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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 17 June 2010
As a hardcore Drake fan owning ALL of his mixtapes, I can safely say this is a sub-par album with only a few decent tracks. I can't help but feel disappointed and deflated over the over-hyped first studio album. Its true Drake did not want to go too commercial, that promise he has kept. He also said that he made this album for his fans; this is so far from the truth.

If anyone had Toronto III, what happened to the track Made? In my opinion, this is one of his better tracks! He obviously has the ability to produce an album full of amazing songs; why he hasn't done that on his first album is beyond me. I would of liked to have seen a fast, lyrically outstanding track like "Stay Late" (Ransom) on here as the whole album seems depressing. I must admit, my favourite song on the whole album is "Thank me Now" and "Light Up". It is the only song which I actually enjoy listening to; this is probably due to the lack of singing!! Also, Jay-Z kills it; he will always be my favourite!

Moreover on the overall tone of the album, it seems that Drake portrays a rather dark time in his career rather than his original aim of inferring its a successful time. As it was his first album, I suppose he was under some restraints as to what he was able to rap about; contrary to his mixtapes which I feel is the real Drake. "Fear", "Winner", "Killer", "Say Something", "Made", "Baby Come With Me"(although this was only a 1 minute snippet!)...these are the songs, I assume, Drake fans want to hear! What happened with "Put it Down feat Bun B"?? I feel this had the potential to be one of Drakes biggest tracks and I honestly believed the full version would have been included within Thank me Later.

As to whether I would recommend this album to someone else...I regret to say no. If, like me, you have been a fan of Drake for the last couple of years, Stick to his mixtapes as I feel listening to Thank me Later will significantly affect your opinion of his music; I listen to his mixtapes still whilst his CD is amongst my collection.

Thank me Later? Definitely! I will save my thanks until you bring out another mixtape which puts this album in the shadows. Come on Drake, we know you can do better than this!!
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on 4 June 2010
Drake has been easily the most hyped artist for the last 2 years and with anticipation building for this album after his So Far Gone mixtape, Dreezy has finally stepped up to the plate. How did it pan out?

The first track is lyrically brilliant compared to the rest of the album. Finely crafted lyrics laced over soft drums and soothing piano keys from none other than Alicia Keys. Unfortunately, he has not put as much effort into the rest of the album as he seemed to on this joint. Impressive track.

The production sees its highs and lows on this album. The latter in the form of monotonic RnB beats.

Kanye West & Boi-1da impress with 4 very impressive beats (Over, Show Me A Good Time, Miss Me & Find Your Love).

Criticisms come on 3 tracks sounding very similar to one another, with varying producers (Karaoke, The Resistance, Cesc's Interlude). One of these would have been fine. Instead we are left with 3 monotonic tracks, which just sound like extensions of each other. His singing ability is overshadowed by Reverb applied to his voice.

The remaining 6 tracks are fairly standard in terms of production and lyrics......a typical Young Money album. Young Jeezy does not help the album.

Jay-z and Nicki Minaj bring a diverse feel and flow to the album which is much needed for Drake, whos flow remains unchanged throughout.

Overall, I score the album 7/10. Good Effort from Dreezy. But it does not meet the hype, so don't get your hopes up.

Look for more of my album reviews
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on 14 June 2010
A good album, but weaker than expected. I've been listening to it for a good while now trying to find the talent that we know this man has and to be honest, aside from 4 tracks i couldn't find it.
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on 15 June 2010
Having heard most of Drake mix tapes and collaboration over the last few years this Album is a big let down the 1st track second and Jay z are by far the best, way to much singing on the album all in all this album was a big disappointment to me and feel Drake cheated his fans by living of last years hype and putting out a cd expecting his fans to just buy it based on his tracks in the previous years!! 6/10 for me.

Please no newbie start jumping out at me saying this is a classic cd cos its way way far from it. Drake must improve his delivery of tracks or the only way is down from here.

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on 27 June 2010
If you buy this album expecting a good Rap Album, then you'll be disappointed. But if you get it expecting an R&B album then you'll definitely enjoy it.
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on 26 June 2010
Thank me later by drake is without a doubt the best album of the year, every single song is just magnificent,The best songs on the album are The resistance, Over, Show me a good time, Up all night, Shut it down,Light up, Miss me(Best song on album), Find your love and Best i ever had. Its a real shame that 9AM in Dallas was not on the album and also the version of Up all night speeded up was far better then the album version were it is far slower, those are the only faults about it apart from that it is THE best album that i own and will be up for many emmys and other awards, what makes Drake so good is because he just makes everything fit perfectly into his song and he can sing and rap. Miss me Feat Lil Wayne is undoubtbly the best song, it just has some of the best lyrics ive ever heard, it als just has this amazig beat, very quick and the lyrics that go with it make it unreal. Being Serious this is a essential album t have on your shelve and on your Ipod.
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on 7 December 2010
Firstly, this album is definetly Drake's best collection so far, and all of the songs are definetly worth listening to by anyone who enjoys good music.

The first song is fireworks, which is slow and soulful with the help of Alicia Keys.
Karaoke is again slow and shows Drakes peaceful side. The resistance is one of the best songs on the album. It tells a story in a perfect fashion.

Over is the first single on the album. It shows a completely different side to Drake and is a great song. Show me a good time is not the best but keeps you listening. Up all night is the worst song on the album. Nicki Minaj features and ruines it, but Drake's perfect flow makes it bearable.

Now the album gets good. Fancy is upbeat and T.Is rap is awesome. Shut it down is a bit like karaoke and again shows Drake's softer side. Unforgettable is the best song on the album. It features Young Jeezy and him and Drake make a classic song.

Next is Drake and Jay-z on light up, another example of a perfect partnership in rap. Drake is with Lil Wayne on the next song , miss me, which is the second best song and leagues above other rap songs.

Cece's interlude acts as a break from all the excellent rap, and does it perfectly. Find your love is the other single on the album, and is purely r and b. It only got to 24 in the charts and i think this is a travesty.

Thank me now is pure hip-hop, and just about doen't bore you. The last song on the album is best i ever had, which aldo featured on So far Gone, and is a perfect example of why Drake is the best rapper around.

Overall, this album is outstanding, and Drake is definetly my favourite artist at the moment, and i belive he has a bright future with several more excellent albums and mixtapes to come.
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on 18 December 2010
This album was hyped to extreme proportions, and while it doesn't disappoint, some people may not be expecting the kind of music on Drake's 'Thank Me Later'.

The lead single, 'Over' does not at all reflect the kind of music on this album. Very few of the tracks are upbeat, save for the melodious 'Find Your Love' and the trumpet fused 'Miss Me'. Instead, Drake shows his introvert and reflective side rather than rapping dominantly about typical rap issues such as women and money. The songs are well produced and give the whole album a moody and chilled feel, especially from the Jay-Z featured 'Light Up'. This is definitely not a typical rap album in the slightest. This album is all about thinking about life, luck and the future. It rewards itself with repeat listens, and has to be one of the most consistent-sounding albums I've ever heard.

If you want to listen to something that isn't your typical rap and are sick of listening to illogical and dumb lyrics played on radio these days, give this a listen. It's a refreshing change and one of the best albums of this year.
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on 7 November 2011
Amazing album! Drake puts both music and words together different to what others are doing at the moment. Songs you may like to download are ''I get lonely too'' & ''Fall for your type'' which aren't available off this album, but are fantastic tracks.
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on 8 July 2010
This album has lived up to all the hype, i dont understand how everyone is slating it. One of the best albums i've bought in a long while and there are only a few poor songs. Standout tracks are Over, Show Me A Good Time, Up All Night, Miss Me, Light Up, Find Your Love. This is a quality and consistent album, yes its different from his acclaimed mixtapes, but this is still Drake and all fans of him should back off and enjoy his music. Don't slate this album as its pure quality from Drake. 9/10
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