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This is an incremental improvement on previous (very good) Panasonic phones. Some of the new features since our last phone -- colour screen, updated glossy black looks -- are neither here nor there. But the audio quality has been substantially upgraded, the hands-free calling is quite astonishing, and the answering machine is at least as good as voice messaging provided by phone companies. All in all a very worthwhile acquisition if your old phone(s) no longer do the job, for whatever reason. However, possibly not sufficiently better to warrant a simple swap-out replacement, unless you are very, very demanding on audio quality.

This is our fifth cordless phone set. Our others were, in order, Southern Bell, Samsung, Tevion (from Aldi), Panasonic. The Southern Bell one was enormous with a metal antenna, like something you'd see in a '90s movie. The Samsung was dramatically better, and by far the most beautiful phone we've ever had. When we eventually needed to move to a two phone system, it was sadly no more to be purchased. The Tevion phones were bargain basement cost, and good for the money. We moved to the Panasonics because they were, at the time, the only household phones available that could take an external headset -- a must for long conference calls. We've upgraded to this set because i) one of the two handsets came to grief and ii) we now need an answering machine.

In terms of functionality, this one does all the things the old one did, but better.
* Much improved calling quality, now well up to the standard for down-the-line radio interviews (though doesn't compare to ISDN, but, then, it wouldn't)
* Better battery life, and also an Eco function to reduce the base electricity costs by reducing the range of the signal.
* Much better intercom operation -- painful to remember on the old one, on the new one you can use the menus to connect to the other phone and have an in-house call
* Dramatically improved hands-free operation

Additionally (for us), the 40 minutes recording time on the answer phone, plus the beautifully clear message recording, is a good upgrade over our old telecoms provider system which, while it didn't seem to have a limit on the recording time, never seemed to want to record particularly clear spoken voice messages for the caller to hear.

There are also SMS messaging, if you subscribe to Caller-ID, and a 200 address phone-book. The phone-book is a bit disappointing -- you can share from one phone to the other, but you can't import from anywhere else, which means that you are unlikely to ever include more than a few dozen numbers. There are mercifully no additional functions beyond the time, as Panasonic have rightly realised that you will not be cherishing this to your heart like your first-ever mobile, and so will not wish to play games, use a calculator, or any of the other features which are occasionally found cluttering up menus when you don't want them.

For me, the stand out feature is the hands-free operation. The phone is still equipped with a headset jack, which functions well with a Plantronics M175 Mobile Headset, but, having just come off a conference call lasting more than an hour using just the hands-free, I can honestly say that this is easily as good as the 'spider' style desk units we have for conference calling at work, and substantially better than my desk-phone at work. I really wasn't expecting this, and would not have believed it were possible if I hadn't actually heard it in operation.

My only gripe about this phone is that, despite it's sleek, glossy black looks, it is really quite ugly, reminding me of a mobile phone handset from 1996. The colour display with its gaudy background doesn't do anything for me either. You can at least turn the wallpaper off, and change the colour scheme to something neutral, which I've done.

Nonetheless, this gets my unqualified thumbs-up. After all, it does its main function better than any other model I've tried, which is making crystal clear phonecalls.
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on 17 August 2010
I bought these to replace my old Panasonic phones which aren't quite a new as they were 5 years ago, and theres not that much to say about them. They make calls fine, and the sound quality on both earpiece and speakerphone is better than the older handsets, and the colour screen, big keys and sleek design are nice modern touches.

I must say though to get the most out of the features on the phones you do need to have caller display active on your phone line, but quite a few of the phone companies have this for free as options.

The call barring feature is also useful for those constant nuisance calls you get from time to time.

What is also really great is because the older set of phones I had was a three handset bundle, I decided to try and register one of the old handsets to the new base station, and it worked flawlessly, and i now have one older handset in an area of the house i don't use as much, but i could register all three and have five alltogether but thats slightly overkill.

All in all a great product from Panasonic once again, and i hope these last at least the 5 years the previous ones did!

UPDATE: its been a couple of weeks since i've had these handsets and i've noticed one strange thing, on the 4 way navigation key there are markings telling you what each direction does. These seem to have `rubbed' off completely now. Its not a big issue at all as its purely cosmetic, but still strange all the same!
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on 26 August 2010
Phones arrived today, they look very good, easy to set up and very simple to operate (holds upto 200 phone numbers so plenty of space)and a great bonus is that i could easily link up with my previous panasonic phones and transfer all phone numbers between them, fantastic!! Very pleased with the amazon service and an excellent price too. Thanks amazon.
To anybody who is wanting new dect phones with an answer machine you can't go wrong with these!!
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on 7 October 2010
Ordered this phone to replace a 3 year old BT DECT setup which had never been much good and was on its last legs. The Panasonic pair are excellent; better than I'd expected even after reading these reviews. Comfortable to hold, easy to set up (date and time settings for instance just copy themselves from one unit to the other without even having to tell it to do so), easy to record phone numbers and copy them to the other unit.

Biggest "plus" though is the sound quality. Very, very good indeed. Not loud, but very clear; no extraneous cracklings and scratchings. What an improvement!

Generally, I'd say DECT phones are starting to look clumsy next to their mobile / smartphone cousins but these Panasonics aren't too bad in that regard. If you're in the market for a high quality DECT cordless domestic telephone solution and don't want to spend the sort of money needed for the top of the range Siemens equipment, then these are the, ah, "couilles du chien", if you get my drift :-) .

Now, if Panasonic could just sort out the silly squeaky child-sounding female voice "built in" to the answering machine management, they'd be pretty much perfect.
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on 24 February 2011
I don't often find the time to write reviews even though I always read other peoples before buying :-). However this phone is so much better than ones I have had before I felt compelled to do so!

I had a BT cordless phone set for years and when it went wrong I bought another BT which was complete rubbish. Then I bought a Motorola which does everything it says except I find the display hard to read because of the font it uses.

For me the display is the most outstanding thing on this Panasonic set. Its beautifully clear. It was easy to set up and has all the features I need. I wanted remote access and it has that. I noticed it has a feature where you can turn the ringer off for a period of time. This feature might be an asset to shift workers.

I compared the price with Argos and Tesco and as usual Amazon was about a third cheaper.
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on 27 February 2012
I deliberately bought panasonic having had good experiences in the past with the products. Technically again I cannot complain. Call quality is fine both on handset and hands free, and I also bought a panasonic headset which is good as well. Where is loses is on primarily on the menu structure and secondly on the screen.

To start with the menu structure; I am constantly forgetting how to find a number dialled, or received etc and the icons make no sense at all. I usually is pretty simple when you get it, but I just do not find it intuitive. The second is the screen. I would rather something in black and white with a few more pixels! The colour combined with the low res screen really only ends up making what is a classy looking phone overall look quite tacky.

Overall if I was to buy again, I would still buy Panasonic, but would go into a store and have a look at what the models really look like and try the menu's.

- Technically very good sound quality
- On balance looks like a quality item
- Battery life seems very good

- Menu structure is not intuitive, particularly call handling
- If you hang up on one handset when another has been picked up (for example when someone picks up a handset to take the call from another room) it terminates call
- The input jack for the headset is non standard size so you need a panasonic headset or some form of adaptor
- Dedicates a button to an "ECO" setting which strikes me as a fad addition rather than a real product feature
- Low res colour screen gives a cheesy/cheap appearance to phone (a-la chinese knock off). Looks like they got a good deal on a 90's obsolete stock sale for phone screens.
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on 11 September 2010
Having previously owned a Panasonic DECT with Answer, I knew it would have all the features I needed. The remote control facility is ideal so I can pick-up my messages even when I am away.

The grouping of Callers (friends, family, work etc.), then assigning different screen colours and ring tones, allows me to know how I should answer, even before I can see the caller's name. I can even block annoying sales calls, once I know there number!

The system works with our telephone providers voice mail system, for the occaision that a message is left at the exchange, when the line is busy.

The sound is always clear, and certainly better than other DECT phones I have used.

The only disappointment was the ECO facility, which reduces the base station power when in stand-by. With multiple hand-sets, it is very unlikely that both will be close enough to the base station when making a call, so I cannot why this feature was included unless you are worried by the level of Radio signals in the home.
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on 9 January 2011
After looking around for a new phone we settled on this handset.
With all new electrical items we were prepaired to spend hours setting it up and going through the manual trying to understand it.
It took less than 5 mins to set up and that included getting the phone out of the box. After a quick flick through the manual we seem to be on top of things and able to use it straight away, setting the volume, ring tone, saving numbers etc.
The phone has good size numbers, clear display, simple answer phone and very easy to use.
(If you have BT 1571 answer service, you will need to set the number of rings on the phone handset to 6 before the answer phone kicks in. Any more than that and the BT 1571 gets in first)

I would recomend this phone to anyone who is looking for a new phone. Its much better than any of the cheaper hand sets out there on the market, well worth spending the extra few pounds.
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on 2 December 2010
Well,it was time I upgraded my BT phone which I had had for a good number of years.After looking at numerous phones and reading reviews I decided to purchase the Panasonic.It has lots of great features especially the caller ID (did not have this on my old phone) and the call barring facility is a good idea as this helps stop some unwanted sales calls.When the phone is charging,the display is illuminated and one review I read said it could not be turned off and was very bright in the bedroom at night.Well,after a bit of reading of the instuctions I have managed to figure out that the display can be turned off.Just go to "initial setup",then "display setup",then "lcd in charging" and turn it off.Job done.Ring tones could be better but are ok and the volume is adjustable and at the top setting is loud enough!Not used all the features yet but I'm sure I will.All in all a great phone.
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on 2 November 2010
This replaces a Vtech phone system which has lost keys and bits of its display over the last couple of years.
The Panasonic is good, and it seems to do everything required although the written instructions could do with more picture content as you have to stop every line and check which button they're talking about which can hinder the learning process.
The one BIG embarrassment is the dopey bird who recorded the default message, it causes so many comments from callers who can't believe how bad it is. I can't understand why a company like Panasonic have a message from a young bimbo on their product - it really damages their image. We will record our own grown-up message when we get the chance.
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