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on 30 March 2014
Very simple and easy to use. On first use, after I'd downloaded 4 albums, the tracks played back in random order but after a day they sorted themselves into correct order. Like downloading a complete collection onto a Kindle. It renders it useless for a while but then the information sorts its self out. The MP3 player now, after more use, downloads and plays back albums in the order they're inputted. Excellent playback and does not distort the sound with increase of volume. The headphones supplied are a little uncomfortable so I bought a pair of I pod headphones off Amazon for a very cheap price. All in all, a great bit of kit. Highly recommended.
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on 3 December 2014
Only reason I'm not giving it 1 star is that it did work for a few weeks, and batteries last long with it. BUT. The reason batteries last long is because it has no screen, meaning you won't know where you left off if you accidentally jump to the next track. When you're listening to multi-hour speeches that gets very annoying. Not only do you not know where you were, also finding it again is a real pain. You have no idea how "fast" fast forward is. Also it seems to go at a certain speed, but if you keep holding the button it jump to a higher speed after a while, not sure after how much time and not sure what speed, but if you just press it you advance like a minute in like 10 seconds, but if you keep pressing for about a minute it reaches the end of a 3-hour tape.

Apart from that, the only problem is that it broke after about a month of use. It will switch on, battery fine, headphones fine, re-loaded mp3s, no sound. Lucky I had already ordered a Sony instead, just waiting for delivery, it was no good without a screen, but now it's simply no good. Except as a USB stick. But why buy a 4GB for a tenner if you get 32GB for £14?

Last piece of advice, don't EVER buy an mp3 player with no screen.
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on 21 April 2014
When I read the reviews for this item I wasn't sure if I should buy it because some people that reviewed the item said the MP3 hissed. I bought one for myself and one for someone else and neither of ours hiss. I've bought many MP3 players from Amazon over the years because through no fault of my own, for various reasons, they break.

I've had my reddmango MP3 player for over 6 months now and it shows no signs of breaking. It doesn't have any special features or even a screen, but ultimately the purpose of MP3 players are to listen to them, not to look at them. For the price the sound quality is also good, not the greatest, but good, especially for the price.

Another thing I like about this MP3 player is that it works on AAA batteries, which for me is a plus, although some people would probably prefer an MP3 player that charges from laptops. For the price, durability and overall quality, I highly recommend this MP3 player.
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on 25 June 2014
This bloody machine will only do what it wants to do despite what you (try) & tell it. It took 24 hours to download the songs from i-Tunes. It continues to repeat songs (despite the fact that it doesen't have a repeat function!) & it ignores the shuffle & other function & just plays what it feels like. However, when it does decide to play shuffle it whizzes along until it decides to stop. I discovered that if U take the battery out (not a problen as after a few hours it just falls out & as the other reviews say you have to resort to sticky tape!) & put it in again it might just play correct & today it did that for about 2 hours! On the plus side it can hold hundreds of songs & although others said the headphones were no good I thought they sounded ok & the volume control was also fine. The battery seems to last for ages but as others say I recommend Duracell AAA if U want power for ages & beware of the multi-pack batteries on a card such as the £1 shops sell & even worse - don't buy them on a multi-card from that man outside Tottenham Court Rd. Underground Station! To sum up: if you're happy to be dictated to & like it to be in control then buy it - if not then buy an Apple product: after all, U get what U pay for don't U.
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on 21 November 2014
Ok, giving this 5 stars for one reason and one reason only, to draw attention to my views.
How good is it?
Don't know!! Haven't got it working yet. Connected to laptop, lit up like a Xmas tree, down loaded 8 hours of playing time, no problem, listed, through windows media player, all individual songs in random order, down loaded quickly.
Detached from laptop, how the hell do you get it to work ? Two tiny little "chrome" buttons, after pressing both, in random order, nothing ! Not even red light.
With aid of very large magnifying glass, noted one button, on,off. Other button lock and unlock, lock and unlock what ?
What about the battery ? After using the M Gass again, ah, clearly written, with said M Glass, remove film. Still Nothing.
Now my problem is, is it the battery, if so, replace.
If not the battery, then a major fault. Which is going to be a problem, I'm almost housebound.
So now awaiting arrival of batteries.
If then no good, the bin!
So far, no stars.
Is it value for money ?
If working after batteries changed, excellent value, less than one hour's rate of pay, to manufacture, ship around the world, advertise, market, and deliver to my home, how cheap is that ?
If it don't work ? Then at 82 yrs old, I have long since learned, you get what you pay for, it is what you younger people a "learning curve", so down to expieriance!
Wish me luck,
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on 28 March 2014
All I wanted was a cheap MP3 player for running with. This is perfect. It's relatively small and light. The fact you can change out the AAA battery is ideal. My previous player was an Archos Clipper which was smaller still, but after 6 months the battery died. A cheap battery is likely to be the end of any low priced MP3 player you buy. Not in this case!

My only annoyance with this is the back is curved to form around the battery. I couldn't see this from the pictures. I had been planning to put some velcro on the back so I could stick the player to part of my clothing. With the shape the way it is, I'm not sure it will be possible, bearing in mind the battery also has to be able to come out and the large cap must be detachable to expose the USB plug.

I'm not going to reduce the rating because it doesn't have a screen to select songs or that it won't play films or make me a cappuccino. It is a simple MP3 player and so far has done what it is designed to do faultlessly.
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on 3 May 2014
Bought as replacement for useless other make with internal battery for use in my car. Easy to use and turns off immediately, unlike previous one which faded out. Bit slow to start up but otherwise OK. Standard AAA battery is a boon. There's no faffing about plugging it into a USB socket to recharge, just put another battery in. Simples! Lack of readout no problem. Why do you need to know song title, artiste, album, writers etc when you're listening to music in a car? I have an ancient 60MB mp3 player which has been knocking around for about 10 years - and still works. If my MR118 lasts half as long I'll be happy.
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on 21 May 2014
Taking this to a festival this year with small cheap speakers, tried them both together and it's really loud! Great price for what it is, I'd say the only downside is not being able to see what you're playing but it will do the job for me just fine. It only takes 1 AAA battery which is amazing so I won't run out of music this year!! I will also probably use it at the gym as it's small. Thanks :)
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on 19 September 2014
Bought two of these (one after another) only because it takes AAA batteries (needed when I travel to areas with no electricity), its cheap and directly connects to the computer.

The bad: unpredictably switches off, sometimes shuffle doesnt work. some songs don't play (may be formatting as this only takes MP3 format). But didn't stop me buying a second as I gave one as a gift with a play list on it :)))
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on 10 November 2014
This is great for the price. Plus, no wires, just used my USB port on my laptop to transfer files straight to the device. Good sound, easy to use with basic buttons and switches. I use my own Sony headphones though, the ones that go in to the ear tend to fall out and mine have better sound distribution.
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