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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used electric razors all my shaving life. I have tried various brands over the years, but always return to Philips, so I may be biased. This model beats my current Philips (Smarttouch-XL). It's much less bulky, quite elegant sitting in its little stand, easy to lift and with a better grip all round.

It shaves better, too, and is much quicker to do the job. The 3D floating heads seem to make a difference, following the contours of your skin for a definitely closer shave. I had replaced the cutting heads on my old one quite recently, so this difference I notice is not just down to the newness of the SensoTouch. I even used the gel enclosed and tried a 'wet' shave. Quite comfortable, and still impressively close.

My skin is quite sensitive and I know that you can't drag a set of cutting heads around your face for a few minutes each morning without paying the price in some degree of irritation. All I can say is that at least with this shaver, because it does the job quickly, my skin doesn't take the prolonged mauling my older one inflicted and the stinging, redness, etc. is therefore lessened. But it's early days yet.

My one complaint so far, mentioned by another reviewer, is that you can charge it only via the stand. Should really be able to insert the cable directly into the shaver, no matter how nice it all looks held in its stand on the bathroom shelf! Other than that I rate this shaver very highly. It does seem a tad overpriced, mind you.
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on 3 January 2011
this is one of the best electric shavers I have used a great comfy shave every man should buy one
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on 15 September 2015
All o/k.
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on 8 November 2016
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VINE VOICEon 19 July 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It's been a long time since I used an electric shaver, but the time came, and the Philips RQ1280 certainly steps up to the plate. With a full name like (deep breath...) the Philips RQ1280 SensoTouch GyroFlex 3D Rechargeable Rotary Shaver, you kind of know you're working with something way beyond a vibrating, sharpened stick; but I was genuinely impressed by how smooth the actual shave was. Equally, the unit itself, as it sits on the stand, or rests lightly in your hand, is a seriously desirable piece of kit.

Straight out of the box, the Philips RQ1280 took less than an hour to fully charge first time around, and with 60-minutes juice in the rechargeable battery (the equivalent to 20 shaves, apparently) the unit was subsequently free to sit neatly on its stand. It's generally the little things, the clever bits of design, that turn me on to items, and the fact that this shavers stand comes with hidden suction cups on the base, thus ensuring it remains firmly placed on the shelf got me on-side early.

The actual shave itself is quite something. The three shaver heads all move around independently of each other (hence the 3D name), allowing the actual business end of the unit to adapt to every nook and curve of the face; and the end result - whether you're dry or wet shaving - is pretty darn perfect. I had a bad experience with a dull electric-shaver when I was younger, and it put me off, and I've wet-shaved ever since. However, I found both the dry- and wet-shave option on this shaver equally as good as each other. And in terms of precision, there's also a side-burn trimmer head that slots out from one side, allowing for precision work.

In terms of accessories, the shaver comes with a natty travel pouch, a cleaning brush, and the stand also doubles as the charger-housing, meaning the adapter plugs into that, rather than the shaver itself, allowing the unit to remain absolutely safe when you (and here was the clever bit for me) rinse it off under a running tap. Which doesn't sound like much for your money, but the Philips RQ1280 really does have to be seen (and held) to be believed in.

Granted, for the price the Philips RQ1280 should give good shave; but rest assured, not only does it do exactly what it boasts, but thanks to a beautiful and even weighted design job, it's also a device you'll actually want to use again and again. If there's a better unit out there, it'd have to come with an actual traditional barber prepared to steam your face and offer you something saucy for the weekend, afterward - it's that perfect.
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VINE VOICEon 22 July 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
One of two Electric Shavers I have been sent to test via the 'Amazon Vine Programme' - this being the more expensive of the two.

My philosophy on Electric Shavers has always been - 'a Shaver is a Shaver'! My father always said that you never get as good a shave with an Electric Shaver as you do with a wet shave. Whilst this may be true; this gives even a better and closer shave than the less expensive one I had to test (see my Review for Model Philips SensoTouch RQ1180)

I had reservations about this Shaver for several reasons; firstly; the fact that it is 'rechargeable'. I don't like rechargeable products - they never seem powerful enough to me - not even on a full charge. Most Shavers may be rechargeable nowadays, but at least one can usually use them straight from the electric if so desired - but you can't with this, which quite honestly caused me concern at first... It originally put me off a little. However; to my surprise, this is quite powerful - but more importantly; it has LEDs, indicating, not only how it is getting along whilst charging, but informs you how many minutes shaving time you have left in 'digits'! This is really neat!

It's design however, for some reason, is not quite as appealing as the lesser expensive one referred to earlier. (see my Review for that Model) It lacks the attractive red strips running down each side of the unit - but has silver ones instead - which for some bizarre reason make it look 'cheaper' and not more expensive as it really is in fact... This is lightweight and easy to use. It comes complete with built in attachment for side whiskers/moustache at the flick of a switch, plus a very nice quality storage case with the usual accessories.

This also has the facility for a 'wet' shave. In my humble opinion, this is simply a 'gimmick' in order to 'recruit' those of us who still, and have only ever wet-shaved in their lives to finally 'cross-over'. My partner has pointed out; why would anyone desire a 'wet shave' using an Electric Shaver!?? A contradiction in terms surely? Anyhow; this is a very nice product indeed. (and so it should be for the price!)

I personally have never paid more than around £30 or so for a new Electric Shaver, and so I would never have personally paid this much, but for those of you who would; I don't think you will be wanting your money back!

For some reason, it has always taken me around fifteen to twenty minutes to shave - properly that is. I have never wet-shaved, and have owned several Shavers in my lifetime; however; this shaves me far 'closer' and in two minutes flat - no lies!! For the saving on time alone for me - this would be worth every penny!

A thousand Stars from me!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
To be honest I remember the Electric Razors of old and they really weren't all that. They did the basic job but for refinement you couldn't beat a wet shave. All that has changed for me since I got this new razor that works not only dry but with a wet shave which makes it an ideal product. Back that up with being able to add a bit of styling when removing the head and an easy to clean system and its a pretty neat package.

On the downside, the price is a pretty steep hurdle to cross but its still the best razor out on the market at the mo and hopefully will keep its usefullness for a number of years.
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