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on 20 June 2011
I bought this unaware that it was Chris Carter's second book - containing the same central characters. I was worried I'd miss something having not read the first one, but it works very well as a stand-alone book. It had plenty of twists and turns, and the story was fast-paced. It reminded me of how James Patterson used to write before he sold out. I just received The Crucifix Killer in the mail and I look forward to starting it. A very promising new author.
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on 11 February 2015
A truly basic crime novel, I was thoroughly disappointed. I didn't love the first in this series either but thought I'd give it another shot. Maybe I shouldn't have. Carter seems to be able to come up with decent enough stories, but there are so many things around the plots that just don't work. For on the dialogue is atrocious. Utterly unconvincing and stilted on almost every page. IN this one, the captain of the LAPD seemed to be a dimwitted woman who knows nothing about detective work, so how did she become the captain? The lead detective, Hunter, is a stereotypical macho cutout, with zero personality other than that he drinks whiskey and does whatever he likes (and is also a genius with no explanation beyond 'he reads a lot') and the plot progresses with no pace either. In addition, the chapters seem to be about a paragraph long, and I can only presume this was written for people with no braincells or attention spans. Give it a miss. You'll get more action and character in ten minutes of an episode of CSI.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 1 September 2011
Chris Carter writes well, and this is an impressive second novel. It is well plotted, develops logically and the tension builds up nicely towards the climax. I have not read the first novel, which also stars Robert Hunter, but I can confirm that this book can be read on a stand alone basis.

Early in the story I did not expect it to be this good. Serial killer novels are almost a genre in their own right these days and it seems that there is a new offering almost each week of varying quality. Authors seem to take it on themselves to try to win the 'most improbable and ludicrous way of offing a victim' competition. Unfortunately the author here puts a strong entry in with the first murder and as a result I found a lot of trouble in taking the tale at all seriously for quite a while until it really picked up momentum.

The story concerns number of murders, which the culprit goes out of his way to show are connected. When the first victim is found, decapitated and with a dog's head replacing his own the thought is it may be a ritualistic killing. However, when more bodies appear, Robert Hunter is soon looking at their backgrounds and considering whether these are in some way randomly chosen victims or if there is any connection. The investigation of these crimes is well put together and becomes quite absorbing, with plenty of drama towards the climax. The end is logical and ties up the loose ends.

Ultimately I thoroughly enjoyed this story in a way that I did not expect during the first part of the book. I imagine Hunter will have further outings and I look forward to reading his future cases.
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on 6 May 2016
I found this book pretty confusing. It bounced around a bit between suspects, as if that were meant to add some mystery to what was a simple, if unlikely tale.

I found none of the characters interesting enough to "connect" with. I did plug away with this novel, to the end. But I shall not be reading any more from Chris Carter, even though I have one more novel on my kindle.
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on 21 July 2010
This is the second book by Chris Carter. His debut 'Crucifix Killer' was riveting and set a very high standard. Lots of twists and turns kept you guessing to the end. I was looking forward to his second book but wasn't sure it would/could be as good. Well I was wrong. I loved it, loved it loved it!!!! This book is every bit as good and kept me turning the pages - I read it in two days and felt almost bereft when I finished it. I will need to leave it a few days before I look at another book, because I will almost certainly compare it to this one.

You don't have to have read the previous book to follow the characters - it is a good stand alone book. However, if you don't read the previous one - you has missed a gem.
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on 19 June 2015
The second outing for detectives Robert Hunter, Carlos Garcia and introducing Captain Barbara Blake. Another very good read but in my opinion not the best in the series. Certainly not my favourite.

Another bizarre serial killer is on the loose in LA and Hunter and Garcia once again have a race against the clock to bring him to justice. This killer has obviously done his research, finds out what terrifies his would be victims, and plots their demise accordingly. Also this time the inclusion of a psychic brings the tale to an unexpected conclusion.

As it’s an early Chris Carter book, the tension and flow of the story is broken by the juvenile speak at the very end of almost every chapter….e.g.. ‘Holy sh*t’…’You’ve got to be sh*tting me’…’No way’…and all this silly twaddle that is obviously designed to keep the reader turning pages , but is completely unnecessary as the story is strong enough to carry itself along. Thankfully, Carter does not do this so much in later books.

But, despite these misgivings, overall a good read. So four stars but only just.
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on 15 June 2016
Thoroughly enjoyable thriller, and I have to say, although his first Robert Hunter novel was good, this was much better.

There's a killer on the loose praying on people's fears and killing them in the most brutal way. Hunter has to stop him and finds an unlikely ally in young Mollie with her visions. Don't worry, this does not turn supernatural, I did think it was heading that way but thankfully it didn't.

I really like how Carter writes short chapters, it breaks down the story and allows you to digest information whilst having you begging for more. Carter has now got a faithful follower in me and I'll definitely be reading more of his novels!!
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on 7 April 2016
I loved The Crucifix Killer so I wanted to read more of the Robert Hunter series but was a wee bit worried that they wouldn't be as good. I shouldn't have been concerned as this is another cracker of a book. The joy of a series is that it doesn't take you long to get the characters back in your minds eye. That said I'm comfortable that The Executioner could be read as a standalone but why would you?! I'm not sure what the literary equivalent of watching through your fingers is but that's what I was doing here. I will definitely be reading more of the series.
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on 4 June 2012
Obviously a lot of people enjoyed this book but for me despite an interesting central concept it was too poorly written to be enjoyble. My overwhelming advice would be to read the first twenty or so pages before you buy. That should be enough to work out whether the writing style works for you or not (I kept going until more than half way through because I had nothing else to do...)

For me specific complaints were:
- Macho but dull characters who were hard to distinguish (especially in conversation)
- Endless stereotypes and cliches. Felt like a creativity cop out.
- A near perfect hero who seemed more of an "I want to be this cool" avatar for the author than an attempt to create an interesting protagonist.
- Chapters as short as two pages ending on often painfully naff cliff hangers (I appreciate a laugh, but giggling when characters made pointless melodramatic statements mid conversation just so there could be a chapter break, and then carried on as if nothing had happened, did harm the dramatic tension for me).
- Pretty graphic scenes of violence and gore but without any strong suspense.

It gets 2*s because the central concept was interesting, the fast pacing worked reasonably well to push me to read more, and I wanted to know what happened next with the murderer (though not enough to actually force myself to finish it).
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on 12 May 2016
Another fantastic, gripping, page turner here! I loved this book, and didn't see the twists, or who the killer was. Just brilliant.
Flowed well with no confusion in sight and loved the "psychic" character, along with the side story involving her and her father. I hope she's involved in the other books as a character as well?

Fantastically written!
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