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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
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on 5 March 2011
Bulletstorm is a completely over the top first person shooter from `People can Fly' and `Epic Games' (the Gears of War Studio) does it provide a completely new take on the FPS or does it fall flat on its face.

The plot in summary; is you play as `Gray' a member of the `Dead echoes Squad' who work for `General Sarrano'. The squad carry out the General's orders blindingly, until the squad find out they have been killing innocent people and as such they want redemption. I won't go on as I don't want to spoil what happens next, but the plot while not great is not bad either. It's hard to take the characters seriously but this was done on purpose by the developers, to keep the essence of simple fun in the game.

Graphics are of a high quality, you can definitely tell this game uses the unreal engine, but doesn't have some of the bad loading textures like some others. The visuals have a very slight cartoon/exaggerated feel but works within the feel of the game. It's also worth noting that the set pieces are incredible both in size and visually, you can tell the designers worked hard here and really works to make you feel you are on a real planet.

The gameplay mainly revolves around the theme of "Kill with Skill", by this it means you have to dispose of you enemies in the flashiest way possible. For example: you can boot an enemy into the air and shoot a Firework into him sending him into oblivion. You also get more points the flashier you kill. You two trusted weapons in this game are; your leash (this grabs opponents and flings them towards you) and your Boot (gives enemies a big fat kick), while these don't sound like much on paper they work really well with the "kill with skill" motto. You also of course have and a massive array of weapons, both with main shooting capabilities and charged functions (example: the revolver has a firework as its charged mode) all weapons are great fun and really show that this game is all about having fun and not taking itself too seriously. Weapons can also be upgraded, this is done by using the points you have earned from the "skill shots" you have performed.

Sound is great in the game, however I didn't felt it stood out like some games (example: Killzone 3), the voice acting is well done and of a grade `A' standard. The dialogue in the game is definitely crude most of the time, but I found myself laughing a lot. This game is most certainly not for the easily offended.

There is multiplayer in this game and plays a lot like `Horde' mode from `Gears of war 2'. Waves of enemies are sent at you team and you simpley have to survive and "kill with Skill" to win. While it did "work" this is not the highlight of the game and I personally had trouble with the servers most of the time.

Overall `Bulletstorm' is a completely over the top game and definitely doesn't take itself seriously. The plot could have been better and so could have the multiplayer but it's a fun ride while it lasts. It has a lot in common with games like `Duke Nukem' and `Serious Sam' and for that it's fantastic. You will most certainly have fun with this game.

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on 4 March 2011
Bulletstorm is an incredible and successful attempt at making something fun and original within the genre that has been dominated by pseudo realistic military shooters clones. BS does not take itself too seriously, opting instead to supply fun and exhilarating action non-stop.

You play as Grayson Hunt - an ex-spec-ops agent and now a space pirate with alcohol problems. Gray is on a quest for vengeance and redemption and when an opportunity rises he directs his spaceship crew to torpedo through a huge opposing vesel hosting Gray's arch-nemesis and ex-superior in command - General Sarano. I will not be spoiling the story, suffice is to say that it is fairly original and not as cliche as most other shooters out there.

After the game's intense opening, you find yourself crashed on a planet hosting to a lush world and a futuristic resort city. But something has gone terribly wrong and instead of enjoying your stay, you fight for your life and escape chance against many of the planet's savage inhabitants.

The main gameplay aspect of Bulletstorm and the one that makes it unique is the skillshot system. How many times have you played other shooters and killed bad guys in some special? How many times you felt you did great and never got any acknowledgement from the game? This time around, BS will keep a close track of your performance and reward your ingenuity when it comes to killing enemies with points that can then be spent on upgrades to score even more points. An array of interesting weapons - each will powerful alternative fire mode, a kick, a slide and an energy leash will help you setup the most incredible and funny situations to dispose of the baddies.

Bottom line: Bulletstorm is a fun game, original and fresh in the world dominated by stagnant CoD clones. After having played it, going back to any other shooter feels like a downgrade, a step back. Fully recommended to anyone who wants to relax, have fun and get rewarded for doing well in game.
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on 5 August 2011
Easy game to write a review for, ive not played a game this fun in a long time. Easily one of the best looking games on the playstation 3, at times id say they were the best, some brilliantly thought out levels and great atmosphere. Gameplay wise I could bang on all day about the countless times I did something that was just plain cool, you really can be as creative as you like in this game about how you kill enemies. Ive got no complaints with the storyline or the banter the guys have in the game, at times I laughed out loud. The length of the game was perfect to me didnt feel short didnt feel long just finished when it felt it was time to end. I dont do multiplayer so cant say anythin about that side of it, all in all just a great game and id tell anyone to definately play it!
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VINE VOICEon 6 September 2011
Bulletstorm blasted onto the Playstation scene boasting a completely unique experience to the overcrowded shooter genre and a game that puts fun back into games. Both of these ring true but only to an extent. The game works well and when everything comes together, the game is fantastic but the flaws do outweigh the pros unfortunately.

The campaign mode is one of the worst I've played and follows the story of an arsehole soldier who goes on a vengeance mission to destroy his former boss who's screwed him over and left him a wanted man. The story probably would have worked had it been told correctly but unfortunately what is left is a bland, empty shell of a campaign devoid of any kind of enthusiasm. The characters aren't that likeable and the constant use of swearing is not only annoying but also makes sure kids should stay well clear of this title.

However, where the campaign works is that the game doesn't take itself too seriously and the most fun is had performing the 131 Skillshots on offer. The game encourages players to try the different skillshots by throwing experience points at players for performing the numerous kills. These in turn can buy new bullets, new guns and powerful upgrades. The system works perfectly and the addiction comes in trying to unlock all the shots. This is definitely the driving force of the game.

The art direction is excellent and the less serious tone is reinforced through the graphics which have a cartoony edge and feature heavy amounts of gore for each kill so the game is definitely not for the squeamish. The backgrounds and the level design is very good and the art compliments that perfectly with one level in particular splashed in shades of blue with lightning crackling outside which was a definite highlight for me.

On top of the bland campaign mode is the slightly better echoes mode. This is basically a run through a portion of a level trying to achieve the most experience points via performing skillshots throughout. This part of the game is very good and I found it more fun than the campaign. As well as this the game also features Anarchy Mode. This is the online portion of the game and is really hit or miss.
The mode fires constant waves of enemies at four players with increasing difficulty and the points are gained the exact same way as echo mode except the big points are gained from all four players cooperating. This is both good and bad. The good is that when you find players that work well together its a real blast to play. The downside is this is a rare thing to occur. It's a shame though as the mode has a lot of potential but isn't quite utilized as well as it could have been.

Overall though, Bulletstorm is a fun experience while it lasts but the replay value isn't that high and the bland campaign might mean you only play through it once and never touch it again. The Echo and Anarchy modes do help to alleviate the replay value but the real meat here is performing the skillshots. They are definitely the driving force of the game and the one thing that sets this shooter apart from the pack. Bulletstorm is an average shooter at best which is unfortunate as with a better campaign, this could have been a winner.
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on 21 March 2011
This game is made for men by men. Its pure action packed fun.

I am usually one for a plot to my shooting, I don't generally like shooting for no reason. I need to to know why I am shooting this or rescuing that otherwise the game just bores me. That's why I was never a fan on Halo. Games like Uncharted, Dead Space or Resitance 2 were much more for me.
I have 2 exceptions to that:

1. Borderlands: This game doesn't really have a plot but it hooks by be able to continually upgrade your guns and ammo, level up your character and give you a plethora of enemies and brilliant bosses to fight.

and now this game. Its genius the aim of this game is kill enemies in inventive ways. The plots loosely there about getting off a planet while getting revenge on a general but who cares. This purely driven by the fun deaths you can inflict. There's a gun in this game which has fires 2 grenades attached to a chain. This projectile either wraps around the enemy or slices through the enemy, you then decide when to explode it! If you use this with the leash you can shoot an enemy, wrap the chain round them and then leash them towards, once on their way kick them towards a group of enemies and detonate them! Its beautiful.
The kick in itself is too much fun in itself. You can kick people off off things, into thing and the things at them. Couple with the leash, you get hooked on kicking for ages!

This game is so much fun, the above doesn't even scratch the surface of kills and weapons available. The designers really understand what makes men laugh. Brilliant game.
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on 10 July 2011
One thing you should note about this game is that it has no DNA, but that is replaced by F-U-N. Every single moment of this game (bar a few points towards the end, and you will know what I talk of when you get there)is joyous in terms of the combat mechanics, which are genuinely excellently implemtented and designed.

Let me give you an example:

You approach a slope leading down towards a house. You can double tap the cross button to slide down this, press R1 to fire at enemies as you are sliding. Standing up you can hold down L2 to use the thumper (which sends every enemy in the nearby area into the air), and then use your revolver's alternate fire to send these enemies flying yet still further in a fiery wave of explosive death!

The game makes killing fun. You should be concerned by that, but remember that this is a game. A very fun game.

Let me give you three pro's and con's.

1) Combat - genuinely brilliant in terms of the feel of the combat, it feels both fast and heavy at the same time.
2) Skillshots - adds something very good to the game, and leads you to experiment with the way you kill people in order to get more points.
3) Game - graphics, sound and voice acting are very, very well done. Not done overly serious (Call of Duty...) but done with the aim of FUN in mind.

1) Length - if you had as much fun as I did you could clear this relatively quickly, even on the second-hardest difficulty setting. That isn't a bad thing as such in terms of length, because if you are having so much fun that you race through the game, then that is a good, good thing.
2) Bugs - I did encounter one bug towards the end of Act 3 Chapter 2 which prevented me from proceeding to the rest of the game. A little restart later and it was all fine.
3) Coop - developers could do with putting in a coop campaign in the sequel. Keep the solo campaign for that explosive fun should be left to one player.

Basically, I would recommend this game very, very highly. As highly even compared to Killzone 3 and Uncharted 2. It is that good. It is a fun game, and that is all that matters in the end. Best £10 ever spent, thanks to a high street retailer who seemed desperate to shift both this and Mass Effect 2...
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on 10 April 2011
Im probably about halfway through this game and im really enjoying it.
Being a fan of FPS, it is welcome change from COD clones. I dont have to worry about K/D ratios. I don't find myself wanting to throw the controller at the screen due to lag or people camping with snipers.

Its a real throw back to the old single player games where its you vs a million enemies. Its just great fun. fast paced, great weapons, and funny comments from the characters. Yeah the enemy AI is probably what you'd expect, however, most of the time there are so many enemies on screen at once that your literally running around shooting anything that moves just to stay alive, or you will get pasted quick enough.
The leash weapon is great fun and the skill shots is a really original idea, breaking up what could be just a constant melee grind.

Completely unrealistic to life, which is why its so much fun. A proper arcade game.

Go buy.
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on 29 April 2015
I didn't think I'd like this game, but when I got my hands on it, it became very addictive very quickly. The game is fun and the best bit - it doesn't take itself seriously. The main characters have running dialogue which is foul-mouthed but very very funny.
There's a bunch of weapons to choose from and as you go around shooting, kicking, leashing the baddies you gain points, the points are traded in for upgrades to the weapons - the more elaborate the killing technique the higher number of points.
Loved the game, it you want to take a break from serious FPS's - this is a good one to play
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on 18 April 2016
This was bought for my nephew. He stated that he loves this game. Plenty of things to do in it and he said he will keep it as one of his favorites for a long time.
I haven't actually seen him play it but am assured by his mam that he plays it a lot.
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on 22 August 2014
Two words...f****** epic!!! If you like your 1st person shooters you'll have an absolute blast with this masterpiece. Non stop carnage, tongue in cheek humour, breathtaking environments, cool storyline, likeable characters along with some truly epic boss fights and gun battles. There is so much variety and fun with so many unique and novel ideas, enemies bursting at the seams with personality you'll never grow tired. Plenty of replay value too! and well worth every penny. Christ! I'd even pay top dollar as it's super cheap and in my opinion the best shooter I've ever played. It even puts the next gen shooters to shame! Believe you me go and grab it while you can you will not be disappointed! Quite literally you will have a blast from start to finish.
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