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  • Flaws
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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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BBC - the young Crouch Enders that is - have been on the radar for a couple of years with their previous works showing a great deal of promise. That promise is realised with "Flaws", although in a rather unexpected way! Flaws has echoes of sixties folk artists like Dyon Parker, Jackson C Frank and early Paul Simon but remains as contemporary as the likes of Damian Rice and Fleet Foxes and yet still manages to sound quite original! They also include a John Martyn song - Fairytale Lullaby - as a tribute to one of our late great talents.

I enjoyed "I Had the Blues......." But I have played "Flaws" much more! I know a lot of fans won't agree that "Flaws" is better, but it is just different - in fact it is VERY different. Maybe BBC will loose some fans - but may gain some new ones along the way. So if you didn't like the early work please give "Flaws" a listen - Amazon have audio samples for all tracks and the single "Ivy & Gold" is particularly infectious!

BBC have a MacColl on board to give some folk continuity, and a very talented front man in Jack Steadman. Where the band will go with the "difficult third album" we will just have to wait and see!
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on 17 July 2010
I like Bombay Bicycle Club, but when I read an interview that admitted they were releasing an acoustic album at least partly to show that they weren't just "another indie filler", I thought it was probably going to be bad. When bands release albums for the sake of proving people wrong, or changing their sound or for sustaining the success they managed with their last albums it's not unlikely for them to just be bad, or at least not as good, because I think they stop concentrating on releasing some decent music and focus everything on one of those other goals. So I didn't anxiously anticipate the album, but I noticed it had been released this week and gave it a listen.

The album begins with a driving rhythm and an immediately catchy melody. Another reviewer didn't like Rinse Me Down's machine gun drum rolls, but I do - it's a little different and you don't expect them. Rhythm's an important part of music, since a bad rhythm can seriously bring a song down; for the most part Flaws is driving and gladly bouncy and smooth at times. Thanks in part to the percussion it's an acoustic album that avoids utter misery.

That said, Jack Steadman's voice could be said to suit a miserable feel as it does on Jewel, which isn't a personal favourite, since I'm not sure the lyrics hold my interest throughout its quiet despair, but on the whole, the album's lyrics keep away from being cliché, but their subjects aren't new and the lyrics don't give them a particularly fresh feel. And when it comes to feel the album can seem a little much like a dirge at times, but a song like Ivy & Gold, which I think is slightly self-mocking, helps make up for that.

A nice thing about Flaws is that it plays like an album, rather than a compilation. The songs follow a calm, sailing on by kind of theme, which makes it good bedroom music, quiet background dinner party music or driving along the countryside in a car music. The clean production helps support that as do the precise sounding performances by the each member. However, I will mention that I was disappointed with the final track, Swansea, the "oh well, there you go" closer that could've either been worked on a little more or replaced with a proper final track.

Acoustic albums are things that a lot of bands like to have a go at, and there's a chance that all they'll do is show off how much the band depends on distortion and some shouting, but Bombay Bicycle Club have managed to avoid that by putting some well written songs into a perfectly listenable album. There are better albums of the kind out there, sure, but this is a good one, and if you're already into this band then I have no problem recommending a listen of Flaws.
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on 5 February 2012
There is an eerie beauty to the lead singers voice, and this album is perfect for his voice. the first album was a bit more 'rock-y', but this one has been brought down several notches. a great chillout album, and three of the songs (swansea, flaws and ivy & gold) are in my guitar back catalogue. such fun songs to play. the best thing about this album though is that every song is great on it. there is not one that i dislike, or will skip when listening to the album which I've only ever been able to say about 4 albums - sigh no more, californication, no more idols, eyes open and every kingom (a bit of an eclectic mix of music there...) but yes, this album is truly fantastic, if you like bbc or if you like this kind of music, buy the album. very very good stuff.
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on 13 December 2010
This is an absolute joy. As other reviewers have noted there isn't a bad track. The album is full of delightfully quirky tunes, all accoustic and all beautifully formed.

I liked their first album. This is totally different, but all the better for being so.

At this price everyone should have a copy!
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on 15 July 2010
I have followed BBC for two years and Flaws represents the band's desire to experiment with their sound and direction. It is not evolutionary, as it does not constitute a mutation of earlier sounds, nor do I expect it to be a foretaste of future sounds. The music on Flaws strips back songs to almost bare essentials. This is charming, but not innovative. Competent musicianship, fair lyrical content and two interesting covers make for a good, but not great album.

I understand that when Flaws was first muted, it was viewed by the band as an interim filler, before a more complete second contribution. It appears circumstances have dictated that this album is their second main contribution. The best songs on the album involve all the band members (Ivy & Gold is very good), the weakest I find to be those where Jack Steadman is largely in charge (Jewel is poor). Good songwriter he is, some of the lyrics are lightweight and call out for strength from the rest of the band.

I am looking forward to the next album, which will be the real test for these boys. They are sure to ditch the experimentation and move on with richer sounds. I might be surprised, they could release a Dubstep album!
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on 5 June 2016
such a good cd and excellent quality
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on 22 June 2016
Bought as present, they like it
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on 11 February 2015
Great product - many thanks.
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on 30 March 2016
Great album. Lovely vinyl
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on 1 November 2010
I can put this album on and chill and fall asleep without having to strain my ears to hear one song and flinch when another comes on when i'm half asleep and this is what makes this album so amazing. You can, quite literally, press play and lose any care in the world. I could go into the ins and outs of the detail but i don't fell i need to, the simplicity and good vibes that you get from the first play is incredible. Every note and key hit is delicate and soothing. For profound effects an album has given me this is on par with Burials Unture, The Antlers Hospice and The xx's debut, it even made me write a review and i'm a lazy person.

Simply put, this album will soothe your ears and put a smile on your face.

P.S. Youtube Flaws and close your eyes, it's beautiful.
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