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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 6 June 2011
This game has had a pasting in the reviews so far, and after reading them just after buying the game i was worried i had got a crappy game ahead of me. BUT I WAS WRONG. Swords and sorcery games often get bad reviews before they have even being played

best of all.....A lenghy game in this day and age!! who would think such a thing. You can play call of duty 3 times or play this.

Gameplay (golden axe without a dwarf)

The gameplay is pretty fun especailly with another person, The gameplay mixes between gears of war type shootouts with cover and close up sword play. The two mixes well and me and my brother have had hours of fun of keeping each other alive. Usualy i would kill people with the bow while he kept anybody i missed from getting to me or he would go all Leroy Jenkins and run in while i coverd him from a distance. The gameplay changes from combat to tomb raider style puzzel solving and exploration, these areas are usualy optional and can be easily missed so keep an eye out. The sword combat is nothing new but its not bad, the usual light and heavy attack with blocking. ALthough a hell of alot better than fables boring combat system. There is also 6 magic powers for each character that are upgradable.

graphics (4.5 ign?? what the hell)

The graphics arnt amazing, but they are good, i have seen ALOT worse. The enviroments are a little dark when in caves and dungouns but they are dark places so it makes sence. The character models are pretty good especailly for the two playable characters, they get blood splatterd on them during fights, black vains appear for a while if you drink this potion type stuff that makes you stronger.

Story / Characters

The story isnt anything specail but its enough to keep you intrested, i wont spoil anything but fans of sword and sorcery will be happy, if swords and sorcery isnt your thing this proboly wont be the game for you. The Two main charaters are very good and the voice acting is superb, whitty banter is constant and fun between the two and makes the game alot of fun to play. The usual over the top knockers and small outfits for the female characters will please the strange people that seem to enjoy nudity in games. The enermys are nicely thought out and pretty freaky if not a bit predictable (basicly orc like)but they start to mutate into spider like creatures during the second chapter.


this game is a little dated, has a few minor bugs. its very golden axe but if thats your thing you will have a great time, especailly if you bring a friend along for the ride. The reviews that give it low scores seem to be people who have played it alone.
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on 13 September 2011
I normally heed reviews on Amazon and avoid games with consistently bad reviews. However, being partial to dark fantasy material I decided to give it a go. Given that Hunted was released early June and is already reduced to £[] should have spoken volumes really.

This game is very poor, here's why:

Graphics - poor with murky, bland and dull environments. 4 or 5 years behind the times graphically.
Controls - Clunky to the point of being annoying.
Hit detection - seems out, meaning shots fired don't necessarily connect with enemies.
Story - non engaging and mediocre

If you like dark fantasy hack & slash games, and haven't already played Dante's Inferno (Xbox 360) I would recommend you purchase it instead, Dante's Inferno is infinitely superior in every way to this mediocre game.
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on 1 July 2011
The game was well put together; interesting storyline from the offset but still a button masher of a game. Not enough RPG to satisfy that aspect of the gameplay and a 'business as usual' approach to the combat mechanics. I've come to the conclusion that third-person sword and sorcery games are not my thing.

I have given some thought at how the melee mechanics can be improved but I strongly suspect that the market for these games love the button mashing hack and slash mechanics.

Anyway if button mashing hack and slash is what you are after then not a bad game. I have seen much worse. What I would dearly like to see is some one to come up with the light-wieght RPG approach of Mass Effect with its emphasis on character personalisation and character interaction and mix it with something like Operation Flashpoint's approach to real world physics and gameplay mechanics. But that is not going to happen - I suspect that there is simply not the market for it.
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on 15 June 2011
I was looking forward to this game, particularly the split screen co-op, but to be honest, try as I might, I can't help but be disappointed, and annoyed with the producers for offering a game so full of glitches in this day and age.Most annoying is the save points. Having seemingly passed valid automatic save points and travelled some distance, when we reloade the next day we found ourselves back at the beginning of the chapter.
Enemies are hard to spot at a distance and tend to jerk around a lot, and the cover system is poor, as is reviving your ally. Unless you are in the right spot you cannot throw a regen, and frustratingly have to step around them repeatedly to trigger the event, usually whilst in battle.
I would love it to be a great game, but unfortunately it is little more than adequate.But this is just my opinion.
Too glitchy by far. Definately try before you buy.
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on 23 September 2011
I was really looking forward to this game. Found it half price about a onth after its release (I did not hear the alarm bell) so bought it.
I've played about 3 or 4 hours and it is now decorating my shelf. Its a very lineal "follow the path hack everything in sight til the end of the game." zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Game developers are getting lazy. The LOTR hack and slash series was a lot more satisfying than this.
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on 4 May 2012
I feel kind of obliged to write a review about this, because I think it's being quite unfairly knocked. This game is not perfect, that's for sure, but personally I found it quite easy to overlook the very minor and infrequent glitches. For a start I don't know why so many people are complaining about the graphics. They may not be the best but they are pretty damn good and more than do the job. Environments range from dungeons and sewers to castles, mines, forests and towns etc. Not always the most interactive but very nicely rendered.

The same thing goes for the character design. I really liked the voice acting, Caddoc is suitably gruff and stoic, and E'lara must be the plummiest sounding sexy Elf in all of fantasy history. The interaction between them is often amusing, and they are nowhere near as one dimensional as some in game characters I can think of. Both of them are playable depending on whether you prefer to hack n slash or shoot your way through. and you can swap between them at certain points in the game. Weapons, shields armour and magic are all simply upgradeable as you proceed. The single player story campaign is linear, not a life stealing Skyrim sized sandbox RPG by any means, but still an enjoyable and reasonably lengthy one.

The enemies can be quite challenging, especially when they start to appear in hordes, and the combat mechanic does take a little getting used to, but it's really not that complicated and I've certainly encountered far clunkier. (Tip) during close skirmishes E'lara can run and shoot from the hip pretty accurately without the need for close up aiming. Again the AI is not perfect, but when are they ever?

Some of the hidden puzzle areas are easy to miss so explore thoroughly before moving on, as this is one of those games where areas become sealed off once you've passed a certain point.

All in all, if none of this sounds vaguely appealing to you then obviously avoid like the plague, but if it does, for this price you're getting a real bang for buck fun ride. I still play it quite often just to relax, so I'd have to say it has replay value too.

I even enjoyed the music!
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on 27 November 2013
I dont usually write reviews, but while scrollin through games, I looked at this and thought why not.

At firt look, it doesnt really have much going for it. Graphics that should have stayed on the ps2 (Ok, thats a bit harsh, maybe a very powerfull ps2), and at times, clunky animations. But still, if you give it just a little time, it is a game worth playing. The co-op play, is tons of fun and the way this game makes you work together is just incredible. You really cant survive unless the other one is helping, always back to back and giving each other cover fire while the other chops away enemies. And there are secret areas that you can find, which will take the both of you to work together to find and unlock, usually not that hard but can take some effort for sure, and its usually worth it cuz you get a dragon tear ( you collect enough of them and your character will unlock things like extra potion slots or beable to carry a 2nd main weopon) and somtimes even wpecial weapons.

This is a very interesting mix of an medieval RPG and an FPS, Its got and RPG sort of feel to it, but in combat, you will be rolling around and sliding behind cover, waiting for an opportunity to quickly peek out and let some arrows fly and advance (depending who/how you play. Throw in some magic and you cant go wronge!

The game can be played by it self too, although definatly not as fun (you can see it was made for 2 people), it works. Just have an AI where the I stands for Idiot. And the story, is for sure not the best or the real highlight of the game, at least it is there.

One thing I love are the characters, they work perfectly together, and since its a co-op game with those two, thats a big plus. The girl has a real attitude while the guy is just being sarcastic, and..well, funny is a word to discribe it. In a way that definatly makes you bond with the characters and enjoy the game even more that way. Some of there conversations are definatly going to make you laugh with your friends.

One last thing worth mentioning about the game is the the crucible mode where you can actually make your own dungeons and share them with your friends, as you play the game and gain gold, you will unlock more options to play with while creating a dungeon. This will definatly keep you playing, even after you finished the story. It even comes with a few (20ish?) premade dungeons the devs created. I tried a few, they were awsome, although some harder then others.

Anyways, in the end, if you can look past its bigger problems, its definatly worth picking up, and its sooo cheap!
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on 6 April 2015
Got so much play time out of this. Me and my flatmate cranked up the difficulty and just went for it. Took us forever and soooo many deaths to complete it, but it felt really good. Might be a bit of a boring game if you set the difficulty too low. We had to come up with inventive ways to doubleteam bad guys because it was so hard. Made it really interesting.
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on 13 July 2011
To start off, this game has clearly been completely built on the engine of one of Bethesda Softworks' most successful titles: Gears of War. If you have read other reviews you will likely have discovered this already. Almost every aspect of the game copies the mechanics, yet unfortunately all together fails miserably. The budget of Gears of War was reputed to be something in the realms of £150 million + and I think it is fairly safe to say that this game quite simply wasn't. The graphics of the back of the characters' heads are very good (no jokes, it is the first thing my friend and I jointly noticed), but other than that all the visuals are dated with low quality textures and choppy animations. The game actually hangs during some of the early cut scenes if you can believe it, an immediate omen of worse things to come. The lighting is consistently lacking - if as a player you have to squint at the screen to distinguish an enemy from a wooden barrel, something has gone wrong during the development process. And with a total lack of map, one can guess quite how tedious the levels which are intended to be dark and claustrophobic become.

The combat is old school, and not in a good way. When you are presented with a game in which two of the four action buttons are light swing and heavy swing, it goes without saying that you immediately start combing the two to see what fancy combos you can make your character pull off. Again, one quickly will discover this is a waste of your time. Combo? What's a combo, the game will ask. You mash light attack for fast enemies. You mash heavy attack for big enemies. Woohoo. Stop me now or I might just die from excitement. It works for four hours on a £5 copy of Castle Crashers. It does not amuse me on a full priced, full length Xbox game.

The in-game banter between the characters, something of a staple for Gears of War, is amusing enough. Nothing special, but it is not worthy of a put down. The upgrades section allows your character to lean towards focusing on close attacks, ranged attacks or magic. This is always a massive plus in regards to becoming attached to your character and subsequently engaged in the game and further emersed in the world. But in reality it is most beneficial as a player to balance the character and simply continue to upgrade as points become available. Add this to the fact that the (supposedly) 2010 graphics are so lacking that it would be easier to become engaged in PS1 Tomb Raider game, and you will begin to understand why it is that the most important aspect of this game (that being the token RPG-immersion-factor) simply doesn't cut the mustard.

It is not the first time that a production company has taken an excellent game with perfected mechanics and decided to build a spin off on its success, focusing on an entirely different world. Following the Hollywood tradition of miserable failures of almost all sequels, the same applies with these types of games. You may WANT to like it (Gears of War with fantasy swords, monstrous Orcs and voluptuous elf girls in scant clothing, sounds like a winner!), but if you, like most gamers, have come to expect a certain solid standard in story telling and game playing, you just will not find it here.

If you really, really want to play it as it appears to tick every box on your perfect game list, find a free weekend with a mate and rent it. But do not expect to find Bethesda Softworks' best work under the covers. And if you do buy it (like my friend did, lucky for me), you will likely find your mind wandering onto calculating how many of your hard working hours you spent paying for the tragedy that is Hunted: The Demon's Forge.
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on 19 September 2011
I really LIKE this game
- great story with good change of scenery
- likable characters & humour
- problem solving
- treasure & upgrades
- multi player & character switch modes
- a great little fantasy (sword/bow) game
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