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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£28.79 - £52.97

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on 29 September 2013
Exactly what you would expect for a remake of the original splatter house. Though the game seems to short and camera angles are a pain at times but it is full of heavy metal, extreme violence, gore and buckets of blood, all the things I love the most. It even includes the original three splatterhouse games. Although the game does get a bit tedious towards the end and the puzzles (if you could call them that) were just put there as an afterthought, the load time were also quite annoying and took way too long not to mention the fact that the glitches in the game make you miss an easy jump that shouldn't have made the main character fall to his death. It does feel like this game was underdeveloped but Splatterhouse had so much heart and respect from the creators, I could over look some of the flaws this game has. Plus, I never had trouble with the platforming, in fact the segments where the game all of a sudden turns into a sidecrolling platform/beat em up like the original was kind of a neat and fun idea (old school video game fans will love it). Splatterhouse weaves a tale that is reminiscent to classic b-movie horror films with all the cheese, violence and gore you would expect from the genre, infused with some dark humor, the story will keep you interested within the 6 to 7 hour game length but like I said be prepared for the many flaws within the game.

Just like the classic arcade game and TurboGrafx-16 original, Splatterhouse places you in the role of Rick Taylor, a student who just wanted to propose to his girlfriend Jennifer at the Eclipse Festival when she gets kidnapped by Dr. West, a psychopath doctor of Necrobiology who is obsessed with bringing back his deceased wife by taking advantage of the impending solar eclipse and the powers of the Corrupted. After Rick is mortally wounded by one of Dr. West's minions, his wounds are healed by putting on the talking Terror Mask, which causes him to hulk out and go on a seven-hour marathon of monster mashing on his way to stop Dr. West and save the girl. The combat in the game was pretty good and extremely gory, if your not prepared though you might end up dying alot. The dynamic of healing yourself mid-combat is actually interesting, if a bit simplistic (I managed to beat the game in two days). As you kick ass, the Necro meter fills up. Portions of this meter can be spent on super moves, the berzerker transformation, or the Splatter Siphon. Activating the Splatter Siphon causes tendrils of veins to erupt from Rick's body and slurp up health from nearby enemies. It's the primary way to heal yourself, so combat becomes a mildly tactical game of taking damage and then timing your siphon to heal. Once you get the feel of when you should heal yourself, the game becomes a lot less difficult.

Anyone who's played the old Splatterhouse games knows that the weapons were the most fun, and here the same holds true. Rick can find meat cleavers, 2x4s, baseball bats, lead pipes, chainsaws, shotguns, and the severed limbs of downed foes. Each weapon allows for one-shot kills on lesser enemies, so plowing through groups while swinging wildly is immensely satisfying with creatures either hacked to pieces or smashed into the environment. Finding a weapon is always a treat. The game also features the standard upgrade system: earn experience and then spend it on new moves, combos, and improvements. Overall the game was decent if a bit flawed, if only it could have been improved upon then it might have been an awesome game.
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on 31 July 2011
I bought this title in June 2011 when it was already around 12 quid. I waited as the reviews from last year were dismal. The reason I bought it was because I was in the mood for something in the likes of God of War and Dante's Inferno - and I was not one bit disappointed. Let's put it this way: there is absolutely nothing wrong with the game itself, i.e. the idea and the story. It equals that of other entries in the same genre, but it does have a few hiccups which seriously undermines its "brilliancy". I will not make this an in-depth review as many on this site has already done so, but I will outline what I like and dislike about this game briefly.

-- The checkpoints can be useless. Some really do not make sense and are badly placed.
-- I hate checkpoints that force you to watch an entire cutscene again. Too many of those.
-- When you die it can take ages to reload the checkpoint. Some sequences between checkpoints are mere seconds, but it takes almost 20~40 seconds at times to reload the checkpoint when you start. Infuriating at times.
-- Controls can be clunky at times especially when faced with hordes of enemies. The execution is not as smooth as those in God of War et al.

-- Nice boss battles.
-- Good story and keeps you interested.
-- Blood, guts, and death. Need I say more.
-- Great levelling up system by spending "blood" on upgrading your skills.

Splatterhouse is vile, disgusting and rude. Do not expect less. It carries mega tonnes of sexual metaphors and images that look like private parts. Photos of the protagonist's girlfriends showing boobies are all over the place. If this kind of thing upsets you, stay away. I kind of enjoy this adolescent marketing and focus on the blood, and found it nice alternative to my collection. One tip: the game could get repetitive for some, so rather play it on and off a little, and don't go for finishing it in one go as this could get boring.
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on 6 July 2011
Computer game gore has always been controversial. In the past gore was not big and not clever, but it also looked a bit naff. Try scaring a child with some 16 bit graphics, ain't going to happen. All that has changed in the world of HD gaming - violence is now more realistic than ever and in turn more boring. `Splatterhouse' is a prime example. This is a remake of a game that itself was not great, but the modern preoccupation with known IPs means that developers Namco Bandai went and made a new game in the series anyway. You play as Rick who is fatally wounded, only to be saved by a mysterious mask that craves blood and makes you into a hulking steroid fuelled mad man. The two of you must hunt down your girlfriend who has been taken and wipe out the undead hordes in the way.

`Splatterhouse' is a third person action game that requires as much button mashing as it does skill. It is gory to the extreme as you can use a variety of weapons to bludgeon/slice/pulp your enemies to death, including your own arm at times. The dark mask of the game feeds off blood so to gain upgrades you must kill the enemies in the most barbaric way you can imagine. One method is to trigger a special quick time event called a Splatterkill that sees the action zoom in and the punishment becomes more personal. If the idea of all this blood and guts appeals to you, then the game will amuse for a while. However, the bland level design and repetitive gameplay means that even the hungriest of gore hounds will find the final third of the game tedious.

There are moments in the game that are fun; the side scrolling action sections are a nice nod to the original, but even these become boring. Perhaps Namco should have spent a little more time investing in more diverse level design and less on gory animations and illustrations of scantily clad women. `Splatterhouse' was a game that I managed to finish, but just.
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on 28 November 2010
Being a massive Splatterhouse fanboy and having once run a fairly successful Splatterhouse fan site when I was a lot younger than I am now I felt it my duty to write a frank and honest review of the reboot/latest incarnation of the granddaddy of blood and guts, and I do promise to be impartial to do the old boy some justice. So what's the score? Does it live up to the gory glory days (as some, including me, saw them) when it was officially the first bad boy on the block? Well hopefully this list of pros and cons (topped off with a cherry of a conclusion) will help fans old and new to make up their minds whether this is killer or filler in the world of this seminal horror game series. Hope it helps!

- In this modern day of grand desensitised violence Splatterhouse is truly allowed to let rip, and by rip I mean faces, limbs and lungs straight from its enemies quivering bodies, gone are the days of the original Splatterhouse's green blood and gradually diminishing claret consumption this is how it was meant to be and how it is.
- The mask is both menacing, funny, brilliantly voiced and true to its most awesome incarnation (from part 3). Watching it drink blood then cackle in delight and spur Rick ever onwards is a blast.
- The lighting is really dramatic and looks like it was dragged straight from the set of your favourite O.T.T. horror flick. Good stuff.
- Ambient affects such as the house cracking and corrupting as you mooch through it is a joy to behold. Couple this with various nasty looking set pieces and slamming doors and the horror vibe is turned up to 10.
- The story is true to the original with a few adages that work well.
- Splatter kills take the place of just picking up a weapon and seeing bodies smash against walls and such like (although this is in play too but now bodies actually hit the screen!) and work well as being both fun, satisfying and suitably visceral. Also they really hit home what a brute Rick is with the mask on.
- This is a small one but when you first kick the game on the opening sequence is wicked.
- The full on metal soundtrack is right up my street but for those who don't dig it (even though it fits with the carnage really well) it is not over used and only really kicks off in moments of proper carnage. The rest of the soundtrack ranges from creepy incidental tunes to full on orchestral spookiness with hints of the original soundtracks peeping in every so often.
- The nods to horror films of the glory days are still in play and range from Re-Animator (although this is rightly taken in a more Lovecraftian direction), Child's Play and, most prevalent of all, Evil Dead 2. A horror fans moist daydream.
- A lot of people may find this a bit silly, sexist, or off putting even but finding naked pictures of Jennifer scattered about the place (which she has apparently left as a bread trail for you to follow her by) sort of fits. Jen was always pushed as being a sexy horror film dame in distress in the original games so it only following that train of thought in my opinion. Plus gratuity is sort of the game's whole bag - and it's a bag that some may dig and others may just shake their head at but I don't know what them there head shakers would be doing buying it anyway!
- The entire game taps the veins of the original series by taking you back to the days when watching heads pop was just pure awesome. Sure it's childish but many massive games a have built themselves on the basis of blood = good (Mortal Kombat being one that springs instantly to mind) but as with all these games it just makes the whole affair pure unadulterated fun. A total blast.
- Speaking of blood: the blood physics, splatters and noises are impressive in their execution - next to Madworld on the Wii I haven't seen such attention to detail in the red sauce department.
- The original three games are provided as extras making this the ultimate Splatterpack! Plus instead of the "alright" turbographx port of the original you get the full on arcade experience! It is a pure joy to play them through surround sound and on a big HD screen...although nothing with beat playing the original down the arcade back in the day.
- The game is a very respectable length.
- Side scrolling platformer style parts are a joy. I am unsure as to why a lot of the so called "professional" reviewers have harped on about these being a nightmare as they brought the old game flooding right back and I really enjoyed them - courses of horses I suppose.
- This is a beat `em up through and through, the only brass knobs stuck on this beast are purely aesthetic - other than that it's punch, kick, execute, hack, smash then power up to extend the possibilities of all the above. I think a lot of reviewers where expecting this to go all God of War but thankfully it's stuck to its guns and stayed close to its root. Of course this means that anyone except scrolling beater fans, gorehounds, horror phreaks and of course fans of the originals will be put off (hence some of the mediocre review scores) which is a shame as it really kicks the chance for another addition to the series in the pants somewhat, although a few people see the game for the gem it is such as the guardian online - and me - which is nice.
- The weapons are great and all the major face smashing groups are represented. Shotgun, hatchet, metal pipe, spiked 2x4, chainsaw - you name it it's probably here....no whisks though.
- Most of the levels are creepy and cool as heck! Running around the house never felt so menacing or looked more awesome.
- Ricks smashed in, real-time, wound effects are brilliant and watching an arms grow back (veins, muscle, bones and all) is proper cool - plus you can pick up your old arm and beat the nasties that took it from you with it!

- As mentioned above; people who aren't fans of the genre, the genres the game represents and the original series may find little to like, or perhaps you'll become a new fan, it is great after all, but who knows. Anyway everyone else should dig it to bits.
- The games locals often go away from the house and its grounds and it doesn't feel right but it's not long till you're in a gore churning sewer or some such smashing skulls which makes you feel back at home, as it where. Still it's a little jarring for fans of the originals
- Not everyone will be able to find their inner child/teenager and enjoy the bloodbath, and for those people I feel a bit sorry as it left me as happy as a little kipper despite its obvious gruelling themes.
- People may have wanted the turbografx version included as an extra with its weird maroon mask and so on but the arcade version is where it's at really so tough toenails.
- The swearing is excessive - knocking on House of the Dead Overkill territory - It's funny and effective when it works but other times it just feels a bit tired.
- A bit of a fanboy thing here but Rick is a bit pathetic looking and I always imagined him more as an everyman than a bit of a wimp but he got Jen somehow so he's obviously got something....large shoes perhaps...
- Another fanboy gripe I suppose but I preferred the old ripped up boiler suite look than the urban yoof trainers and wallet chain affair but things have to move on I suppose.

In my humble opinion Splatterhouse hits its mark with ultraviolent accuracy and being a total geek for the series this is no small thing for it to achieve for me. I'm not saying it's for everyone and no game is really - they can only target so many demographics and it's obvious which of those Splatterhouse is going for, however with all this in mind I still say give it a go you may be surprised. But for the rest of us who enjoy a good old bit of half minded violence with a real kick then this will blow you away. It's a beat `em up with classic gameplay written all over it and modern tweaks piled on top, and that, in my eyes, is definitely no bad thing. Nudity, violence, swearing: it's not big, it's not clever but man it sure can be a giggle! Welcome back to the Splatterhouse!
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on 2 March 2012
Splatterhouse is one of those games you just can't expect too much from. It is average by pretty much every scale. It has entertainment value, but it's undermined by some nasty flaws.

A major issue is the loading times... the amount of time you spend waiting on this game to do something is ridiculous. Nothing kills the gaming mood more than having to waiting on a game for longer than you should.

The graphics are unfortunately pretty dated for the most part... which is a shame since the main cut scenes look amazing. The graphics in the gameplay are, like the rest of the game, just very average. And the way it is put together, with the wonky camera angles, occasionally it is practically unplayable, since you barely have any idea what is going on... it's frustrating, and often made me want to stop playing.

The story is fairly thin and without surprises, and also without a particularly interesting villain. However, the dialogue from the Mask is often funny in its own sick way. The voice acting is pretty decent as well.

A positive is that the controls are pretty easy to get the hang of, and you can do some pretty cool combos. However, occasionally the controls will become a little fidgety and unresponsive.

All that being said, you can not deny the degree of satisfaction that comes with tearing demons limb from limb, slicing and dicing, pulling out kidneys and eyeballs and just generally causing mayhem. In that regard it definitely lives up to its name.

The campaign isn't too long... you could knock it out in a few hours if you tried. In the end, it's basically as long as it needed to be. Any longer and it could easily have started to feel a lot more tedious, as there isn't really a great deal of variety in gameplay.

All in all, if you're looking for a game to keep you occupied for a day or two, you could do far worse than this. However, you could also do far better. I suppose a lot of it comes down to how much you enjoy mindless gore.
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on 20 November 2012
In this 21st century remake of the Splatterhouse series, this video game combines various story elements from the three original 1980s video games and presents a storyline occurring in the year 2010. For this story, Rick and Jennifer - instead of entering by accident the West Manor like in the first game - are instead invited to the manor as Doctor West, an eminent teacher at the Arkham University, invites Jennifer to do an interview with him for the school paper. As Rick follows her, both for a following date and as a bodyguard, we see their date turn from a simple academic business to a diabolical nightmare composed of twelve levels, whose designs were haunting and corresponded to the tension I found in the original games.

Of the storyline, I liked how the game's makers interspersed several flashbacks in the storyline. To me, this strategy allows us to dive straight into the characters' nightmare, and forces us to venture through the game if we want to understand how Rick got to wear the Terror Mask. Not only that, finding the complete photos of Jennifer in the game, along with doing the levels on various difficulty levels, allows us to find out how the Manor was built, but also how Rick and Jennifer's relationship went over the years.

Of the voice actors, I loved Josh Keaton, Richard Doyle, and Shanelle Gray's excellent performances. But I loved and adored the twisted interactions between the Mask and Rick. And for that I am glad that the game makers cast Jim Cummings (DarkWing Duck) as the Mask. Good work from the writer Gordon Rennie, and to Howard Drossin, whose soundtrack was the perfect companion to this gory horror game.

As for the gameplay, it is set in a 3D environment, but it also offers level sections presented in side-scrolling camera angles. This was fun to do as it reminded me of the original games, which you can play if you want to see the complete storyline from the trilogy. Personally, I think it is agood thing they put the original games in this remake for I heard that there won't be any sequels to this 2010 remake since Splatterhouse didn't do enough sales to allow a sequel. This is sad for the game ends on a cliffhanger just like in the Evil Dead movies that Sam Raimi did.

Maybe what didn't help to the game's reception were the long loading times between levels, the difficulty to manipulate the camera, and the very sensible or unresponsive controls if you wanted to do certain moves. Not only that, maybe newcomers and some players didn't respond well to the game's goriness. Personally, I don't mind if a game is violent, as long as the game or movie offers an well-written story and is not an excuse for gratuitous acts of violence or sexuality and to display weak and stupid characters, which I found in the movie series Crank. But for those of you that have never heard of Splatterhouse, be aware that the game is no Disneyland. It is a gory game made for a very mature audience with a strong stomach.

In the end, this game is a wonderful tribute to a classic whose images I remember seeing in my Batman comic books made in the eighties, and which intrigued me as I saw a haunted mansion turning into a Lovecraft monstrosity.
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on 14 March 2013
Game bought for my grandson and he enjoys playing it, a bit gruisome for me but he enjoys it, thanks
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on 8 May 2012
This game owns everything. Combine Heavy Metal + beating the F&@# out of enemies = heaven. BUY ET NOW! You will not be dissapointed and your money will not be wasted!
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on 7 October 2011
Loved this game in the arcade at 11. To be honest this remake is basically the same game with new graphics, its repetative, violent and appeals to the lowest common denominator.... So i love it lol. Seriously it has some glaring faults when compared to a lot of modern games, but if your looking for a hack and slash game and dont care about good taste or cutting edge gaming then jump right in.
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on 6 February 2016
Four games in one for a fiver cant go wrong,really good game but let down with stupid loading times and annoying checkpoints.It plays like a 80s horror b movie.
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