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Great for beginners like me! Found it easy to read and supported me with the basics to get me started. A great reference guide to go back to as well.

Speedy delivery and good value....
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on 15 January 2012
If you're looking to start out on Android, it might be worth considering an online crash-course or refresher course in Java before using this book.

Book itself is fine and does what it claims.

One word of warning. Setting up the Development Environment "By the book" can be troublesome (eg Directory layouts), but Google is your friend.
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on 29 July 2015
Good, but considerably out of date now.
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on 18 February 2015
Lots of good reading a touch of humor to make the subject easier!
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on 26 December 2014
Great item, thanks.
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on 4 March 2015
Fantastic condition thank you
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on 10 April 2011
I bought this book on the back of Sam's Java in 24hrs being so good. Now that is a book which teaches you step by step and leads you through everything.

This book does not.

First off - you must know some Java, especially object oriented concepts, before you tackle Android. Secondly, this book assumes far too much. I'm struggling with it tbh and I already code in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Oracle/SQL/mySQL.

The problem with it is it tells you to do something without telling you HOW it's supposed to be done. For example, Hour 7: Working with Animation. I quote - "All you need to do is retrieve an instance of your TextView control in the onCreate() method of the QuizSplashActivity class..."

Oh really?

That's all is it? Well the downloadable code is very different from what I would have done and NOWHERE does it say you need to create a new class. Why is this? Because I got this book to LEARN, not to improve. Sam's 24hr Java book has all the code you need in the book and it explains the code line by line. This book would have been great if it were like that but as it is it's a real headache. That example is by no means isolated and I've started from scratch already to try and consolidate what I've learned. It assumes far too much.
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on 20 January 2013
Android Application Development in 24 Hours is only an introduction and a poor one at that. It does go into detail on how to set up the development environment, but most developers will have that done anyway before thinking about buying a dev book.

Please note, there is very little code in this book, and there is no effort to tie things together, eg the authors mention's the 'sensor' abilities, i.e. camera, compass, proximity, accelerometer etc, but does not use a full Activity example ? Sensor's are a major part of Mobil programming, they should get a chapter of their own.

The location/map section is shocking, not even an example of how to create and add overlays to a map, touch events etc just how to show a map ? Not a mention of KML which is the fundamental code behind the maps?

I have used 'Fragments' in a recent App, and they are great for modularising code and keeping things tidy, but there is half a page on the topic 'Fragments' ?

Why not create an App with code that has the following :

A Main Activity
A sub Activity with Fragments
A tab based frame
And do some examples in each activity ?

Just give the reader an overall picture / skeleton and create a foundation from the beginning of the book.

I don't get it, do what exactly in 24 hours?

This is not for a beginner or anybody really, you will not be able to build much after reading this, shocking from this publisher.
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on 31 August 2010
Finally, I finished reading this book 24 hr is a misnomer, if you are thinking to finish the book in a day (it took me 13 days 2 hr a day cover to cover). One of the nice thing is the book is in Full Colour version these include screenshots, code and references to Eclipse (especially helpful if you are new with eclipse development). The book is easy to read, font and spacing were pleasing.

I should confess this is a beginner's book. You need some basic understanding of java and its concepts. The game the author picked was too basic for me, I wish I would have stated with this book months ago as it covers androids basic concepts and the first 6 chapters builds up the ground work for development on how to use eclipse and introduction to device debugging and logging( Eclipse DDMS, Android LogCat Logging).

A very good early introduction to debugging in chapter 2 right place before you get your hands dirty with coding, which i haven't seen any other books covering in that details. The author also mentions the reason they selected to use a particular android API or functionality at places and provide links for further reading.

There are also examples and exercises and although they are simple and primitive they give you the idea how to implement or use specific functionality and the solution for exercises are missing (it would have been helpful if there was a downloadable version on the website).Tips at some places are very useful and practical, some places it was an eye opener for an advance developer like me.

You will find this book useful and I'm sure it can be used as manual (not for expert android developer).
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on 1 August 2011
I've always been quite pleased with the SAMS series of programming books. This one however is a little disappointing. While it covers everything I was looking to learn about Android development the examples have huge chunks of code missing. It's not simply a case of asking you to try and work it out as an exercise but the the source code makes references to functions that are never mentioned in the book. You can find these functions if you download the source code but it often looks nothing like what they've shown you in the book. When it does provide the functions in the book it doesn't always explain what they are actually doing.

Could have been a lot better with a just little more careful thought.
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