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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 27 November 2010
This game is a 'storybook buddy adventure'...You play a theif who has entered a forsaken land, and you team up with the Majin, a legendary creature which can fight the dark enemies (they look tar like, a bit like the enemies in ico on PS2)

It boils dow to a lot of puzzle solving gameplay, and quite a bit of combat too where you team up with the Majin. As a couple of examples the Majin may pull a catapult which you get in and then he lets go, or you may direct him to drink water, then get him to spit it out to start a waterwheel. Solving the puzzles is very enjoyable, and controlling the Majin is easy.

In terms of negatives, there are a few...the lighting and shadowing is not fantastic, and whilst the graphics overall have great color and art, there's not as much detail in the distance as you may be used to in many games. Voice acting on the two main characters is quite good, but on the animals you speak to along the way the voice acting is quite poor. Platforming can be a bit fiddly, but again it is enjoyable. Lastly the game takes a few hours to get into it's stride.

There's plenty to do in the game, each area has about 5 secrets hidden within and getting these is enjoyable (and the map shows you how many are left in each area too)...the areas are just the right size to be enjoyable as puzzles, and to make finding each collectible manageable and not tedious.

Overall this game just works...the Majin is absolutely adorable and you will enjoy the time spent together. The levels are colourful and bright, the gameplay and bosses are inventive and enjoyable. Make no mistake this is a game made on a much lesser budget than AAA games, and at times it shows. But what also shows is that it's a game with heart, and it provides the 360 with the kind of special Japanese experience the original xbox always lacked.

I have played a few of the 'hidden gems' this generation...the likes of Muramasa, Little kings story, and in my own opinion this particular game outshines them...not necesarrily in terms of slick production, but in that it's got a heart of gold, and that makes it magical. If Jim Henson were around today, and erm...japanese, this is the kind of game he'd make.
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on 5 January 2011
A game that's wonderfully charming and sweet without ever becoming annoying or cloying, with a genuinely interesting story and characters that remain with you long after finishing the game. The gameplay feels at once traditional and unique with a good mixture of adventure, puzzle solving, exploring new areas, fighting/sneaking and unique friendship between two main characters..the overall experience is both remarkable and memorable with the rare ability to appeal to all age groups.

Highly recommended to those who enjoyed Ico, Zelda, Shadow Of The Colossus, Okami.
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on 10 January 2011
This is game really is fantastic. You get very attached to Majin rather quickly and theres tons of exploring to do in such a beautiful world, you wont experience anything elce quite like it on the xbox. The voice acting and controlls are a tad ropey at times but that never distracts you from the fun.

This game really is a hidden gem that no one seems to of heard of and i urge everyone to try it out.
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on 3 March 2012
Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is a platforming puzzle game, much in the vein of Prince of Persia. However, both the platforming and puzzles are very basic and most are very easy to solve. There is combat but the main damage dealer is the Majin, an AI that seems to do what it wants at times. Not only can it get repetitive after a few battles, it becomes frustrating in late in the game when you go against mulitple enemies and you give a command to the Majin that it blatantly ignores. Also the range of enemies is not as impressive as one might think. There is a day and night system which introduces a new creature that only appears at night but only one and the parts that they appear are very few and in-between, leaving you to wonder what was the point of adding them in the first place.

The story itself is a classic 'lost kingdom' where the hero must save it from a great evil. While the premise can be a bit shakey, it is not lacking in depth as you learn more about the world as you progress. A pet peeve would be that the voice acting for the animals do not sound like they are from the animals themselves. The first time I heard the mouse talk, I was unsure if this was the mouse talking or the hero.

The game plays quite well if you only focus on the story. However, when going for achievements it is a different matter. While the map shows the amount of collectibles on each stage and which you have collected, the annoying thing is the day and night system. A number of achievements rely on you collecting all memory shards which, surprise surprise, appear only at night. Compared to the 20 minutes of daytime, night only lasts about 15 minutes. And you will find yourself backtracking for the most part of those 15 minutes back to the areas you were in before just to pick up those shards. Not only that, the AI-controlled Majin is painstaking slow so much so that where it is necessary fo you to use the Majin to collect the shard, you end up wasting a good chunk of those 15 minutes. Coupled with the fact that there is a limit to how much the hero can run before getting out of breath, this will greatly test the limits of the patience of any achievement hunter.

There really seems to be no reason for the day and night system and the stamina except to make the game more realistic. But in a world where animals can talk like humans and a giant Majin, it seems that they are unnecessary features into what should have been a fun and easy game.
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VINE VOICEon 26 January 2011
This is a great game that has slipped under the radar of a lot of magazines and gamers, mainly because it hasn't been published by a AAA developer - but don't let that bother you - this is a really solid game from start to finish, and one that is well worth your hard-earned cash, and time.
The graphics look a little dated compared to some of the top-end games out there at the moment, but they do a good job throughout. There are excellent locations, a nice contrast in daytime and nightime, and some good effects with the dark enemies. I also liked the fact that if you swap a costume for either yourself or the Majin, they are actually wearing that costume in the cut scene. It may sound like a minor thing, but it shows the kind of depth the developers have gone to.
The puzzles are well thought out too. You need to work as a team (you and the Majin) and this will depend on how many abilities you have unlocked for the pair - fire breathing, wind breathing and lightning strikes all help you in your quest to defeat the darkness over-running the kingdom. There are plenty of puzzles involving switches, moving blocks and reaching high points to get hidden items.
For fans of collect 'em ups this will be a game you will enjoy. There are plenty of upgrades to be located, and power ups, and chests all of which will power up your team. What i particularly liked, was the fact that on the map screen you can see exactly what items you have found, and how many you still have to locate - for each area! As the map is pretty big, this is a godsend, and will help you find everything you need. I found everything myself, without using any online guides, and i am no gaming pro! It just took a bit of time and investigation to get them all - and unlike a lot of other games, i had fun doing it, and felt a real sense of achievement.
The combat is a little basic, but for the most part works pretty well. A few more moves would have been nice, but it works fine - and it's nice to play a game that isn't over-complicated or requires you to be triple-jointed just to hit someone!
There is very little music, but what there is adds a good ambience to the action, and although the voice overs for the two main characters is very good, the minor characters you meet are a little bit bland.
The story is intriguing too. You start off with very little knowledge of what has gone on before, but know what you must do in the quest. And as you get further into the game, more information on the past is revealed.......with a couple of nice twists too.
There are a couple of things that the developers really deserve a lot of credit for. Firstly, the engine that powers everything is very robust - there are no loading screens between areas (apart from one!) which is pretty impressive. Secondly, there are next to no glitches in it. None of that annoying stuff, like when you are next to a wall, and move the camera and suddenly finding you can see right through it! This game has been tested properly and you can tell that glitches have been ironed out as much as possible.
This is a compelling, fantasy adventure with good combat, plenty of collectibles, excellent puzzles with a dash of platforming thrown in for good measure. With two superb lead characters you care about (much like ICO, or Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (Xbox 360)) and a simple, but intriguing storyline this is a game that you will thoroughly enjoy from start to finish. It isn't a massive game - or an unbelievably short one either, but it has kept me gripped right the way through, mainly because of a good balance of all the elements within it.
Who would i recommend this to? Well, anyone who loved Ico, Enslaved or Shadow of the Colossus should go and buy this immediately. Anyone who likes a bit of fantasy, or a good platformer will enjoy this too. It's probably not for younger kids (i would avoid giving this to anyone younger than 14 - mainly because some of the monsters show a bit of 'adult nudity'. It is minor - but probably best you know about it), as some of the monsters can be a bit scary.
The Majin himself is great - a cross between one of the creatures from Where the Wild things are and an Ent in Lord of the Rings - and one of the reasons you should play this game now!

Achievements - a lot of people care about these and i am happy to say that there is a good mix between all of them. Some storyline based, some collectible based, and some move-based. I didn't really find i had to 'grind' any of them on my way to the full thousand points - in fact, most of them were enjoyable to get!

This is a truly excellent game - well worth the money (i got it cheap, but i would have been happy to pay full price for this) and i will definitely keep an eye on what this developer produces next. If they get a bit more cash to play with, their next game could be a classic!

A hidden gem that is an essential title for your collection - buy it now!!!
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on 6 September 2011
I just loved this game and the only reason it got 4 stars instead of 5 is because the ending was insanely difficult. If you're a die-hard gamer then that's either not the case or is and that's something you like but for me I need games that keep me interested and challenged but don't drive me to distraction having to try and kill enemies over and over again. This game did keep me very interested and you really can immerse yourself in Tapeu's and Toci's world. It's stunning graphics make the game lovely to travel through and the way that the two of you have to work together to get the best possible outcome to a battle makes it very satisfying and rewarding. A definite must at the price you can get it for now.
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on 28 June 2011
This is a surprisingly good game. I bought it to try something a bit different. Starting off a little oddly, I was a bit sceptical, but it soon becomes a delight. Really fun, beautiful scenary, excellent gameplay and puzzles and a load of extras depending on what you collect on the way through e.g. on first pass, yo cannot access some areas unless you have the Lightning power, but once you get it, you can go back and do a load more stuff. This took me over 45 hours to complete the first time round - far better than most games....and bizarrely you end up feeling quite sad when you finish it, wondering what you can do next.. Give it a go.. you won't regret it.
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on 16 October 2011
I was tired of shooting super armed faceless invisible soldiers and kiling zombies all the time so I dicided to go for this game purely looking at the picture on the cover. This is a different kind of entertainment but I loved it:)
Majin is a very funny and clumsy creature (you could call him a big todler: but very powerfull. The mission is to brake all the seals (masks) to gain access to the following worlds and at the end to defeat the dark king. Although there is the element of fighting the dark soldiers it does not put you into a fighting mode as in tipical shooting/zombies games and the fights are not the main part of the game.
You get to think and cooperate with your big friend to get where you need to be. Majin gains more and more powers as you go through the game and discover more and more of his skils stolen from him by the dark army and locked in special friuts which you feed to Majin and he always seems glad to get them:)
Overall very recomended.
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on 23 February 2012
This is an absolutely fabulous game. Didn't pay much for it so wasn't expecting too much. I was, however, pleasantly surprised and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a good story line with Majin being rescued and regaining his power throughout the game with the help of his little friend. Quite fast in parts, things to find places to visit and some quite challenging bosses. Also, was quite a long game so well pleased all round. 5 stars awarded.
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on 2 March 2011
This game is like Enslaved/Okami/Drakes Uncharted and a few other in the mix. Good story,Good ethics and not over in 8 hrs. Only bad point is maps need improving and may be a hint option added as some times you can wonder what to do next. GIVE IT A GO.
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