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on 25 March 2011
I ordered this game elsewhere, GAME, because I needed the limited edition for £5 more when I bought it. However, for the current price of £[] at the time of writing this is a real bargain.

Whilst the story is lacking, quite frankly, the actual gameplay of the single player campaign is fantastic, the action never lets up and either something is exploding, something is shooting. On a more serious note the controls are incredibly tight, the aiming, the handling, movement, it's all so much smoother than Killzone 2 but without losing the feeling of weight.

The graphics in the game are utterly outstanding, as is the audio. I haven't played it in 3D yet, because I don't have a 3D TV, but it looks absolutely fantastic. The audio is almost worth buying a new sound system for quite frankly.

I also can't comment on move because it isn't worth buying yet in my opinion.

The crowning jewel of this game is the multiplayer though, I don't usually buy into multiplayer being the defining feature, but I make exceptions for Battlefield, and this. There's only 3 modes, Guerilla Warfare is your standard team deathmatch mode, Operations is a short miniature multiplayer campaign with 3 maps and serves little more than distraction. The real attraction lies in Warzone, an objective based multiplayer mode with larger maps, the mode will cycle between capture the flag, capture and hold, assassination, team deathmatch, seek and destroy. This may initially be jarring but soon you'll be dashing between defending or attacking objectives in a rush to try and sedcure your victory. The game demands teamwork for victory and is all the better for it, with classes geared for sniping/stealth, infiltration, the capturing of new spawn points and objectives, medical support, mechanical support. Each class has it's role and if you have one too many Marksmen and no Engineers or Tacticians you will notice.

The entire campaign can also be played in split screen co-op, which is pretty good fun i must say, with a mate and some beer. All multiplayer modes can be played offline with bots, which can also be amusing.

Overall I'll conclude by saying that if you aren't big on first person shooters, this isnt gonna capture you, though Killzone 2 was the first shooter to really enthrall me. For anyone with the remotest interest in shooting games or multiplayer, with a PS3, this game is a must-own. 9.7/10.

P.S. For all you trophy hunters, this is pretty easy to Plat, if you can do high difficulty settings.

[Edit] Recently got myself Move, a nav unit, and a sharpshooter, and I must say that with the sharpshooter this is excellent, accuracy skyrockets, if you master the sharpshooter you will become feared in Warzone, though with just move you may find that the vibration of the controller will cause you to be less accurate than if you used the good old dualshock.
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on 19 April 2017
Great game to play in local co-op
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on 12 April 2017
very happy with this game.
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on 15 January 2015
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on 10 April 2011
So, two short years after the release of Killzone 2 comes Guerrilla Games follow up Killzone 3. However, does it shine as brightly as it's prequel or is this an overrated bookend to the franchise?

Killzone 3 picks up immediately after the end of Killzone 2. (Spoilers for KZ2). Having just shot Helghan Autarch Scholar Visari, Rico along with Sev and led by Captain Narville attempts to enact a desperate exit strategy from Helghan. However, things go awry, Sev and Rico are seperated and the ISA are stranded on Helghan for 6 months in an increasingly hopeless fight to survive.

At the same time two feuding Helghans, General Orlock (played by Ray Winstone) and Chairman Jorhan Stahl (played by Malcolm McDowell) compete in increasingly underhand tactics to gain complete Autarcratic control over the Helghan senate and the Helghast army.

The story, despite how interesting it may sound on the surface, is by far the game's weakest element. The protagonists Tomas 'Sev' Sevchenko and Rico Valasquez have never really been characters you could empathise with or support as they are either lacking any personality or defining character traits (Sev) or so annoying and horrible that you just want to shoot them and never have to interact with them again (Rico). Combine this with a story that is poorly plotted and paced and there isn't much hope for an interesting outcome.

In fact, it's long been said that the Helghast are a far more interesting and even likeable race. And I would have to agree. The only really enjoyable story elements can be found when the game (sparingly) decides to focus on the feuding Helghans. Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone give it everything, hamming it up brilliantly. McDowell in particular imbues Stahl with a real menace and increasing insanity, and it makes his scenes great fun to watch.

It may seem strange to focus so heavily on the story in a franchise which has never really delivered compelling narratives. However, Guerrilla in their promotion for the game went to great lengths to play up the story elements. However, like KZ2, KZ3 fails to deliver. In fact, there has been very little evolution over the franchise, as the Helghast are still stuck as the clear bad guys, the Space Nazis, who are unquestionably evil. I was hoping for some moral ambiguity, some sense of emotional conflict within the ISA due to the fact that the reason the Helghast despise them so much is because of the underhand and brutal way the ISA treated them in the first 'Intersolar War'. However, none of that is explored, and it is a great shame.

However, despite the poor story, gameplay wise Killzone has never been better. The sense of weight and movement from KZ2 has been fine tuned, stripping out a lot of the inertia and leaving the game with a great feeling of weight but not sluggishness. Firefights are intense, with a great visceral kickback and feeling of satisfaction with every shot you make and hit you land. The cover system has been greatly improved, as you can now actually stick to cover (with the alternate control scheme). In short, if you've remotely liked Killzone in the past, then you will here as well, and if you didn't, well maybe enough has been tweaked to pique your interest.

The Campaign lasts about 7 or 8 hours on normal difficulty, and is just a non-stop thrill ride. The only real complaint I can level at it is that there are far too many on rails sections lumped in at the end of the game, as if Guerrilla had no idea how to finish and just threw everything at it in a vague hope it would work. Apart from that and the poor story, the game is stellar. The visuals are out of this world, making KZ3 by far the prettiest console game I have ever played. (Discretion, I haven't played Crysis 2 yet). It's just jaw dropping how beautiful and realistic everything looks. Also, KZ2 was often accused of a lack of variety in environments, with a very limited colour palette. That is not the case in the sequel. Sure, you've got the industrial cities and factories, but also beautiful Pandoraesque forests and jungles, beautifully bleak winter environments etc. Huge steps have obviously been taken to ensure environmental variety, and those steps have paid off. Also, as before, sound design is outstanding. Guns sound realistic and fearsome, the voice acting is of a high standard, and the music is hugely rousing and bombastic. Everything you could want in a no holds barred war themed shooter is here.

All of this, and I haven't even mentioned the multiplayer. Things have been tweaked and revised slightly in this iteration. All 5 classes are now unlocked from the start, and using points gained in game, you can chose how you want your classes to develop, unlocking what you want. This means the guns and class specific perks etc that take your fancy can be unlocked at your whim. Each class has a distinct use and advantage on the battlefield, and all are fun to use. Engineers for example can at first repair ammo crates and turrets, but can later build their own turrets and kit them with rockets. And medics can at first revive people, but can later revive themselves when they are mortally wounded and can summon bots to protect them. All this is made all the more satisfying because every positive action you take in game rewards you with points. Killing, healing, reparing etc all net you points and it's a very satisfying experience to gain rewards not just from the killing, but playing as a useful support character as well.

Warzone is still the meat of the multiplayer experience, with cycling objectives between capture and hold, bodycount, assassination etc ensuring things never grow dull. However, straight up Team Deathmatch (called Guerrilla Warfare) has been introduced for those who want a slightly quicker multiplayer experience, as has a mode called Operations in which the ISA are tasked with taking objectives and the Helghast tasked with defending them. Top players in each individual game are represented in cutscenes, as a nice bonus for those who play well.

Multiplayer is deep, addictive, and will keep a large community keep coming back for more. The only complaint I have is that there are quite a paltry number of maps, with only 8 for Warzone, the meat of the multiplayer experience, meaning the experience can grow repetitive. However, despite this, multiplayer is fantastic, and deserves your attention.

So, to wrap up, Killzone 3 is great. Like it's prequel, it misses out on greatness by a hairs breadth. The story keeps promising but failing to deliver, and as a fan of the franchise it ensures that it's enough of a flaw for me to want better. The gameplay however is great. Slightly faster, more bombastic and over the top than KZ2, with a highly replayable story mode and fantastic multiplayer, KZ3 should be in every 18 plus aged PS3 owners collection. I just hope, that if there is a Killzone 4, the story can finally hit the notes and bring the depth i've desired for so long.

(Don't have access to Move, a 3D TV, and didn't play co-op so those features are not covered.)
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on 25 February 2011
I was lucky enough to get the game a day early so I've been playing it quite a lot and I played the beta before that so I know enough to say that this is a seriously awesome FPS. I was a big MW2 fan until the hackers took hold and I gave it up, so if you're a disillusioned CoD fan, this is the game for you.

In the multiplayer, there's no wealth of weapon/perk challenges to complete a la CoD. Some might not be satisfied with not seeing 'challenge completed' on your screen every five minutes, but for me it's what makes the game unique. The focus is completely on the warfare, the teamwork and giving the player a proper space-war experience. There is also less emphasis on what badge you've got or what level you're on, again putting the focus on the warfare rather than levelling up. I have also had no problems at all (touchwood) with the servers and have not been cut off once. I never even got cut off when I was in a game in the beta. Having also given up on BFBC2 because of their awful servers, this is a breath of fresh air.

The campaign is also worth playing. People complain that KZ doesn't bring anything new, that it's more of the same and it's short, but I think that misses the point. Again, it's about having an all-out visceral war experience and this really brings it. The story is simple, but what do you expect? This isn't Uncharted. It's about massive explosions, epic settings and killing loads of Higs. And who cares if the campaign is short? Everyone who has this game is going to be putting 50+ hours into the multiplayer and that's value for money. They've noticeably improved the voice acting too so it's not as tacky as KZ2. This is definitely one of the best FPS I've played and one of the best games on the PS3.
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on 3 February 2013
A bit like playing the movie, but with impressive atmosphere and design too.. Great fun and a great pace of action. This is a slice of well crafted space cod shooting. There s even a doom BFG gun. What struck me also is the detailed design and graphics.
The story is necessarily gung-ho, but with a little bit of political intrigue. One day a real writer will pen a game and increase the depth of things, but this does a good job.
And I've not got to the multiplayer yet really... Looking forward to immersing in this alternate future.
Enjoying playing the resistance!
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on 29 March 2011
Not really a fan of shoot em ups but after playin the demo i was hooked and got this game as soon as it was out.
I've never played the previous games in the series and i'm not sure you need to as the intor sums up whats happened before and then you are thrown right into it picking up from where it finished.

The stroy line is really simple and the fmv is great along with the voices - a steller cast of great British actors - Bob Hoskins, Malcolm Macdowal and many more.

As for game play well as I said before I'm not a fan of shoot em ups but Killzone 3 has changed that for me. It's really easy to pick up and use with a great range of weapons at your disposal as you progress through the games and if you got the PS Move then it puts a different dimension to the gameplay - using the Move controllers takes a little while to get used to but once you've configured it correctly and you got the sensitvity right - the game feels a lot different and more of a challenge but i found myself submerged more into the character and the game.

You can also play with a friend and cover each other's back providing cover fire etc giving the gameplay another dimension and there's also the online multi play games too - which is brilliant. There are several career options you can take and as you prgress you can climb up the rank which means more weapons are open to you. Once you've finished one career you can start again with a news one and progress through that. If you're wise and you talk to your online friends you will coordinate your careers so that you can be more tactical and win the round and games.

Killzone 3 a superb shoot em and when Killzone 4 is out I'll definately be getting my hands on that too.
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on 7 March 2011
What can I say, I've been a huge fan of the COD series of games, a top 10,000 player which may not sound great on the face of it but when you consider the competition a real achievement for ordinary old me, so I feel well qualified to comment here.

This game is amazing from start to finish and with the Sharpshooter Assualt Rifle and MOVE it truly is stunning!

This game finally does the Killzone series justice after the rather clumsy control systems of Killzone 2.

I won't be going back to Call of Duty Black Ops and most certainly won't be buying any additional content for it as long as Killzone is around.

We're back to the glory days of the original Killzone on PS2 I'm delighted to say!
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on 28 March 2011
Although I really like this game and have played it to the point where I almost have the platinum trophy, I can't help but hate the final mission where you are chasing down the last boss. This level does not require ANY skill whatsoever and is just a "button mashing" mess. You just simply have to continuously hit the missile button over and over without having to do anything else!
For me this was totally frustrating, especially when trying to complete the game on Elite difficulty!
Having said that, the remainder of the game is very good i.e graphics, sound, A.I etc etc...

Worth having but they should have done more with the final level IMHO.
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