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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 September 2010
There's been enough said about this show, with the ending appearing to have divided the fan base, so I won't harp on about that other than to say I loved it.

The reason for this review is to give potential buyers a heads up on the box set. This box set is actually the six individual season DVDs in a cardboard slipcase, so anyone expecting a nicely put together box set will be a little disappointed. If you've been buying each season as they've gone along, you can buy season six on its own knowing you're not missing out on anything.

That being said, I've looked at the prices of the individual seasons and (as at 14th Sept 2010) you're actually saving yourself money by buying them individually rather than buying this - effectively, you're paying £3.83 for the cardboard slipcase, which some of you may be prepared to do, but others may want to avoid.

Nothing groundbreaking, I know, but thought that some people may like to know.
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VINE VOICEon 11 October 2010
Looks can be deceptive, especially if you've looked at the image that's been sitting at the top of this page for the past couple of months. I was surprised when I opened the parcel to see the size of this box set. My initial reaction was that I'd been sent the vanilla set by mistake. But no. The premium edition is much smaller than I was expecting and certainly a different shape (see my own photos in the images section). That will bother some of you but the surprise for me was a pleasant one. I wondered where I was going to find room for such a thing, now that problem is eased.

The Senet game comes in a compact and unspectacular box as well but the pieces are of a decent quality. I'll never play it, of course. Who will? So, yeah, the game could have done with more exciting packaging but, oh well, we're ultimately here for the Blu-rays. Even these are going to be a bone of contention for some to chew on - no slipcases, no digipaks, just boring old regular Blu-ray cases. The first three seasons also come in wider cases than the last three. This last point is understandable as the earlier seasons are longer, but I bet it annoys some of you that they don't all follow the exact same style. It annoys my inner nerd's OCD a little...

Five sides of the outer box are made from good, sturdy card with a nice spot varnish finish, but the rear side is a cheap piece of detachable card, which isn't all that impressive. Beyond that, you get a flimsy episode guide booklet and the bonus disc, which does in fact have some good stuff on it that I'm not here to spoil. I do have misgivings over the misleading images and the way in which consumers this side of the pond are treated but the truth is I'm satisfied with what I've got. I never wanted a cumbersome pyramid like they got in the US in the first place. It would, however, be foolish of me to expect all Lost fans to feel the same and happily settle for less. This should be something for the hardcore fanatics and collectors and it doesn't really feel like that at all.

I was well aware of the furore from fans over how this has been handled. From a design and contents point of view, it's inferior to the US release and we had to wait over a month for it while a different, lesser set was offered to us. And now the premium box has turned out to be little more than the vanilla edition with an added Senet game that you'll never play. So it's an odd proposition. This premium edition isn't particularly premium in terms of quality but, when compared to the alternative set, it's not being sold at the premium price either, it's actually the cheaper of the two at the time of writing. Bizarre. But you've watched Lost so you know it's not worth looking for the answers to some mysteries.
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on 2 January 2013
If you're reading this then you're either a fan of the show or you're curious - either way you'll know already that Lost was one of the best TV shows of recent times and one that everybody talked about and debated pretty much throughout it's entire run. It's a show which pulls you in, keeps you guessing, and just when you think you've figured it out the question or even the equation changes entirely!

I won't go into my opinion on who was the best character (even though they were all good) or what I thought of certain twists and turns. I'll just say this is a brilliant show that looks absolutely amazing on blu ray! The HD transfer is so good that the jungle/beach scenes after the plane crash in the pilot episode looks so lifelike you could actually be there as you can see every grain of sand, every ripple change in the texture of the ocean, every detail of the trees and leafs in the jungle. You can of course also see every wrinkle, scar, and strained muscle of the actors/actresses faces especially during close ups and don't get me started on the detail of the crashed plane with the burning metallic parts and the heat haze from the scorching flames - and that's just the picture quality.

*Disclaimer 1* Picture quality for you is as always dependent on the quality of your HDTV screen!

*Disclaimer 2* Audio quality received is as always dependent on the quality of the speakers that you use!

The audio quality is amazing too. With a decent home 5.1 set up or anything with good speakers you'll hear extreme clarity and audio separation from the rustle of the leafs to the swaying of the trees, from the ocean waves crashing to the random noises of the wildlife - all while the actors are speaking and again it's so convincingly lifelike you could be there. Especially with the bedlam of the pilot opening crash scene and you can hear everything clearly despite the roaring scream of the jet engine.

This is without doubt an A+ Blu ray transfer and if you have decent enough TV and speaker system then the quality that is able to come through is simply second to none and in my opinion the only thing missing from this release for a full sensory assault is 3D!
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on 22 February 2013
I've avoided 'Lost' for years because I didn't think it would interest me, was I ever wrong! It's compulsive, the performances are, without exception, great; the plot is so far brilliantly indecipherable, a very dark and often intense series done with a lightness of touch which suits it near perfectly - it is never earnest and faux-sincere. Intelligent, thought-provoking, and un-second guessable (I know I've tried, and I'm normally expert at doing that!). It is viewing which stretches you, and demands plenty of work for the viewer (not least in trying to keep up through the turns, returns, fast forwards and rewinds, crosses, double and triple crosses, backward somersaults, pole vaults, and the constant game of twister going on. But, wonderfully, through all that it is constantly surprising, occasionally weird (it weirds me out at times, difficult to do!), and very satisfying.

Not for the faint-hearted, or for people who get their adrenalin kicks from plenty of flash, bang, wallop...everyone else will enjoy, even love it and it will likely be as compulsive to you as to me. My 81 year old mother is also hooked, so one for all ages too!
What can I say? If you haven't seen it is a must see - if you have, it's a must see again. This box set of all 6 series of 'Lost' is excellent value at only £50, and the best way to immerse yourself in this amazing programme!
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on 30 August 2011
Perhaps I should have rated this as 4 stars, but I can't bring myself to do it.

From beginning to end, Lost took viewers on an amazing journey that was as flawed as it was brilliant. And the fact that it was flawed gives it the most human of qualities and elevates it above nearly all TV shows made in the last ten years, perhaps ever.

I frequently found myself fustrated by seasons that never came to a conclusion, plot arcs that were lost to the ether, etc...etc. But throughout the entire journey I was gripped and desperate to find out what happened next. I can't think of many tv series (early X-Files, early Breaking Bad, early 24) that have compelled me to drop everything to watch the next episode. Love it or hate it, Lost kept us guessing and hypothesising for many years.

I think the overriding reason lost was so brilliant was down to beautiful cinematography, excellent emotion through acting, characters with oodles of depth and ambiguty, and a beautifully realised score. The music is definitely one of the triumphs of Lost and as this evolved, it strode on par with John Williams' amazing scores made for the early Spielberg and Lucas films. I haven't heard music as moving and encapsulating of the essence of a show since Twin Peaks.

The ending didn't clear up many of the series' plot arcs, but perhaps it didn't need to. The countless religious, mythological and scientific metaphors that developed as the show evolved mingled so many disciplines that it became as complex, convoluted and chaotic as the universe in which we live. I don't believe there is 'one point' to Lost, more that humanity quests for truth and answers that will never be satisfied. The only thing you can be sure of is death.

And that's where it ends. I thought the end was utterly utterly moving, with many of the characters breaking down, being dragged over the finishing line, or dragging themselves by their fingernails, using the last remnants of their strength and emotion. That's what I took with me, the sense that these men and women were pushed, not only to the edges of existence, but to the edge of their physical and emotional capability. In the series finale that showed through more than anything else.

Quite simply...the end was beautiful and a close to god (i'm not religious but am open to any possibility) that a form of art is likely to achieve. The questions we had throughout largely remain and that's because we'll only find the 'bigger' answers when we ourselves complete our own season finales.

The truth is out there...
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on 22 September 2015
There's enough said about this mega excellent series, but I must correct one of the reviews here and say that this complete boxset DOES include the mini episode of 'The Man in Charge' as it is on disc five of Season 6 in the extras! You may pick up individual seasons slightly cheaper than £35 pounds as some older issues are really ridiculously dirt cheap, but this boxset has newer reissues of them and getting them all in one set brand new is a bonus!
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on 6 January 2015
Brilliant TV series. I've watched it on netflix before this but nothing beats getting it on DVD and having it on your TV. With the DVD set you're able to get the family to join in and watch (much to their groaning) and you get to watch them fall in love with what you've loved for years. Lost may be now ten years old, but it's just as thrilling, exciting and heart breaking as the first time it was released. Plus the added bonus of no longer having to wait weeks between episodes.

These disks even come loaded with bonus features. The season finale episodes (which are known for being VERY long) are handily cut up into normal length episodes which is incredibly useful for breaking up time and giving tea breaks. Complete with a gorgeous designed cardboard set, wonderful actual DVD's.

If you haven't watched LOST, buy it. If you've watched a little, buy it. If you want to rewatch it and experience it all again, buy it. Lost is a magnificent piece of art (yes, art) and you're missing out if you haven't given it a try.
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on 22 January 2016
To sum things up, this show is great. It's a character drama with a really expansive story riddled with all manner of themes and stories. I also have to let all those know who do buy this a couple of things.

1) If you're in the US, like I am, you know that the US set is really rare. To get the 'complete series' on Blu-ray, you have to resort to buying the seasons separate or paying a lot for the Complete Series Box Set. However, if you do want just the Blu-ray's, the cheapest you can get them used is on eBay, but the prices can be a bit crazy. If you want them new and don't care for where they come from, then this is the item for you.

2) The series, for unknown reasons, is NOT 100% region free. The box does not have any region coding labeled, but the individual Seasons in the box do. Seasons 1-3, and 5-6 are Region-Free. Season 4, contrary to all the other seasons, saw region-locking performed in its respective released areas (A/1, B/2, C/3, etc). If you do buy this set, know that Season 4 (Region B) will not work on your Blu-ray player in the states UNLESS you have multi-region capability unlocked. Some Blu-Ray players have their own trick that can enable it (like some Sony products), while others require a firmer modding done (hardware based). If you have a multi-region Blu-Ray player, then you have nothing to worry about. If you don't, then look on other sites, preferably those with secondhand Blu-ray products and look for a copy of Lost: Season 4 specific to your region and/or Blu-Ray player. May cost you a little more, but it will ensure a positive experience all around.

I love the product. I love I got it all intact, in a reasonable amount of time, and from a place as great as Amazon. But since this is my first and only region-specific product cause of Season 4, I am glad I prepped for it in having a multi-region device. Just keep that stuff above in mind for all future buyers.
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on 19 June 2013
I didn't watch this when it was first broadcast but got interested when series 3 came out. I decided to watch the whole series from start to finish and I wasn't disappointed.

The storyline revolves around survivors of a plane crash who land on a mysterious island where nothing is quite what it seems. Are there other people already living on the island and if so who are they and what are they doing there? The first 3 series introduce the characters through flashbacks and we learn that nobody is quite what they seem. As more information is revealed the plot becomes more convoluted and you are left intrigued as to what is really going on and realise that your previous conclusions may not be correct. The plot twists and turns and it is hard to resist watching "just one more episode".

The later series reveal what could happen in the future to the characters again revealing more about them. There is a sliding-doors type parallel storyline also. There were one or two loose ends at the end of it but it didn't spoil the overall enjoyment. I would thouroughly recommend this.

If you liked The X Files, The Twighlight Zone or The Outer Llimits you will probably find this series to your taste but I think much superiour.
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on 11 November 2015
Wow that took a lot of watching to get to the end, kind of glad its over, was beginning to tire of the unbelievable twists, I actually found it really useful using Wikipedia to read up on the bits I missed. Great set, lovely extra's, nice quality picture. Well worth it.
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