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on 16 July 2017
The lamp element of this item is superb. It really does gently provide light that wakens me much more softly than a bleeping alarm! It's really of most use to me in the winter- I live in Ireland and the dark winters can be hard to rise to. This more gently wakening has definitely improved my mood.
Some slight caveats. The sounds (birdsong etc) can become slightly repetitive, as the loop seems quite short.
You cannot (to the est of my knowledge) adjust the snooze time.
And the radio element isn't great quality.
But I bought it solely for the lamp element and that's really good.
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VINE VOICEon 6 September 2013
First thing you will notice about the alarm clock is its size, its about the shape and size of a kettle. Pity it doesn't make you a cup of tea in the morning. If you are of limited bedroom space you may find it a bit much fitting it in. As for its advertised function, it didn't work for me. I don't have the darkest room in the morning but I found the lamp too dim to really wake me up. I think you really need a pitch black room in the morning. I set it to bird song, but again this didn't really have the desired effect either. I also found it can't really be used for a bedside lamp, as again its too dim. All this for a hundred pounds eh? Well I'm sure others will like it, but something like this isn't going to be for everyone. On the plus side the setup was simple. Just not for me I'm afraid.
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on 20 July 2015
Nice glow and helps ease into wakefulness. However, light bulb didn't last overly long (<6 months) and could not replace.
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on 3 December 2011
I really want to give this wake-up light five stars, but whilst it works perfectly for the job (the light, and settings are excellent), unfortunately it makes a really annoying buzzing sound that has meant I have to have a separate bedside lamp for general use. Apparently a buzzing sound is usual for any dimmer-style lights, but I find it unbearable. The bird sounds is really pleasant to wake up to, although I do have a separate alarm set for later as it doesn't quite get me out of bed. It's really nice to wake-up to the light at full blast (I don't wake up before the birdsong), and the fact it's touch sensitive to turn off is fantastic. It should be noted, however, that the lamp is boiling hot by the time of wake-up, so it takes some getting used to the heat. Overall, a really great lamp in theory, but with some minor issues that let it down for the price.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 4 November 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We've used a very similar Philips Wake-Up Clock Radio for some time but the downside with that older model of clock is that the bulb is not replaceable (i.e. when the bulb goes the whole unit is dead if it's outside of warranty). So I was really pleased to see that the top of this clock is removable allowing replacement of the bulb inside.

It has three options for wake-up sounds (normal alarm, radio or birdsong) and the brightness that it reaches can also be changed to suit. It's worth experimenting with the different brightnesses because we have found a half brightness is enough to wake us up shortly before the alarm does. I love the fact that I never have to wait to hear the alarm, the light wakes me gently before any noise is needed. The radio is a useful bonus and I like to use it when I'm getting ready in the morning.

I couldn't imagine trying to use just a normal alarm clock to wake now, I used to find it really difficult to get up in the dark, now the light gently rouses me and I feel refreshed rather than grumpy in the morning!

I would highly recommend this clock, it is well priced with a user-replaceable bulb and I would say this is the best way to wake up in the morning! I would also recommend the Lumie Bodyclock STARTER 30 Wake-up Light Alarm Clock for a lower cost option that doesn't have all the features of this unit, but still has the main benefits of being able to wake gently.
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on 31 October 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This light is nicely made and more configurable than another wake-up light I've used. It slowly brightens over 30 minutes in the morning, which is supposed to wake you up feeling more alert than a sudden alarm clock going off in the darkness. I have certainly found it nicer to wake to a light room as winter approaches, but I still don't feel like leaping enthusiastically out of bed! The radio alarm is nice, but the bird song alarm is soporific, which is quite the opposite of what I need in the morning.

One strange feature is that turning the alarm off when it is sounding, or putting it into snooze mode, only affects the sound: the light continues to burn. This is supposedly to allow you to have a light to get up by. However I, like most people, already have other lights in my bedroom which work perfectly well for this purpose. Having to press a separate small, rather fiddly plastic button to turn the lamp off is a little irritating. The one lever should do both, to my mind. As a slight aside, the whole concept of having a snooze function seems to sit rather oddly with the philosophy of a simulated dawn to wake you bright and alert (i.e. not in need of a further snooze!).

Another, potentially serious fault with this product is that the audio alarm (radio or chimes) sounds faintly at the set time, even when it is supposed to be disabled. This will only bother you if, like me, you don't necessarily always want an audible alarm. However it seems a serious oversight by Philips that turning the sound to be "off" does not have the desired effect. It is only very faint, but it's perfectly audible in a quiet bedroom.

The whole lamp is a bit plasticky, and quite bulky. The funky cylindrical shape means that it draws some attention to itself. The styling will be a matter of personal taste.

I found the interface slightly unintuitive initially, but it's fairly easy once you get the hang of it. The snooze lever sticks out rather clumsily, presumably for ease of hitting it when the dawn simulation has failed to wake you feeling dexterous enough to press a button. Given that you have to press a small button to turn the lamp off anyway, it seems a shame that the neat lines have been spoiled by the lever. I suspect it will be prone to damage too.

One feature I really like is that you can adjust the maximum light intensity and the radio volume to be used by the alarm. The radio has surprisingly strong bass and gave a very clear signal. Note that it's not DAB.

In summary, this is a nice lamp, with a few minor niggles. However you might want to borrow one from a friend first before purchasing, to see how effective you find it.
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VINE VOICEon 11 November 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is an alarm clock radio with a light. The light gradually rises in intensity from about 20 minutes before your appointed time for the alarm so that you are woken more gently. Personally I tend to wake up before the alarm while the light is coming up. When the alarm does go off, it makes increasingly loud birdsong noises (with I think a train in the background too!) It is very pleasant.

The light can be switched on and you can vary the intensity. It is easily bright enough to light a room, so in a sense you can replace your bedside light with this too. It does cast a pleasant light and the dimmer effect is a nice touch - it means you can read on a low light without disturbing others in the room

It is certainly an improvement on the incessant bleeping of my old alarm clock and is an easier way to start the day. I am not sure it has been life changing - I didn't like getting up in the mornings before, and I still don't.

The clock itself is quite large for an alarm clock but surprisingly light. This has the unfortunate effect that if you try to press the buttons on the side, you can end up shoving the whole thing around by mistake. In fairness, the button for the alarm itself is a large protruding switch which is easy to use even when you are half asleep.

The radio is perhaps the most disappointing feature. It is not DAB, so will probably be rendered useless in a few years. But the worst part is its very poor functionality. You cannot set presets. To tune it, you have to click through the frequencies manually. As a radio is it a backwards step. Unless you stick to one station permanently you are likely to come to hate it. The sound quality seems fine without being spectacular.

Overall it is a good product. It's a shame about the radio which is fairly poor though.
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on 10 July 2013
I've bought 4 slightly different models of Philips wake up light (a glutton for punishment!) and this is the third one that has stopped working within 6 months or purchase. The light stopped working properly on this model after only 4 months of normal use, making it useless as the light would not stay on or begin the wake-up process (either dimming immediately or switching straight back off). Not a bulb problem, but more to do with very poor switches and circuitry that Philips use in these supposedly top of the range premium priced items.

2 previous models also had faults (with switches, controls and reliability) so my faith in Philips as a reliable company to buy products from has been pretty much shattered. Shame.

There are few alternatives for good wake up lights, so I stuck with Philips for far longer than I should... but I would NEVER buy one of these wake up lights form Philips again. They a quite frankly ludicrously over-priced for what is, after all, a good-looking but completely unreliable and expensive bedside light that could stop working at any time. (This doesn't even start to take in to account the none-replaceable nature of the bulb as they have never worked long enough for the bulb to be a problem!)

Very disappointing.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 11 November 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
All my previous alarm clocks made me want to sleep with a hammer under the pillow, ready to smash the damned things the second they went off - then a couple of years ago I received a Philips wake-up light as a gift and I never looked back. Traditional alarm clocks wake you by rudely interrupting your sleep whereas a wake-up light can feel so natural that often you're not even aware that the light is the reason you woke up.

I've previously noticed that wake-up lights have been more effective for me during the darker winter months rather than brighter Summer mornings, likewise it seems most effective in darker bedrooms that don't catch the sun first thing. I'm sure some people will be more sensitive to the light than others but the clock offers us all a safety-net in the form of a choice of (just) two audio alarms, one birdsong and one marimba-style tone. You can also wake to FM radio but there's no facility to create presets, so if you like to wake to Classic FM before switching to Today you'll have to retune every time. The sound quality of the radio is a bit thin and tinny, no better than an average clock radio, but serves its purpose.

If this was my first Philips Wake-Up Light I'd happily give it 5 stars, it's well made and for me is still the most civilised way to wake I've ever experienced. However, when I compare it to my previous Philips HF3480 Wake-up Light I have to knock off a star in the same way that Philips seem to have knocked off some of the features. This model has a user-replaceable Halogen bulb, which works very well, but makes the whole light quite hot during extended use - my previous model had a low-energy fluorescent-type bulb which barely got warm, although it was not easily replaceable. This unit has 2 alarm-tones but the previous one had 4 to choose from. This unit has no sleep or 'sunset' feature to fade out the light as you fall asleep, yet the earlier model did (although it was awkward to set). The digital clock on this model is recessed within its own window, meaning you can only really see it from the front and it's also noticeably dimmer (on the brightest setting) than the earlier model. The radio sound of the earlier model was better too, with slightly better bass.

To be fair, this light does have much better controls, especially for light brightness and sound volume, than the previous model and it's easier to use. The smaller footprint on the bedside table is appreciated too. However, if any of the 'missing' features appeal to you then I'd suggest seeking out the earlier model while they're still available - but either way it's still the nicest way to wake up I've ever found!
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on 1 April 2013
The set button stopped working after about 2 months. I took it apart to check that the button on the circuit was being pressed - it was, so it must be some sort of bug. The alarm is now unusable since the set button is needed to change the time, etc.

Things "by design" that annoy me are:

* There is no audible alarm that I don't find annoying. The work-around was to set it to FM radio and turn the radio down to 0, and use my phone as the alarm (for when you don't wake up in time).
* The contrast is still quite high for the display even on the lowest setting, so if you're irritated by lights at night then avoid.
* There is no way to set the start and end time for the fade-in, or how long until it shuts off automatically.

Overall, for the money, this should be a much more intuitive product.
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