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on 23 April 2017
I bought this to add wireless functionality to an old pc I am repurposing. It was quite easy to set up and seems to work very well.
I found the supplied mini cd which contains the drivers a bit useless so i downloaded the drivers from their website and got it onto the pc via a USB stick. I had a few driver installation issues until i copied the install files onto the pc from the usb stick before installing. After this it worked smoothly without issue.
Very easy and cheap way to get access to wireless internet via a device that can't currently can't do so. Highly recommended.
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on 26 April 2017
A nice little wireless dongle. If your PC or laptop does not have a working wireless card, this will give you a good basic connection to the router.

As an engineer, I find some people have a PC upstairs and (where there has been a problem with the internet) the router is downstairs. installing one of these will make your PC wireless.

the dongle itself is very small and only sticks out of the USB port by a few mm, which is handy if you need to put it in a laptop that will be moved around. Not too many years ago these were about 3-4 inches long and were a considerable pain.

Although it is possible to replace a wireless card in a laptop - this is a cheap and quick alternative that requires no real techy know how. Simply insert the CD that is supplied in the computer, install the software then plug the dongle into the USB port.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 July 2017
Bought this to add wifi to a old Raspberry Pi 2 I had lying about the house and it worked flawlessly with no problems at all so thought I would try it out on a Pi 3 and it was equally as good and just out of interest sake tried it on my Windows 7 based desktop machine and again it was plug and play without the need for drivers or any nonsense and I was able to use Windows network controller interface to control and use the adapter.

Speeds were good and I could see no difference between wired and wireless using this adapter for normal browsing. Granted I didn't bother doing a load of speed tests as ultimately it serves one purpose for me and that's providing wireless for the old Rasperberry Pi 2 that I use for a long running home automation job hidden up in my roof space.

My house was built in the 1950s out of solid concrete and my walls are at least half a foot thick as are my ceilings and floors.... it could survive a nuclear blast but as a result it can sometimes be like living inside a Faraday cage (meaning wifi and phone signals can get blocked) but this little device has done a superb job at getting through two floors of solid concrete and through a handful of walls to go from the roof space down to behind the sofa were the router is hidden which is pretty impressive given it's tiny size.

Excellent adapter would happily buy again if need be.
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on 20 April 2017
I will keep this review live: Day 1: bought this to replace a failing Digitazz dongle in my greenhouse based Raspberry Pi model B. The Digitazz used to report a max signal quality of around 50% with continual drop-outs and problems. So far, the Edimax is reporting 97% signal quality! This is greater than the built-in wifi on my Raspberry Pi Zero W, which gets around 60%. I will report back in a week or two to tell you if the drop-outs happen with this dongle too.

Update - May 28th 2017: Far more reliable than dongle it replaced. Had a few drop outs, but happens far less frequently than before. Flashing blue light on dongle is very handy too.
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on 22 March 2017
Popped the tiny usb into the laptop and installed the drivers that are included on the mini-d and within 30 seconds I was all fixed up and online.
I bought this because I took a new PC that had win 10 and downgraded to win 7 pro. The only way to get online is with this usb unit.
So glad it worked and can stay plugged in as it barely sticks out.
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on 5 October 2016
While it might be the same colour as my old MacBook Pro, that's about as "Made for Mac" as this thing is.

I was hoping that the lauded Mac compatibility might mean that it'd just work out of the box, like so many other devices. But no, this one came with an installation disc that was unfortunately necessary this time around. Then came a clunky non-standard installation process, followed by the inevitable reboot.

Upon reboot, still No WiFi Hardware Detected (as my MacBook Pro's internal card has failed... the whole purpose of this purchase) but a hideously ugly proprietary icon appears on my Menu Bar. Clicking, it's the Edimax Wireless icon, offering the sole "Open Wireless Utility", which seems to do nothing. This thing isn't appearing as a standard network interface; it's not using standard drivers; UI design or anything else Apple approved.

This is just a case of bumping up the price by spray painting it silver and slapping an Apple on the front. Refund requested.

Oh, and although this was sold by Amazon as new, the packaging was dirty, scuffed, bent; and the installation disc inside was marked and dirty. No way was this new stock. If the thing worked properly I wouldn't mind, but an unsatisfactory transaction overall.
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on 15 October 2017
An old Dell laptop was unable to connect to my new wireless hub so thought this would be the easiest to get it onto the net. This USB adapter is small, and efficient. Note the CD *did not* have Win XP drivers so dont waste time trying to install from there - go to the Edimax website and get them from there. A minor inconvenience for sure as the CD claimed it had XP drivers on it (it has them for Win 7, 8, and 10). Installing on XP was as simple as downloading a zip, expanding to a USB stick (both on another PC), then running setup from the USB stick on my Dell. Plus of course disabling the built in adapter.
A good £6 worth of internet connectivity!
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on 20 November 2016
Amazing little device. I didn't expect much from it based on its size but for the cost, nothing to lose.

Most of the 1 star reviews are based on routers being unable to provide 2 channels (20/40mhz). Of course most end users don't know this and think its a misadvertisement. I have successfully been connected at 150mbps and the device happily stays connected at 90 - 120mbps most of the time. I am one floor above the router and can happily receive at least 90mbps from anywhere in the house.

I have now had this thing for about 6 years and recommend it as a cheap wireless device for work systems where a connection, albeit slow over range, is required. No users of this device at work have complained (there are 6) and I recently upgraded this thing to a Proster wireless AC device. That thing fell apart, I had 2 of them as the first one broke in a week! The second failed shortly after. So back to this super old but reliable little piece of marvelous cheap technology.
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on 23 May 2016
I have been waiting for this Edimax to issue a driver for El Captain for a while now. They emailed to say they had and sent a link so I ordered the device. BUT the link did NOT show a driver for 10.11. I contacted support who gave me another link to a Beta version. Downloaded to use on a Macbook Air (old one) running 10.11.4. Did not work - the software loaded but the device did not connect. Tried support who were sort of helpful but did not actually solve the problem. Today, I downloaded the Mac software update (to 10.11.5) and hey presto it works.

It is WAY more powerful than the wifi card in my laptop - I was getting something like 25mbps and kept losing the signal even when in the same room as the router. With this device I get 93mbps ( I have Virgin broadband up to 200mbps), which is obviously vastly better.

So overall, I am pleased. It is bigger than I thought but very light. And the main thing it is sorted my problem - after a bit of fiddling.
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on 20 August 2017
Reconsider this device if intended for use anywhere but right next to the router. While easy to install, this device barely functions on my machine that is only a room away from my router, I'm writing this review on my phone just cms away from the device where I'm receiving a perfect connection... it does connect occasionally but not in any usable way, the rest of the time it either cuts off or offers limited connectivity (which may as well be none) I believed that this would be sufficient for where my machine is placed, but now realise I'll need something with a bit more power.
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