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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 1 May 2017
Very good
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on 19 December 2015
Brillian t game
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on 15 August 2015
Good game
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on 20 July 2015
There is no other way to say this, THE DISK DIDN'T WORK. The disk was completely scratched out like a cat had done it.
review image
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on 4 November 2011
My 7 year old son wants me to do a review to let everyone know how great he thinks this game is. He's had this game for about 4 weeks now and cannot get enough of it. He hasn't played a Sonic game before this but now is a big Sonic fan. It's visually very pleasing and the music is great and not too annoying. His 4 year old sister plays with him sometimes but it's a little on the hard side for her.

This is a quote from my son.

"I like it! It's the best game I've ever played and I really want to complete a level that I can't complete. My sister plays with me too. "
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VINE VOICEon 25 November 2010
Break out the bunting, Sonic is finally back on form. Sega has rediscovered the magic formula of the hedgehog's Golden Age and even added to it.

As unbelievable as it is to be saying this in 2010, Sonic Team has nailed it in just about every conceivable way with Colours. First impressions are strong. Yes, there's a grating theme tune to get things going, but it can be skipped. And before you know it, you're speeding through an act. A brilliant act. Then another brilliant act! No tedious hub to walk around, no charmless characters to stop and chat with, we're back to a world map. Instant Sonic. Yes! And then the first cutscene comes. Oh oh. But it's forgivable because (1) it's mainly just Sonic, Tails and Dr Eggman like the Good Old Days, (2) the cutscenes are actually quite decent by Sonic standards and (3) they're skippable. Yes!!

There's no getting away from it, Colours is Sonic's answer to Super Mario Galaxy. It looks like Galaxy, the orchestral part of its score sounds like Galaxy and, quite incredibly, it even feels similar to play, with thrilling level design and an uncommon amount of variety and new ideas, complemented by a feelgood factor of immense proportions. Some levels are done in no time at all, some are epic, all are full of secrets, alternate routes and replayability. Taking on Galaxy was a move that had failure written all over it, but one that's ended up with unequivocal success stamped everywhere.

Even the controls and camera are up to the task. There's a choice between the Remote held horizontally, Remote/Nunchuck combo, Classic Controller or GameCube controller. I began with the Remote on its own and have felt no need to experiment with anything else since. Crazy, isn't it? After all those miserable Sonic experiences, I'm now controlling him perfectly in 3D with a d-pad. Witchcraft! The action moves seamlessly between 3D and classic 2D sections and it all looks fantastic - and not just by Wii standards. It might be lacking high definition, but I've yet to see a Sonic game on 360 or PS3 that looks better. It's all set on Eggman's 'incredible interstellar amusement park' where levels explode with cosmic detail and, yes, colour. And of course it's lightning quick.

If one thing was going to let the side down it would be the introduction of the Wisps, new cute alien creatures that aid Sonic on his journey. A recipe for disaster, absolutely, but the proof is in the pudding and they merely serve to provide Sonic with some Mario-style power-ups that bring new dimensions to the levels, transforming Sonic into a laser, drill and rocket, to name but three. They're arguably the greatest part of the game. What has Sonic Team been drinking and/or smoking?

Whether you're from the Mega Drive or Wii eras, Colours is a joyful adventure that delivers the Sonic experience you've been waiting for.
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on 12 November 2010
There are honestly no other words for this game aside from completly amazing.

Everything about is just perfect.

The graphics and level design are stunnning.
The controls are spot on.
The cut scenes are corney and funny.
The music is awesome.
It lasts a while and has great reply value.

I can't fault it at all. It's the best 3D Sonic game since SA2.

It can be very challenging at times, but it doesn't ruin the game.

If you like Sonic you'll absolutly love this.
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on 17 November 2010
This latest sonic game does not disappoint! From the moment you start the first level, the stunning detail and graphics have you smiling because of how great the levels are! And the music is just breathtaking, seriously! When you get to the 4th world(planet whisp) when the music starts, I get all tingly as its just epic. The plot is good too(wont spoil anything for you!)
So if your considering getting this game, DO IT!

The reply value is very high too, trying to get all the red coins and secret +1 lives will have you kicking yourself if you miss one, but it just means you get to experience the levels all over again!

So get this game, end of.
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on 8 April 2017
one of the very very few sonic game I really liked and on of the best game son the nintendo wii.
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on 12 November 2010
Well, Sega finally did it. Sonic Colours is hands down Sega's best Sonic game in 16 years. This game takes what worked in Sonic Unleashed, and makes it even better. Plenty of 2D platforming and high speed 3D sections along with new power ups make this the best 3D Sonic game of all time.

The story goes is that Dr. Eggman has created a giant Theme Park in space as a remorse for his past evil deeds over the years. Sonic of course doesn't buy it and heads to the theme park with Tails to investigate. Past 3D games have had more darker plots, but the story is lighthearted this time around with some great comedy and a well written script done by the American writers of Madworld. It's great fun to watch and the comedy is great. It's like watching an episode of a cartoon. The franchise needs lighthearted stories again as they work well for the series.

The gameplay is what makes this game a blast. You'll be playing as Sonic throughout the adventure speeding along 6 worlds with 7 acts in each to beat. You'll be playing in 3D areas with plenty of speed to be had, and a lot of 2D sections with lots of platforming. The newest aspect to this game is the aliens called Wisps. They work as power ups giving you different abilities as you unlock them in each world. The level designs are fantastic. The best level designs seen in a 3D Sonic game yet. Each level is a blast to play through. There are plenty of different shortcuts to discover and 5 collectable red rings to find in each level to unlock something special. There are 8 Wisps to use in the game. There's the Cyan Wisp that turns Sonic into a laser to blast at enemies and use shortcuts, the Drill Wisp that turns Sonic into a drill to dig through soft surfaces at high speeds, the rocket wisp that tunes Sonic into a rocket that blasts into the sky and much more. Each one is great fun to use and makes the gameplay even better. There is even Co-Op multiplayer which you can play alone or with a friend. You work together to beat several stages with a retro theme to them.

The controls are the best they have ever been in a 3D Sonic game. They feel much tighter than in previous games and you have several different control options to choose from. You feel like your in full control.

The graphics are outstanding. This game is very colourful and has great animation in the CG and in game cutscenes. Each area is a sight to behold. This really is one of the best looking Wii games.

The soundtrack is outstanding. Probably the best music in the series. Each tune will have you humming along to it. Even the vocal songs are catchy and fit the theme of the game. The Sonic voice cast has now been changed, and the new voice actors are the best the series has had. Roger Craig Smith as Sonic is Sonic's best voice and makes him sound like a dude again, and Kate Higgins as Tails makes him sound the best he's ever been.

Sonic Colours takes the best from the 3D and 2D games and brings them together into a brilliant package. Sonic's finally back on form with this game, and what a game this is. Welcome back Sonic the Hedgehog. 10/10
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