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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 2 September 2010
I've been using these speakers daily for about a month, and I'm pretty impressed with them. I have spotify on my phone (android) and I mostly use the speakers to listen to spotify without booting up the computer etc.

The sound quality is really good over bluetooth, and also I have connected my TV to the speakers via the line in socket, because they sound way better than the TV's built in speakers (5 year old sony Bravia).

When you connect a TV it doesn't disconnect bluetooth, you can actually play music over bluetooth and sound from the TV at the same time, so to switch you just mute or turn off one of them. There is no volume control for the line in port on the speakers, I use volume control on the TV remote for that. There is volume control on the speakers for bluetooth sources though, but I just set that to max permanently and then adjust volume on my phone.

I've taken the speakers outside for a barbecue a few times and they worked really well outdoors on batteries too.

The only negative thing I can think of is the speakers are bigger than I thought - less portable than my Creative travelsound speakers which these replace. But the sound quality is a lot better because of this (and there is some bass). Overall they have been a great investment.
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on 14 March 2011
I strongly recommend you know what you want before buying.

I wanted a portable (ie rechargeable or at least, battery powered like the D100) dock for my iPhone 3GS. I also like bass and good clarity with reasonable volume, so after reading many reviews I went for this one by Creative (I will add that I have bought Creative stuff before and always been impressed, so that was an influence).

Within half an hour of plugging it in, I was re-wrapping it and preparing to return (which went through without a fuss, excellent service Amazon). Reason: bass was too weak and volume too low - for MY tastes. The other side to this is that the D100 cost £49 and for that money it's very good; I simply recognised that I got what I paid for, that I needed to up-budget, and have since bought the Logitech s715i (also from Amazon) for £99, and it blows me away - a fantastic piece of kit. My pros and cons of the D100:

* handy, portable
* good sound for what it is, ideal for things like picnics or as an enhancement to laptop speakers
* bluetooth set up was a doddle and painless
* some funky colours, though I went for boring black
* reasonably solid build, Creative make quality kit

* bass isn't up to my reggae and soul favourites (if you crank up the bass, this isn't the one for you)
* volume is okay for a small-medium room but no more, I was at "10" a lot
* contrary to other reviewers, I found the shape irritating - it kept slipping out of my grip

Overall: for £49, an excellent buy but note caveats above
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on 23 December 2010
The Creative D100 Bluetooth speakers provide good volume and sound quality for their size. Even the bass is sufficient unless you like your music to boom. The wireless bluetooth connection works well and was easy to set up on Windows 7. I can use these speakers in the bathroom when my netbook is in the lounge, which are separated by a 2 foot thick granite wall and a breeze block wall! I can also just about use them in the bedroom separated by 2 wood-panelled walls about 8 metres away.

The unit uses 4 AA batteries which I think is much better than the built in rechargeable batteries that come with some wireless speakers. Rechargeable batteries only have a life span of about 3 years and proprietary, built-in batteries often cannot be replaced or are very costly. Standard AAs are the way to go.

However, there are a few problems which prevent me giving a positive review. Firstly, the volume control is quite poor, being controlled by 2 small fiddly buttons on the front that you have to press quite firmly (although you can control the volume from the media player if you wish). As a result you have to hold the speakers at the same time to prevent them sliding backwards. A simple slider or knob would have been better.

Also, the on-off switch and aux-in are on the back so if you have the speakers up against a wall on a shelf you have to lift them away to access these. These would be better placed on the side or front of the unit. A carry handle would be a nice addition too.

Unfortunately the bluetooth connection cuts out if I try and turn the volume up high (to about 85% or more) on my computer when the speakers are running on batteries. When using the supplied AC power supply this does not happen. I have not tried it via the aux-in port yet to see if the problem occurs with that as well (it may just be that power output is limited when driven off batteries).

After running on batteries for a while the speakers periodically (every minute or so) sound 3 beeps. There is nothing in the documentation describing this beeping but it seems to be related to the amount of charge left in the rechargeable NiMH batteries I use. After approx. 6-7 hours of use after installing freshly charged batteries the annoying beeping starts up, even though the batteries have enough charge left to deliver perfectly adequate volume. If I plug the unit in to the mains or top the batteries back up the beeping stops.

The documentation provided is poor - only a quick start guide is provided and it is very hard to find any tech support/trouble shooting help on Creative's web site.

Overall, while the sound quality is good for portable speakers I expected a better all-round product for the price.

Good sound quality
Compact, light and portable
Uses AA batteries rather than non-replaceable built-in batteries

Controls are fiddly
Positioning of on-off switch and aux-in port could be better
Can only use to about 85% of max. volume when running on batteries
Sensitive to level of charge left in batteries
Poor documentation
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on 26 August 2010
Creative make nice sounding speakers and this is no exception.
It has a better bluetooth signal than my old AE 29 bluetooth speaker , i can actually have the speaker in the kitchen and leave my laptop in the lounge and it still retains its signal where as my last one did not.
Battery life is incredible! They say its 25 hours and there not far off.
Sound Quality is good,a very well rounded sound with enough bass to keep me happy.
Would recommend this speaker no problem.
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on 28 May 2011
I looked around a lot before purchasing these speakers in May2011 and have found it absolutely what I needed. Here are the good points:

-I use it via bluetooth with an Iphone 4 and a MacBook early 2010 model and it works perfectly.
-Good quality sound, way better than built-in iPhone 4 speakers (which are not too bad in itself). I listen a lot to internet streamed talk radio on my iPhone and the Creative speaker makes for a smooth listening experience.
- You can choose whether you listen from the speaker or from your device by adjusting from your device, e.g. iPhone, without disconnecting bluetooth. They do not interfere with each other. Brilliant!
- You can adjust volume from your device and/or from speaker.
- The speaker can be used from the mains or from 4 AA batteries. When I am using rechargeable batteries, they are lasting a very long time. Please note, when plugged into the mains, it does not charge the batteries.
- Easy to pair up bluetooth devices.
- Also works with anything via the speaker's AUX IN input. (Have not tried this yet, as I don't have the jack link).
- The advantage over 'docking' speakers is that e.g. a smartphone can be used with this speaker remotely (bluetooth) with the smartphone in your hand that you would not be able to do if it were docked in position on the speaker. i.e. answer the phone without having to go the dock.
- Feels like a quality product, light but no way flimsy. Does not move about once on a surface due to 4 rubber pads.
- It even comes with interchangeable plug ends for the mains, UK 3 pin and Euro 2 pin, how thoughtful.
- The blue colour I have looks really good, not too flash nor too serious like black. (That's very subjective of course).
- Excellent price for what it does. There may be better sounding speakers but they are also 5 times or more the price. These ones you can take anywhere with you, as they can run on batteries.

Cannot recommend more highly.
P.S. I have no link to Creative, I just love this product and want to help others looking for a similar product like I was.
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on 22 September 2011
I use this D100 to connect to my laptop and phone in the kitchen. Great device - clean n clear sound and acceptable base. I've also taken it camping on battery power - during which lasts several hours.

I also bought a D200 and cannot begin to justify the extra cost over D100.
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on 21 July 2012
I now own this product for 2 days. The sound is good. Pairing the bluetooth connection was surprisingly easy. We have used an Ipad, an older phone, a nokia N8, a half broken laptop running on Ubuntu. Streaming worked just fine. That is, while it was running on batteries only.

Working on batteries it deserves all the praise I have seen in the other reviews here.

But when I only used the flimsy power adapter, the bleutooth connection always failed after a few minutes. That it did again and again after about 4 minutes in use, for all the devices mentioned above. So the cause must be the power adapter. In my opinion the power adapter is too cheap. It comes with 2 handy travel connectors though, UK and Europlug. You click either one on the socket.

Update: I returned it and got a replacement product. The new power adapter works just fine. It should remind you however that this and most products like this are of a cheap and light construction.
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on 16 June 2012
I saw a wireless bluetooth speaker at my friends house several months ago, and his was the Bose unit. Looks and sounds great but at £250 it should. I liked the idea but could not justify the Bose price and found this Creative one as an alternative.

I was a little hesitant at first and this was due to the price. My thinking was that it couldn't be very good as it was so reasonably priced - how wrong I was! The speakers are superb, a little bulky maybe, but the volume is more than adequate and sound quality is great.

I run mine off 4 rechargeable AA batteries and it seems to last quite a long time without recharges, easily over 12 hours. You can tell when the batteries need recharging as the unit makes an intermittent, but regular beeping noise. It is easy and quick to pair up, and when paired the green power LED changes to blue.

It feels quite solidly built, and has a separate audio input on the rear of the unit for those MP3 players that do not have bluetooth.
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on 11 January 2011
I ordered this for my Vaio laptop since the onboard speakers are very poor. The item arrived ahead of the estimate, and I had it up and running in a few minutes. So far, I have used it for radio and TV shows off the Iplayer and ITV equivalent, and, for such a small speaker, it has a full rounded sound and not the least bit tinny. The only citicism that I would level at the device would be that it would be nice if it came with rechargeable batteries so that it could more easily be transported around the house. I would have been prepared to pay a bit extra for that. Recommended.
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on 9 March 2011
If you're after a decent little set of speakers for the music on your iphone, ipad or laptop, that you can connect to without leaving your chair, then this is perfect. Great sound for the pricetag; easy to set up - if I can do it, so can you, and it worked first time - always a bonus!
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