head band so perhaps dont sit on it. Sound quality is good certainly for Skype and general use. movies and music are fine though not audiophile at this price! Well finished - quality braided cable with volume control elasticated cable tensioner which reduces movement of headphones when cable snags. Microphone on fully adjustable stalk for ideal positioning. Well padded ear pieces. Audio plugs not USB which I didnt realise when I ordered but is better because it leaves my valuable USB ports free.

Only drawback is the earphones are only adjustable up and down and dont swivel to fit your head and the headband sits forward of the crown of the head so not an ideal fit but fine for my use (Skype, movies etc) - perhaps not ideal for all day office use. At this price good quality and value. Recommended
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on 19 July 2013
I was pleasently surprised when I got these out of the packet. First impression was that these were well made and thought out. That was even before putting them on... I use these for Skype and the sound quality is perfectly adequate for this, they are really comfortable to wear, but in summer the padded earpads might be a little on the warm side. The most surprising thing about them, especially considering the price is the way in which the wire is finished and fixed to the headphone: it is covered in a woven sleeve and there is a small tether reinforcing the point of connection between wire and headphone. Additionally the jacks were covered with a small plastic tube to protect them during transit. What attention to detail!
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on 10 February 2014
I use these for video conferencing and am very happy with them for this purpose. They are perfectly comfortable to wear and the microphone quality is surprisingly good - certainly up to the usual Skype or other conferencing standard. I've recorded and played back my voice and the sound is as good as the 30 pound microphone I bought for the same purpose.

I have not used them to listen to music, but the sound for speech is fine, the volume control is a useful addition for the odd person who speaks way too loudly. The volume control does not affect the microphone volume (good).

Recommended, I would not think it is worth anything more sophisticated for video use.
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on 12 January 2014
As others have commented, the cloth wrapped cable makes this very nice to use. I run a busy office where slipping a headset on for phone calls saves a lot of time as you can talk and type (or make a cup of coffee) at the same time.

I have several different headsets which I use with the excellent Panasonic DECT phones with a 2.5mm side Jack. You'll need to buy a 2:1 adapter which are only a few quid of Amazon. Otherwise, comfort and sound quality - both headset and microphone - is really fine. If you want an expensive premium product, then Plantronics is the way to go - otherwise try one of these and you won't be disappointed.
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