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on 28 January 2016
The same delicious, smart and well-crafted nonsense beautifully served up and oozing production values. The wonderful Hugh Laurie does not put a foot wrong as per.

If you enjoyed the previous five seasons you'll love this too.

Warning: personally I wish I hadn't seen the very last 5 minutes of the last episode which has a plot development so ghastly that it sticks immovably in the mind and requires you to suspend your disbelief way beyond its breaking point.

No. No. No.

(The plot twist/development is on a level with, say, finding out that the late Queen Mother was really a man.)

Don't say you weren't warned.
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on 21 August 2011
The Season:
After the epic finale of Season 5, where House finally hits rock bottom and commits himself, I really wasn't sure where Season 6 could go. The fifth year had a promising start, a reasonably enjoyable middle and a jaw dropping ending. However, the middle always makes me think of an otherwise uneventful Season 3. I rarely return to that Season.
Although I enjoyed Season 6 up to a point on the TV I actually ended up putting off buying this season for an entire year on Blu-Ray simply because, side from the finale, it didn't live up to Season 4 (still my favourite).
However, I recently purchased this Blu-Ray and have been additively (pun intended) chomping through each episode on a nightly basis.

My conclusion is that House is not really a TV series. It is impossible to get the full force of the stories and sub-plots when you have to wait an entire week for the next chapter. On DVD/Blu-Ray you can get your fill and sink into the world and relish the detailed sub-plots.

Season 6 has some amazing moments; notably the feature-length season opener 'Broken' in which House is a patient himself for several months. 'Epic Fail' is an impressive difficult-second-album (how would YOU follow 'Broken'?) and 'The Tyrant' shows that this season will pull no punches and gives Chase his most powerful story line to date.
The season finale 'Help Me' is brilliant and the build up to this episode in terms of character's back stories is brilliantly handled. Every character has their moment to shine and after Season 5, we are reminded just why these characters are in the first place.

My personal forgotten episodes that are worthy of mention (but ignored the first time round) are:
'Teamwork' in which Chase faces his worst-case scenario, 'Remorse' where the team come face-to-face with an actual psychopath, 'Wilson' and '5 to 9' both cover a day-in-the-life (almost) of Wilson and Cuddy respectively which have more appeal when viewed back-to-back with medical mystery episodes. 'Private Lives' which holds some of the season's more amusing moments including a speed dating sequence. Finally, Hugh Laurie's directorial début, 'Lockdown' is by far the season's finest hour (bar the opening and closing episodes).

All in all this season is the best we have seen for a while and it would be difficult to find fault with any episode.

The Blu-Rays:

I have never seen House look so good. The detail is crisp, sharp and the contrast is spot on. For anyone looking for hours and HOURS of near perfect quality to show off your new full HD TV, then you cannot go wrong with this. 'Broken' (which is like a movie anyway) look spectacular, but scenes from 'Moving The Chains' and 'Black Hole' were very impressive on my TV.

It was the audio that prompted me to write this review in the first place. If you have a Blu-Ray player but are not sure whether or not to spend the extra on the BD version of this season - think again! The 5.1 mix on the previous DVDs has always been OK, but the DTS 5.1 mix on this Blu-Ray is awesome! Music segments fill the room, background noise really is background noise. I cannot tell you how crisp and clear you can hear monitor beeps and corridor noise behind you! It is a great use of the 5.1 mix I have ever known for a TV series.

I realise that I am probably not saying anything new about this box set than previous review, or as coherently, but I wanted to add my feelings on viewing the Blu-Ray edition as it really does the show and this season justice.
I highly recommend it on both a technical level and for being such an incredibly great season.

I certainly am not going to wait a year to purchase Season 7!
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on 18 July 2017
I am enjoying the series but I don't believe the vendor (I bought this secondhand) had ever looked at the DVDs - I don't know what the previous owner had spilt over them but fortunately a lens cloth and lens cleaner sorted out the problem. The set was VERY cheap so it seems a bit mean to complain but it does not seem right to rate some as "GOOD" condition when even looking at the DVD without playing it, you can see there will be problems. This has happened on other seconhand boxed sets of series of House that I have bought recently. In only 2 episodes did the lens cloth and cleaner fail to solve the problem.
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VINE VOICEon 25 May 2012
House the man is brilliant, flawed and compelling. House the series is brilliant, flawed and compelling too, an abstract ramble through the lexicon of diagnostic medicine at the hands of a misanthropic genius and his team of assorted token medics (one black, one Aussie, one short and Jewish, one with Huntingdon's chorea etc.), all of whom are there largely to be abused and humiliated while doing all the graft while House plays games, literal and metaphorical. Between them they rattle through medical jargon at a rate of knots that would be unfathomable to 99% of its audience, yet the fascination level never wanes. That is some feat!

Yet, there is a conscience behind the unemployable heart of House. To begin with, he sections himself to do cold turkey and finally come off Vicodin, thus proving that the bizarre and offensive behaviour is all House the person and not drug-related, and in the conclusion to the series in which the life of a patient in an accident is in the balance and House's true feelings for Cuddy come under scrutiny. Yet another splendid series, going from strength to strength and proving once again that there is simply no substitute for quality of scripts, plots and tip-top acting. Unputdownable!
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on 22 July 2016
Addictive viewing I really enjoyed this box set and would highly recommend anyone to start from series one and watch through to the end.
I am still sad that it has come to an end but it was a very good, very long run.
Hugh laurie is awesome as the main character with all his qwirks and facets it is very engaging and the dry humour and ego-centric behaviour is great.
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on 8 February 2014
I have recently found out that this was the most successful TV show of all time. Even without that knowledge, I could not recommend the TV series House more if I tried! It funny, moving, engrossing, enagaging and MOSTLY (not quite 100% but close) medically accurate and correct. I found it especially funny when I found out that Stephen Fry's (previously probably most famous for his appearances in the VERY English Blackadder) fake American accent was so convincing, most Americans thought he WAS American! I have watched the entire TV series from start to finish 4 times, and I enjoy it every time! And even my parents love it! A must buy!
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on 27 July 2015
I had been watching this on dvd from season 1 and enjoying every second , I ordered season six in June and started watching it recently, only to discover disc 4 is missing!!!! Too late now to return it, I never inspected each individual disc as it arrived in excellent packaging so I didn't suspect anything to be wrong, lesson learned!!!! Thanks amazon I will never know how season six pans out now!!!! The stars I have given are for the story so far
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on 20 December 2010
This 6th series of House starts in a rehab centre that gives a refreshing change of surroundings and people for house to feast over,in all it becomes yet another series of great story lines that make it the great entertainment tv show for the last few years.
It has all the elements i look for like clever scrips with flaws in character and love interests,personel that come and go to feed House and give him scope and expose the phoney he becomes at times.
In season 7 will House allow himself to fall in love ? cant wait !

George B Irving.
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on 23 October 2014
just got to the end of this series 6 House and OMG! I laughed out loud, screamed OMG a million times, cried and melted on the last episode. this season is fabulous! i bought mine on amazon 2nd hand. i had no scratched and the box was in a decent contition. well worth the buy for any HOUSE fan out there. xx kath xx
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on 7 April 2013
I have given this product a 5 star rating because 'House' continues to be a good watch and I have yet to bore with it. The cast are great and so are the story lines. I am looking forward to watching the next two seasons as well. The box set is nicely presented, no problems with it. So, overall a great box set. I would highly recommend it. Thank you.
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