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on 31 May 2017
Two drawbacks, though:

(1) Like all modern USB drives, MP3 players, etc., this is not the stated size. Even allowing for the fact that the makers have, again, forgotten that you divide by 1024 (and not 1000) to convert from Bytes-kB-MB-GB-TB-etc., it's actually even less than you'd expect. It's stated to be an 8GB drive but it's actually 7.21GB. That's works out to a whopping 818.7MB shortfall! So long as you're aware of this and know 7.21GB will be enough for you then it's still good value for money (just a bit more misleading than usual!).

(2) The device comes with a stack of software pre-installed -- the annoyingly-named "urDrive" suite comprising music player, web browser, etc. This might be interesting for some, but as most of us will be running these devices plugged into machines with their own players, browsers, etc. and want to claw back some of the space we've been short changed on in the first place, I expect most people will remove it straight away. (By the way, don't bother running the uninstall executable -- just delete it all and have done!)

This review sounds negative but that's not really the intention. If you want a 7.21GB USB stick for under a fiver and don't mind spending a little time deleting some next-to-pointless software before using it for the first time, then this is worth it!

Sleek, practical and attractively designed, the affordable DataTraveler 101 G2 serves the needs of the budget-conscious user as well as those looking for significant storage capacity in a lightweight, compact drive. It features a capless, swivel design for added functionality and ease of use and is available in five fun colours by capacity. Ideal for anyone on the go, the new DT 101 G2 with urDrive is like having a customisable, portable desktop — anywhere.
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on 17 December 2014
The Kingston Technology DataTraveler USB has a very practical and attractive design. The cap is attached on a swivel, making it impossible to lose. This USB pen drive is also incredibly small, and fits perfectly into my pocket, clutch and even my purse, so I can easily take this USB pen drive with me anywhere. This USB drive also feels very strong and sturdy, as my pen drive has been able to withstand a good few knocks and drops. The only issue I could find with the design of this pen drive is that attachment hole is incredibly small and I found it very difficult to attach it to my keys. I purchased this USB pen drive in Red (8GB), however there are four other colours you can choose from:
Black (16GB only)
Purple (32GB only)
Green (64GB only)
White (128GB only)

The Kingston Technology DataTraveler USB works reasonably well for my particular needs. However it is quite slow at transferring data and the features included are very limited. For example it took me 15 minutes to save a 2.5GB file from my desktop to the USB stick. Obviously though I paid just over £4.00 for this USB stick, so I wasn't expecting much. As soon as you plug this USB drive into the computer, you are met with urDrive on your screen. UrDrive is a preloaded software which allows you to easily access and organize your files, photos, videos and music. This USB pen drive is very easy to use, just simply drag and drop your desired files to and from the pen drive, simple as that.

Overall I am very happy with the Kingston Technology DataTraveler USB pen drive.
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on 29 November 2016
After just over 1 years light use (used once a month for back up) this USB device failed. With luck I still had my files saved on my laptop, but lost a few jpg photo's. I kept getting a message that it needed to be Formatted, but was unable to do so. Looked on the internet for a way to repair it and after trying 3 methods, all of which failed, decided it was a dead Flash Drive.
This is the first time I've had this type of Kingston USB Flash Drive, so not sure if it was a poor design or I was just unlucky.
I got rid of it by putting it in the microwave oven with a cup of water and after removing the metal cover of this device for 1 minute on high. Then crushing with a hammer, Its was great fun doing this.
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on 7 January 2014
I bought this drive to use for work purposes and didn't want to pay over the odds for something I will use every day.

Kingston are known for their reliability and I can confirm there has been no issues with it. I don't like the swivel cap on it, but this is a personal preference albeit a visual one.

If you want this drive for capacity, this will probably not be big enough for you. As I use it to shepherd a few important documents about it is ideal, however if you are using this for videos or suchlike I recommend a much larger drive.

As technology moves at an alarming place, today's top of the range becomes tomorrows budget purchase. Although when I bought this, the speed was amongst the best it is now seen as slow. Therefore my top tip is that if speed is your thing (especially if you wish to transfer large files) invest in USB3.0 - yes you will pay an extra couples of £s for it but it will be worth it not to see the message '30 minutes remaining' to copy your files!

Therefore if you need this just to be mobile with small files - buy this item. If you want capacity and speed - get at least 16GB (I recommend 32GB due to falling prices) and ensure you buy USB3.0, otherwise you will rue the day!
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on 4 October 2011
I adore this flash drive. I'll tell you the positives. First, it's incredibly small, smaller than what you would think judging by the picture. It's not as small as the Sandisk Cruzer Blade, but to be honest with you, that's too small (I would be worried about losing it often). This Kingston drive however feels very good in the hand and the metal rotating protector works effectively. Also there is a little hole at the top which you can use for string or something so you can hang it round your neck if you want to. Upon first using the drive you'll have 7.4gb (if you bought the 8gb version). That's plenty of space for all your files. The build quality feels sturdy and it's very dinky indeed. What about transfer speeds? I would say that it's well above average in this price range. Considering I only paid just over £5, this truly is the best value 8gb flash drive on the market. Not only is it cheap and is a simple, everyday flash drive, but everything it does do it does flawlessly.

Get this and you will not be disappointed!
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on 27 November 2012
Cheap little drive at 4 quid. I bought it for bootable install ISOs of operating systems.

Very slow writes at 4mb/sec. No indicator of activity. If you don't care about these things, then it may be the drive for you. Just keep in mind that 8gb at 4mb/sec will take around 35mins to copy. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it feels a lot longer when you're watching the progress bar impatiently.

You get what you pay for.
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on 11 June 2018
Still going several years later, only needed to reformat once. Appears from use to be a very good quality produce. As usual, don't ever rely on a pen drive as your only source of backup, but this is about as long-lasting as they ever are.
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on 29 February 2012
Bought this as an alternative to a USB I lost.

- Delivery was prompt and it was well packaged
- The stick looks good
- It is encased in hard plastic so it is well built
- Transfer rate is fast

- The hole to insert it onto a key-chain is very small
- The stick itself is very small so could easily be lost (however some people may prefer the small size)

It is a good quality, well built USB that looks nice and transfers fast. However small size means its easily lost if not well looked after. Price is great too, especially for an 8GB USB at £3 at time of writing
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on 5 July 2012
This is not a performance USB Flash Disk (UFD), rather a low/moderate speed general purpose UFD, and this is well reflected in its low price. I ran a quick DiskMark comparison with my HP 16GB V165 and the speed is less than half in each case of read and write benchmark.

The one-piece capless swivel mechanical design is attractive for protecting the USB port as well as making it easy to carry around (without losing the cap!), thanks to the attachment provided for keychain or something similar.

If speed is not an issue, this is a good value USB 2.0 UFD for portable data storage.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 December 2013
What more can you really say. I've got four of these and had no problems with any of them. I use them like a portable hard drive to store photos files and any other stuff I normally have on my PC. It's great for backing up stuff in case the main PC crashes or goes dead.
It's large enough to store a decent amount of data without leaving the bulk of it empty [if you're putting differing topics on individual drives].
Highly recommended.
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