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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation2|Change
Price:£28.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 6 December 2010
Just so you know I'll be writing the majority of this review assuming you owned or played the first ultimate ninja storm. and have a knowlege of the basics of the tv series.

So im gonna begin simply by listing all the changes to gameplay.

Good additions first-

-You can now chakra dash backwards (which is always nice)

-Your suports now have a type attached to to them. fill up your team gauge by using your supports in battle and
your support characters will aid you in various other actions. some aid in attacking and others defending (although the support type becomes customisable when you progress through the game)

-The roster is now rather large in comparison to the old game with most of the main characters from throughout the series being playable.

-Some characters can do air jutsus or alternate jutsus

-There is online now! for me this is one of the main improvements (although enjoyment does vary wildly... trust me)

-There are now ranged characters that use square attacks to combo instead of circle. this adds variety which is great.

-The annoying sandbox villiage in story is gone. and is replaced by fixed camera fairly linear paths I like this because it means theres far less fuss when going from place to place (although i guess this could be seen as bad if you reallly enjoyed the sandbox roaming in the last game)

Now for the bad additions-

-You can now do team ultimates.... in online mode this is game breaking. they are lightning fast and require little effort to pull off. guarding or subbing (if youre skilled) is the only way to avoid them... dodging is out of the question and if youre mid dodge when one is activted you WILL end up getting hit.

- Online is insanely unbalenced. it can be amazing, I'd go as far as to say one of the best gaming experiences ever. however.... everyone seems to be playing as naruto/ minato/ itachi (sometimes sasuke). why you ask? well its because theyre overpowered. ive tested playing as these characters many times myself and found the battles to be amillion times easier. (rasengan seems to be particularly effective with naru/ minato) many players ONLY use that one move all through the match! ive actually taken to not playing as these characters now simply because they make me feel cheap.

-You can sub out of regular combos much much easier than in the last game... rendering them motly useless online. this annoys me as its clear alot of effort has been put into designing the movesets. they look so very good!

-Grapples are waaay too risk free to pull off, and theyre lightning quick for most characters aswell. so expect to be grappled ALOT online.

-Supports reacharge faster. this destroys any tactical aspects to them. as it doesnt really matter if you use one... as itll be back in 5 seconds! ive known players online to exclusivly win matches using only supports. it doesnt feel like a support anymore... more of a constant aid to those with no skill.

-Awakening modes are completely useless for some characters. most of the roster just get stat buffs. no new moves and no appearence change. itachis awakening mode is absolutley unfair online. he can take down one health bar in a couple of seconds with ease. and thats mostly why people play as him.

-Alot of characters I wouldve liked to see included werent. characters from some of the filler episodes wouldve been great for this game!! it wouldve been nice to see some old favorites return aswell! child characters, haku and zabuza aswell as the sound 4 from the origional series couldve and shouldve at least been downloadable later. but no. grr.


I'd say this game is well worth a purchase if youve exhausted the origonal ninja storm. but if im honest this game has on the whole taken steps backwards. Buy the the first ninja storm if you want a great naruto game, its just far more polished and balenced. buy this later if you want something fresh to fill the void between naruto purchases. this new game is not a waste of money by any means. its graphicly stunning and all characters are faithfull to the series. it tells the shippuden story very well and in places better than the anime. the gameplay is tight and fast as hell and remains addictive despite its new found flaws.

I leave the decision to you!

Thanks for reading!
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on 20 October 2010
There is no other way of describing this game other than as simply incredible. I've been a fan of the Ultimate Ninja series for years and loved the first PS3 Storm game to bits but still had a couple of issues with it, namely the lack of online play and how heavily abridged the Naruto storyline was in it. Both these things are addressed in spectacular style with this sequel, and while there has been some scaling back in certain areas, the overall end product is much stronger than it's predecessor taken as a whole and that is a promise.

Putting you once again in the shoes of loudmouth, boiler-suited ninja in training Naruto Uzumaki(And at times other characters), Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 picks up more than two years after the events of Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 and adapts an enormous chunk of the Shippuden storyline as Naruto returns to Konoha village after travelling with master ninja Jiraiya and immediately finds himself faced with two daunting missions in the form of both finally finding his traitorous best friend Sasuke at last and finally going to war with the mysterious Akatsuki organisation, who finally begin their hunt of the "Jinchuriki", those who serve as hosts to the super powerful tailed beasts, and as Naruto himself is host to the Nine Tailed Fox, he's a primary target.

The story presented here is exceptionally strong, presented in multitudes of JRPG style 'exploration' in-game engine cutscenes together with the more detailed and dynamic combat engine charged cutscenes you'll remember from the first game(Complete with Quick Time Events back again), it leaves very little out as the story goes right through the initial Kazekage rescue arc right through to the "Pain" arc that has only just finished in the anime in Japan very recently. This is as current as a Naruto game has ever been, and far more fleshed out than any other Naruto game before it. Though you may lament a couple of omissions from the story, with one major character(Danzo) excised from the story completely, if understandably.

Gameplay outside of battle here is very different from the free roaming Konoha hub world the last game had as events are now presented in a JRPG-esque manner with fixed camera angles and heavy use of prerendered backdrops to give the game a heavy Final Fantasy X look that actually works incredibly well, with a lot of exploration and loot gathering on offer across a large world map that offers a huge amount of side stories and quests in addition to the main story. It may not look as nice as the last game's non combat gameplay, but it offers much much more game as a trade off.

The combat meanwhile is far more frenetic than before, with ultra fast, insanely OTT battles that can move at a blistering pace. There are a lot more characters with a lot more to each of them and a lot more arenas to fight in. The trade off to this though, is that the visuals aren't quite as detailed and sharp as the last game on the whole, with the texture work being noticeably a bit more 'bland' on some characters. However the animation is as fluid and beautiful as before, so it isn't all bad. Characters' "ultimate jutsu" attacks are drastically shortened now, not being the visual in battle cutscenes they were before, which works to not break the flow of combat as much. It plays beautifully, with smooth, responsive controls and large combat arenas that have sadly lost the interactivity of the last game, but you probably won't notice this in all honesty.

Online play is basic in terms of options on offer, but it works, and works well with no noticeable lag I could see and a decent amount of reward/incentive to keep playing, but be warned that some characters seem to be getting heavily abused by online spammers who don't know the meaning of 'playing for fun'.

Graphics, as said, are ultra sharp, super smooth, and incredibly animated and while the texture work in places is a tad off, this is still an incredible looking game.

Soundwise, the soundtrack work is strong as ever, and the Japanese voice acting is exceptional across the board however, the english dubbing is pretty dire on a lot of characters, with some really flat delivery during some emotional scenes. I didn't look at a lot of the game in english, but what I saw was more than enough.

Basically, this is as robust and fleshed out an anime based game as you are ever likely to see, with a lot to see and do(It took me just over 30 hours to do all the story missions and side quests in the main mode), and if you had any love for the first game, the purchase of this game should be a no brainer for you. It's fantastically fun and offers as fast and fun an online experience that I haven't seen an anime game offer before.

It's excellent, but if you aren't a fan, than your mileage may vary.
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on 15 November 2010
The sequel to the best selling naruto game on PS3 (Let alone the only), Naruto ultimate ninja storm:2 Takes us back to the ninja action! With intense one-to-one battles and with a roster of over 30 characters, this game is the ultimate in Naruto games.

The story- 3/5
The story takes us through the Naruto: Shippuden storyline which involves Naruto returning to the Hidden Leaf Village (Konoha) After around 2 and a half years after he left. He has gotten stronger, older and much taller! The plot begins from here, but i don't want to spoil too much! Personally, i'm not really that interested with the Shippuden storyline, rather than the original Naruto storyline, which was genius. But nevertheless, the thrilling story and epic battles make it that much more better!

The gameplay- 5/5
The game is a 3D fighting game, which you run around the different stages fighting your opponent. You can utilise many of the different, well known jutsu's to your advantage so that you can win the battle! I personally really enjoyed the battle system in this Naruto, since it was like the first Naruto: ultimate ninja storm. Substitutions can be used over and over though which can make it frustrating for when someone has a turbo pad and hold down the block button!

Graphics- 4/5
I'm not personally bothered with the graphics of a game, but this is some of the best. Sure, it may not be as sophisticated and high-tech graphics as Final fantasy XIII, but for an anime game, the developers really worked hard. The graphics make you feel as though you're in the anime itself, and give it a sense of realism. I personally thought the graphics were amazing.

And as a conclusion, the overall score: 12/15. One of the best anime fighting games i've ever played. I reccomend it to anyone who likes the Naruto franchise. With the amazing gameplay, graphics and music, who wouldn't want to go around using magical powers on people!?

Thanks for reading :)
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on 17 October 2010
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is the sequel of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 exclusively for the PS3. The first game was amazing but it lacked online play and had only a rooster of 25 characters. This game however changed that, online was added and the character rooster is almost doubled. The story mode is based on the big hit manga and anime series it takes place from manga volume 28-48 and from Naruto Shippuden episode 1 to about 170. The story in the game is a basic outline of the manga and anime. I found the story more entertaining in the new game than in the first, as I enjoyed the Shippuden story more than the first one. The story will take you about 15-20 hours to complete, but it does not end where with many other missons you can do afterwards. You also need to unlock 3 more characters after the game by earning lots of points.

The combat hasn't changed all that much from the first they have put in a few more combat moves what you can do with your team supporters. The combat is simple and easy to pick up however there are not many combos in the game compared to a game such as Street Fighter where that game uses a lot of combos. This has its ups aswell as it means the new comers to a fighting game can play this well. Also there is the substation jutsu move which is like a dodge but better you have to be skilled and time it well to use this, as you have to press the LT/L2 or RT/R2 buttons intime with the attack to dodge it and end up behind your opponent to attack. This makes the game much more fun and fast paced and takes skill to do it.

The online in this game has two options Player Match or Rank Match. Player Match is just for fun where you can battle your friends or someone random and there is no points or ranks awarded at the end. With Ranked Match you only can play with a random person and you can choose who are you can create your own session you can also do this with player match, but Rank Match you get points and the more points you have the higher your ranking in the leaderboard, also you are given a title as you get more points e.g. Genin.

This game is worth a buy even if you are not a naruto fan, this is fun to play by yourself or with friends. It will keep you occupied for at least 30 hours or even more and is worth the £40. It would make a brillant christmas present, and it plays just aswell on the Xbox 360 than it does on the PS3. This in my books is the game of the year.
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on 26 April 2011
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is mainly a fighting game with basic RPG elements added to it to try and make the player understand and enjoy the story more, however this is where it fails. The story mode of Naruto is not as great as I'd hoped it to be. I wasn't expecting it to be exactly as good as the anime or manga but the voice acting being off and most of the important details being left out did not help you to be drawn in to the fights which means this game was made strictly for fans of the anime who would enjoy recaps before going into a fight which is where the game shines! There are two different types of fights in Naruto: normal team battles and main story boss battles. The normal team battles are exactly the same as they are when playing versus mode against the CPU and only act to make the game longer and to unlock characters whilst the main boss battles are the fights to look forward to. These are each unique starting from a normal head to head battle and slowing going through button-mashing cutscene sequences and incredible changes to the boss where the fight might be in the air, against a huge gaurded boss with only few openings, etc and were the highlight of the story.
Online gameplay varied in Naruto. Most often you'd get great connection between players and there would be few instances where there would be lag. Players online can range from those are fun and varied to play with to the most annoying button mashers.
Overall, the game a very good, if not complete, job of bringing the anime to the fans in this form. the presentation is quite good and the fighting deserves a 10/10!
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on 30 October 2010
To start with I'd say this game lived up to many expectations. Firstly the story arcs were epic, with amazing fights and cut scenes that stuck closely(although not 100%)to the anime and manga. Fights have many improved areas and the team support system has had an epic revamp. The U jutsu's are sadly not as epic as we'd all hoped and don't give the same ability to turn the tide of the fight in one foul move,which i guess is both good and bad. However again, with the new support system we can now create a 3-piece combo type ultimate which is super sweet and makes for a very cut scene-like effect. The character gauge is very satisfying with 44 characters and one not even from the naruto series(lars from tekken) who's actually very good. I believe the creators definately missed a trick by only giving naruto and sasuke a second move, and leaving the other character high n dry. e,g Gaara, known for his sand burial/coffing/sand defence/giant sand tsunami/sand shower/sand spear/shield/his shukaku form/sand prison(should have been more epic). All characters should have the ability to pick moves,both ninjutsu and U jutsu. Then there's awakening which was massively improved but got rid of U jutsu which was a real show stopper. Seems were one thing gets improved in one way, the original epic thing about it gets removed. Anywho, this game is truly one for the Naruto fan and although has a few shortcomings, the fact I can mention them so easily means there really arent many,so get it. Have a blast!!
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on 15 January 2011
I have known the Naruto franchise for ages and I know practically everything about it. I am a very big fan of Naruto. I have played a lot of the Naruto games and most of them didnt disappoint.
But this is something else.

The Story Mode is probably the most draining, excruciatingly boring and draging Story Mode ive ever played. It defines the word slow. It basically consist of running around doing absolutely nothing, but you need to do it in order to unlock the characters. The Boss battles are good but not amazing. Gameplay wise, id give story mode a very well deserved 0 out of 10.

The Free Battle mode is the main reason I bought this game. It is fun but I tell know you, it is NO WHERE NEAR as epic, fast-paced and rewarding as in Ultimate Ninja Storm 1. I find it quite slow, you dont get as much freedom as in the first one, it doesnt feel as fluid. The camera needs to pan out more. Although it doesnt campare to the first one, Free Battle Mode is still very enjoyable and still quite rewarding at the end. Id give Free Battle Mode an 8 out of 10.

Characters: The other main reason I bought this game was to expirience the characters and their jutsu. The characters didnt disappoint, but their jutsus did. Most character jutsus are fine but Itachi has but a TINY fireball, the one he had in the first game really made me love the game, his ultimate jutsu in this one is simply Susano'o smashing the Totsuka Longsword down. Thats beyond boring. Hidan's jutsu is swinging his Triple Bladed Scythe around. WOW. Epically, stupid. You can hardly ever land Tsuande's Tsuuten Kyaku, Konan's jutsu is basically Temari's. Pain uses Shinra Tensei, or Almighty Push, but you'll never hit anyone with it, the range is tiny, I was looking forward to rendering my opponents jutsu useless and ragdolling him with Shinra Tensei, but its just a small sphere. Thats coming from the guy who destroyed the Leaf with that same jutsu. Temari, I love her combos. Her Jutsu is Summoning Blade Dance. But it doesnt even summon Kamatari, and Blade Dance is FAR for powerful than how it is in the game. The Ultimate jutsus where a massive disappointment, they are not nearly as epic as in the first game. Just ahve a look at them and compare the one in this game to the one before it. You'll see what I mean. Ill give the characters an 8 out of ten. Their Jutsu, 5 out of ten. The Ultimate Jutsus, 3 out of 10.

Voice Acting:7/10(english dub is totally out of sync)
Fun Factor(minus story mode : 8/10

Over all, im a huge naruto fan, I expected more from this game. Disappointing.
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on 17 August 2013
This is the next instalment in the ultimate ninja storm series taking off from the start of the shippuden story and finishing on the Naruto saving the hidden leaf village. The single player ride was simply AMAZING. with the awesome mix of graphics, Boss battles, cinematic s, simple to grip game play, and an improve free roam mode which allows users to shop, explore (with item hunting aspects) and a nice variety of side missions to play. This is not a cheap short fan based game. This is a game which has been made very well for an "ultimate" experience to enjoy the first part of the story. There is a free roam mode added as well to enjoy to freely fight with your favourite characters from the show as the roster is pretty impressive and should cover most fans needs. The only downside to the single player is there are a lot of moments of reading speech rather than hearing it which was hard to get used too.

The down side of this game is definitely in the multi-player. The on-line mode at most points was un-playable as the servers seemed to not be strong enough to support the highly graphical fights. therefore causing lag and disconnections. Apart from that the local multi-player works fine and is fun to either have free battles or to set up knock out tournament modes.
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on 19 January 2013
This game is soo addictive. I've finally unlocked all the characters which is very rewarding as the final character is badass without being over powered. The balance between button bashing and timing your blocks makes this game stand out from most fighter games. It's fresh and everything I wanted in a fighter.

The campaign however is not so exciting. There is soo much potential in this game that I just let's itself down. The visuals are amazing but I feel they held back. They could of made the maps bigger and one continuous map instead of cutting from one section to another. This makes the game very linear as you just follow a set path.

Collecting items is very reptitve making the game very boring at times and the cheesy dialogue makes you cringe at times. But the biggest letdown of this game is the constant fights that are too easy against AI.

However, the multiplayer and online really is the winner here as I can't let it down and the game has a weird charm that makes me not want to put the controller down. Definite buy for and any fighter fans and definit buy for naruto fans. You will feel right at home with the closely tied story line as the manga.
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on 2 September 2013
The main reason I bought this game from an online retailer was because I didn't realise this game even existed.
I had played the first one when it originally came out and loved it (I was a big fan of the anime and manga at the time)
It was only when I saw 'Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3' in GameStop, did I realise the games had continued.
I did play number 2 after 3, so when moving down to a earlier game, many of its flaws stood out to me. I thinm this more highlights the strengths of the 3rd rather than shame the second.
However, this game excels as a sequel to the already brilliant first game in a solid franchise. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of the Naruto universe, story driven beatem-ups with freeroam capabilities.
I would say if you aren't a fan of back tracking, collecting and boarderline pointless side missions, then this game wouldn't appeal to you.
Overall it is a fantastic game that isn't too long or tedious (especially since it leaves out the filler arcs), but it wouldn't be your cup of tea if you are not a fan of the series.
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