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on 22 August 2010
There are loads of accessories for the Canon and Nikon cameras, but surprisingly few for the Sony Alpha camera. This remote shutter I believe is a MUST HAVE. In its basic form, it is a shutter release, mount your camera on a tripod, connect the camera with this remote and you have a faultless remote shutter. The reason for purchasing this remote, is the auto release feature. If you wish to try time lapse photography, and do not want to sit for hours/days counting down and pressing the button, this will do it for you, it even half presses the shutter in order for your camera to focus before shooting the picture. intervals from 1 sec to infinite, with breaks in between, so for instance, 10 sec countdown and click, 10 sec and click and so on. But also for instance, 10 sec and click, wait an hour, the 10 sec and click, wait an hour, 10 sec and click e.t.c.

A very useful piece of kit. Easy to use, light and small enough to be carried any where. Time lapse was only available to specialists, now anyone with a DSLR can do this, really easily with this remote shutter. True you still need some software to collate all those pictures, and a decent sized memory card to store all those images, but this remote shutter would be the most important piece of equipment needed. The price is amazing too...
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on 5 May 2012
This product arrived promptly and was rapidly in place on my DSLR proving it could do the job I bought it for.

The timing mechanism is extremely flexible allowing setting of number of exposures, interval between same, actual exposure time (if you don't or can't leave this to the camera); you can even specify an interval before operations begin so, for example, you can set this up before going to bed to capture dawn visitors to your bird table!

The only niggle I have is the absence of an Off switch; the only way deactivate the unit is to take its batteries out. It may be that standby drain on batteries is so low as to be negligible, but I feel uncomfortable with this.

One piece of advice as well, that is not the fault of the timer unit:- when setting an interval between exposures it is necessary, as the instructions advise, to allow enough time for an autofocus lens to do exactly that. You should also make allowances for the amount of time your camera takes to process your image and write it to the memory card. If you are taking long exposures the processing time can be quite significant, so try this manually to check the interval required before setting up the automatic run.
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on 7 September 2012
I recently bought the Sony A77 and was surprised that it did not contain a Time Lapse function, so I bought this. I was first surprised the good quality box, and informative instruction manual that came with it (something I was not expecting at this price point) Next I was surprised at the item itself, its really good quality plastic and looks like it cost many times its price. So for the A77 it was a no-brainer, the controls are simple and can be used as a remote shutter release as well which is a must have for Macro photography.
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on 18 March 2015
I don't particularly like the way that it is not possible to actually switch this device off when in my camera bag... but it is easy to lock the buttons to prevent accidental activation whilst in your bag. If you are worried about battery life, you can always remove the batteries in between uses!

I have used it for performing time-lapse photography, and it works great! Also good for long exposures, although I would advise reading the instructions to understand the method of programming the shutter release/delay between shots, etc.
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on 21 February 2016
Bought for Astro-Photography as a remote shutter release. For this purpose it is great performs as expected.
Got completely blown out of the water with its performance as a timed shutter release with a certain duration of exposures – performed really well (I’d never done this kind of thing before).
It was easy to setup, easy to start stop and what’s better – it enabled me to get some fantastic Aroura photos whilst on a trip to Iceland! Set it up and let it keep snapping the photos whilst I enjoyed watching the Aurora and keeping my hands warm.
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on 7 May 2015
This is an amazing bit of kit for the money. I have used mine for taking time-sequence photographs of the night sky, for which it is ideal. You can set a delay before the first shot (great for letting tripod vibration to subside), shot duration (which I haven't used), time between shots and total number of shots. You can also use the device as a remote shutter release, which is handy for avoiding tripod wobble on long exposure single shots. The only downside is, as others have mentioned, the lack of an off switch.
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on 18 June 2011
It works perfectly with my Sony A55, it is simple to set up and use, I now find myself limited only by my lack of imagination for creative ideas.

The instructions are fairly good for a Chinese item but don't be mislead into thinking you HAVE to set up the camera exactly as they say. You can set the camera to suit yourself and the subject; just allow enough 'exposure' time to allow the cameras to focus and fire on whatever settings you choose. For example, 2 seconds is obviously ample for most purposes.

It looks and feels a little cheap BUT is IS cheap so I am happy to make allowances. As you have got so far as to read this I can see no reason to hesitate. Just buy one.

UPDATE: I am currently using it for a time lapse which has, so far, lasted 9 months. No problems whatsoever. Not bad for such a cheap item!
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on 22 April 2014
I'm delighted with this remote timer. I've used a couple of others (with different connectors), and I suspect that there are several different manufacturers putting their own "skins" on what is essentially the same chip. This is by far the best I've come across - it feels solid, the controls are very positive and the display is clear.

For time-lapse sequences with the Sony A57 it is just the job: note in particular that it allows you an indefinite number of exposures (when setting the "N" value, starting at 1, click the down-arrow and the display shows "--", which means "unlimited").

There's no On-Off switch, which is a good idea - one less thing to go wrong. When the timer isn't running, the device is not using power, but its settings are maintained. A useful reminder of the settings you have just used, and a small timesaver.

To me, it's a vital gadget - couldn't do time-lapse without it. Which is why I ordered another one, just in case! Many thanks to Neewer, who are a 5-star operation.
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on 16 August 2011
I bought this timer remote control for my first attempts in time lapse photography. Actually I have a feeling it will do much more than that - I will surely use it as a simple remote for macro photography and document reproduction (maybe even with the timer function). Programming is simple, the functions are just what you need and the only problem I see is there is no on/off switch, so as long as you have batteries in, the device is always on. I still don't know if this drains the batteries (it's only a display similar to an LCD clock that's on all the time), but my green conscience tells me there should be a switch :-)
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on 15 December 2014
At the price, this is a very useful piece of kit. It would have scored 5 but for the very poorly translated instruction manual. You can manage without the manual because the timer control is intuitive but you do need to know about its limitations. The socket in the Sony Alpha range to which it couples is a tight fit even for brand plugs and the Neewer must be pushed home to make contact. More Sony cameras than specified function with it. I was well pleased that my A77 was just one of them. It worked first time and I got the right results first time.
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