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on 11 March 2017
These earphones have an unbelievable performance for such ridiculous price, couldn't believe I was purchasing a set of Sennheiser for 20 quid

The sound is crisp clear, the bass is pretty good and you can take the volume up to deafening levels without losing an ounce of quality

Now, they aren't designed with the idea that you will be travelling with them or using them to commute, etc.. They are cheap studio earphones, so they feature a very long cable which is quite uncomfortable if you're moving around. I got mine for the office as I needed to stop using in-ear ones, and I don't regret it for a second.

I wear glasses, which makes over-ear headphones hurt sometimes but with these I've worn them for several hours and they're just fine.

So, bottomline, if you use them for what they are meant (indoors use) you will be very satisfied
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on 22 April 2017
Excellent set of closed back Headphones. I find that they work more like an over ear than on-ear, but however you describe them, they are comfortable.
Sound quality excellent, much better than other headphones I have used. I use them on a computer and the tonal range seems great.
The only problem (a non-problem) is that, as described, they exclude room noise, so I cannot hear my wife. This is a good thing! Similarly, my wife does not get any sound leakage from my incessant gameplay.
The cable is quite long, which I find helpful as I have a desktop computer on the floor next to the desk and shorter leads require an extension cable. If you do not need a long cable these headphones are still useful as there is a spindle thing that comes with them that can be used to "lose" the extra cable.
These headphones are highly recommended.
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on 18 August 2017
As usual Sennheiser produce the goods when it comes to sound quality. These little headphones are great, the clarity superb.

Sadly they are let down by a lack of comfort. That single-piece plastic headband just doesn't offer enough adjustment for different sized heads and at the wider end of the scale means the things feel as though they are clamped on, with force. It gets quite painful. These fit 'on-ear' rather than over or around and the pressure becomes just too great for any long period of time (for some of us).
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on 14 June 2015
I bought a set of these for my wife, as I've had a set of Sennheiser HD 212 Pro for a long time. I seem to remember paying in the region of fifty pounds for the 212's in a store - the 202 on Amazon were on offer for £16 so seemed like a bargain for what essentially looks like the same thing but in a sleeker black.

In terms of audio-quality the 212 Pro's have the edge, producing a markedly cleaner sound with more detail in the high-end. But given the cost difference there has to be a slight difference in performance! These 202s sound great, it's just the 212 Pros sound even better.

As with all Sennheisers in this range they seem a little heavy on the bass compared to a reference level - but the bass is clean and deep. Unless you're mastering this only adds to the experience and never swamps it.
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on 24 December 2012
I only recently came across these headphones, I noticed that they get consistantly great reviews, so decided it was time to buy a pair and try them out, for the price it seemed I had not much to loose.

They arrived in the usuall plastic packaging which must be opended carefully to avoid damaging the headphones!.
First impressions/thoughts, nicely packaged, the plastic headband looks to be cheap and flimsy with a glued on headband cushion!, the cable is not as long as I had imagined and looks and feels better quality than I had read about or was expecting. Next I checked out the little silver metal adaptor (3.5mm Socket to 6.35mm Jack Plug)which is of a really nice quality, so happy with that, it could well come in handy too!. Also in the packaging was a neat and well made cable winder that has a slide on type clip which is easily clipped onto say your trouser pocket for example, be careful not to throw it away with the packaging as it is kind of hid inside the packaging a bit!. So next I tried them on and see that of the left and right headphones can be individually adjusted up or down, but that's all regarding adjustability.
The headphone ear pads are of a nice quality and feel and I believe that they can be removed and replacements can be purchaesd if needed.
Now back to the quality of the plastic headband that I first noticed and mentioned, it is of a simple design which of course means less chance of anything breaking and although it at first felt and looked a little thin and flimsy it is actually perefctly adequate, I guess I can't be expecting too much for what I paid for them.
So overall regarding the design and quality my first impressions of these Sennheiser HD202 headphones are all good, they fit me comfotably and the cable winder is really useful and works great should you wish to use it(cbale is 3m long), especially if wearing them outside using them with your phone or mp3 player etc...
Now on to the sound quality, they lived up to expectations and I'm really pleased with the sound quality, compared to my earbud type headphones these are so much nicer, the bass is just perfectly awesome, not overpowering but yes they do have decent bass - which is how I prefer them as I listen to drum and bass music!.
So for the money they are priced just right, the build quality is very satisfactory and they look as if they will stand upto plenty of daily use without falling to bits!, simple design yet robust enough.
I'm very happy with these HD202's, glad I purchased them and I have NO complaints about them at all, especially considering the price.
EDIT: after a weeks use of these I'm still really pleased with these headphones, build qulity is superb and although I have had no other headphones to compare these too I'm really liking the sound from these, also the 3 metre cable is has really handy.
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on 4 April 2015
The cheapest headphones currently produced by 'the' brand when it comes to headphones. Very good value for the price. As some other reviews mentioned, the sound quality is not as top notch as with the 'Momentum' but it is still quite good; just the basses leave something to be desired. I find them comfortable to wear. Just one important detail - no idea why they are listed in the noise cancelling category, but these are *not* noise cancelling headphones (although they provide decent isolation from the environment due to their over ear design, but that's a different thing).
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on 3 April 2017
So I wasn't expecting fireworks due to them being so cheap, however the sound quality I found really impressive. However I can only rate them 4 stars as the left side has given up the ghost after 5 months, they were used pretty much daily but weren't treated poorly so for them to break now is a little disappointing. Saying that I would buy again but wish the cable wasn't so damn long.
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on 24 November 2015
Trebles: 5/5
Mids: 4.5/5
Bass: 4
Very nice and clear trebles, and mids.
Bass is very good and goes deep, with clear but it's not powerful enough. For an electo-lover, house, dubstep, usually bassy music, they might not be enough if you're looking for powerful bass.
They can go loud enough for my taste. -> (I usually listen music on maximum volume). Almost no distortion at all. (really small amount of distortion if you're being really really really REALLY picky, but for 25 pounds....)
The aspect, in my opinion, is just a bit cheap. The foam pads don't look too professional.
If you shake them while having them in your hand, the plastic also makes a cheap sound.
While you wear them, they have a good fix, they aren't falling of my head if I shake it violently. After a while, my ears sweat a bit. Might be different for other persons.
If the bass would've been powerful, those headphones would be worth 5 stars. I think they are perfect for rock music lovers.
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on 26 March 2013
Over the past 4 years I have exclusively used the same brand and same model headphones - the 202's.
In these 4 years I have had 3 pairs and each has suffered the same fate - namely a broken earphone.
Without warning one of the earphones has just given up every time. I am always careful with my use and never take them outdoors. Sadly they aren't accessible to be opened up and fixed by the average user so they are rendered useless.
As great as the sound is with the 202's - a really nice pair of headphones that pick up the bass very well - I have now had enough and don't want to risk it any longer especially as the last pair I bought lasted only 9 months.
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on 14 February 2011
I saw the words closed back and assumed these to be circumaural headphones. Unless you have tiny elfin ears (minus the pointy bits) you'll struggle to fit these around them. The vendor has kindly added "on-ear" to the description as a hint but the significance of this unfortunately escaped my notice. I'm doubly gutted because they sound amazing. I listened to the cellist Zoe Keating's amazing music with them and they pick up the full range of bowed notes, plucks, twangs, slaps and thumps in her live-looped masterpieces. I will definitely buy Sennheiser again but will make absolutely sure I get an ear cupping design. The exploding packaging presumably prevents their return so I'll give them to my small eared wife to enjoy.
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