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on 5 October 2010
I selected this phone for a couple of reasons:

1. I already have a Panasonic phone system for work and that has been excellent
2. The Phonebook can be edited and then 'piped around' all the other handsets so everyone stays up to date with numbers and changes.
3. When someone calls, with Caller Display, you also get to see the name of the person calling (if they are in you're address book) - something you don't always get will some other phone systems.
4. When scanning through a caller list (see who has called you) if the caller is in your address book, again, their name shows up. Not available on all other systems.
5. Long battery life - even when left off hook for 2 days, still works!
6. Answerphone can be switched on and off and messages played back from any handset.

Overall a well specced phone that's not too expensive and also looks nice too!

Would recommend every time.

Only 'con' (if you can call it that) is the 'Eco' option. A pretty pointless feature imo as the sound quality is poor at a distance (yes, I know that's a side effect) but as you are generally going to be more than a few feet away from the base...
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on 11 October 2010
I have no hesitation in recommending these DECT phones, a vast improvement on my old BT ones which they replaced. Sound quality is so much better, the menu system is easy to master and with a large illuminated screen the text is wonderfully clear, no more straining to decipher the numbers as I did on my old BT handsets. I've not explored all the functionality yet but the thing I love so far is I can store/edit all my contacts in one handset then populate all the others at the push of a few buttons - excellent.
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on 2 December 2010
Our old BT 'phones were showing their age, buttons didn't always register when pressed and the most frustrating thing was when this happened on the answer button and I had to rush to another phone to take the call! If this is also happening to you, it is time for a change!

I looked at what was available, comparing functions and prices and was impressed by the favourable reviews here on Amazon. I am pleased to say I can endorse them completely.

Delivery and packaging excellent as one expects from Amazon and despite being delivered free on super-saver they arrived the next working day!

Although I'm reasonably adept at this sort of thing, setting up a new electronic device is always a bit stressful but Panasonic have made this as easy as they can. Do read the instructions FIRST though! It saves time and (atypically) the instructions are written well and are easy to follow. Set up took about 30 minutes from start to finish (I recommend you charge up the units for 24 hours before attempting set up). That included putting on frequently used numbers and - as has been commented on elsewhere but it's worth repeating - it is extremely simple to transfer numbers from one handset to all the others which is a great time and labour saving facility.

I've had them for about a month now and a family member has also bought a set on my recommendation - he is partially sighted and is quite happy with them. No major problems of any kind identified and I am pleased to recommend them. I don't use the answering machine but rely on BT's 1571. However, my relative uses his and it seems simple to use.

Finally another small pat on the back for Panasonic. Although the instructions identify the model number if you want to buy an extra single unit to make this up to a quin, I couldn't find one for sale on Amazon, so e-mailed Panasonic and got a helpful, personal, reply by e-mail within 24 hours, including their customer helpline number. That's quite reassuring and not something every manufacturer bothers about!
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on 27 November 2010
We had three particular requirements when buying these phones. 1) That the handsets and not just the base had speakers for hard of hearing mother in law. 2)To be able to transfer calls between handsets and 3) intercom. The latter two because my wife and I both work from home in separate rooms. I think that most similar products have these features too although there is not such a selection if you want 4 handsets.

We were happy that the features we particularly wanted work fine and are easy to use. The other setting up that we did was easy, naming each handset, copying the address book between handsets, setting ringtones. Within a short time of opening the box we were up and running and testing.
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on 10 February 2013
I bought these telephones to replace an older set of Panasonic phones, one of the older ones wasn't working right anymore and i thought i'd just replace them with a newer set, i decided on this particular set since it seemed good value for money and reviews were generally positive.

I am pleased to say they arrived promptly and ahead of schedule, as is usual for Amazon, so first off i can say the delivery was fine and the items arrived in mint condition and undamaged, it was pretty straight forward setting them up, the phones were already registered to the base unit and it was just a question of plugging the cables in and inserting the batteries and letting them charge, i already knew how to set time and date since its much like the telephones i was replacing, just scroll through the onscreen menu and its all self explanatory unless you are a technophobe, so really you can set these phones up in ten minutes and then its just a case of allowing them to charge for a while before they are fully ready to use.

Be aware as per the instruction manual you have to be careful where you place the base unit, do not place it next to your internet router or television or a radio or you may experience bad hiss and poor quality sound.

I first tested the intercom facility, i tested the sound quality when listening with handset to your ear and through the speakerphone, i felt the sound quality was superb in both cases, slightly better than the telephones they were replacing, i have since tested on calls, both in the UK and international calls to North America, i feel the sound quality is excellent, the only problem i can foresee is if you need additional volume because you may be slightly deaf, i say this because while i felt the sound quality was superb and the volume was loud enough for me it may not be for some, my old telephones were able to go slightly louder although i felt my old phones slightly distorted at those louder volumes, still it's worth mentioning as not everyone has the same hearing, for myself i felt the volume levels were good enough and sound quality was excellent.

I think the telephones look classy enough, work well enough and have very good sound quality, i have set three of the handsets up, two for upstairs and one for downstairs, the fourth will be used as a spare handset should one of the others develop a fault. If buying these please remember you can have one, two, three or four handsets, this model is a Panasonic KX-TG6524EB, the three handset version also sells on Amazon and is KX-TG6523EB, basically the last digit is only changed therefore a two handset version will be KX-TG6522, this is worth mentioning just in case you think the KX-TG6524 is an updated edition of the KX-TG6523, it is not, both are the same telephone.

I am disappointed with a few things, lack of a headphone jack, no illumination on the display when its placed in its charging facility or indeed on the base unit set when its charging, thus you can't view the time by just looking at the phone at night, that's something i could do with my old handset, the ringtones are pretty mediocre as already mentioned in other reviews, its ridiculous that you can't record your own personal message for incoming calls because if you do the answer machine is automatically switched off, my old phone allowed me to do this and the answer machine worked, i also think the intercom facility is a bit fiddly and it makes you go into the menu system to operate it, my last telephone had a button especially for this on the phones handset, transferring calls is also unfriendly, another thing my old telephone got right, i am also annoyed at the lack of a night mode, all in all i feel some basic functions are either missing or should be handled better than they are and there is no real excuse why Panasonic cannot get this right unless they want you to spend more on other models to get basic features spot on.


Excellent sound quality via ear and speakerphone
Clock and the date is big and bold in centre of screen on each handset
illuminated buttons make it easy to dial a number in the dark
The telephone is easy to setup
Looks attractive for a telephone
Easy to setup your caller list
Time and date settings are automatically transferred to each handset


No headphone mic socket means you cannot use with a headset ( unless you buy an expensive wireless type )
Display does not illuminate while in the charging dock
Cannot record personal message and use answer machine ( truly a bad engineering decision )
Poor ringtones - i use swan lake one but the ringtone choice is very poor
No specialised buttons on the handset for using the intercom facility, you must use fiddly menu system
Transferring calls is another fiddly issue and not user friendly
No night mode, why does a modern telephone handset not have a night mode!

I wanted to give this telephone handset 3.5 stars, its main use is for making and receiving telephone calls and therefore sound quality is important and it gets this right, i cannot fault the sound quality, the main problems are issues which could have been easily fixed by Panasonic prior to releasing the handsets onto the market, there is no excuse for some of the negatives i have listed above, if my old telephone handsets from 2004 and which were the same brand can transfer a call and make in house calls with two simple button pushes then there is no excuse for newer handsets to not also be able to do this, its simply a case of poor design, adding two buttons to the handset especially for the intercom and transferring a call would have been easy enough for them to do.

You might ask why i have kept the telephones, simple really, they do their main task very well, that is to make and receive calls with good crystal clear sound quality but it seems that to get the extra features i list above in the negative column that you have to spend more money or buy a different brand and no one brand is perfect, i will keep these for now but i wish i had researched the handsets better.
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on 14 March 2017
Great price and just what we wanted.
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on 24 September 2010
I wanted something that was easy to use and set up. My previous phone, a Binatone, which I had had for a few years was not that user friendly. After reading several reviews, I decided on the Panasonic Dect phone. I was not disappointed. It is very easy to set up and use and the one touch answer machine is a lot easier than pressing two buttons and scrolling through as I had to do on my previous phone. I would say that the Panasonic Dect quad does all that it says on the box and is well worth the price.
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on 27 January 2011
Bought this to replace a BT phone system and this is far superior.
Big screen displays the name and number on caller display, bigger keypad buttons make for easier use. The loudspeaker/handsfree is very clear and its simple to transfer calls between handsets.
Can't believe it was so cheap for the quality.
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on 18 November 2010
These phones are excellent value for money. My parents bought a set so we did the same and Im very pleased with them. Theres a limited choice of ringtones but you should be able to find one to your taste. Big buttons aid dialling for those who may have poor eyesight Instructions are easy to follow for the intial set up.Being able to transfer saved telephone numbers to all the phones albeit one at a time is a bonus.
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on 25 October 2010
Having investigated the many different makes and models available in the stores. I decided on this make and model and have not been disappointed. The reange and quality of hearing callers and my speech can be undestood veery clearly as well. I have not used the answerphone feature as I use my my phone company for that.
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