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on 2 November 2010
I bought this for my PS3 to help keep it cool, it came the next day after ordering in a secure box.
The product itself is basically a sheet of thick plastic that has four raised legs with rubber pads and has three fans that light up blue when plugged in, with a usb lead that has a male and female connection so you can plug it in and plug another usb cable into the fan connection which is very usful for a PS3 as there are limited ports.
On the box of the product it does say that there are either two or three fans which confused me a bit, lol.
A PS3 or laptop fits onto the fan base well with the rubber pads situated in the right position.
There are wires leading from the fans into the base but once the PS or laptop is in place you cannot see these and they wont get caught up on anything. With the lights off it does look very nice lit up and is very quiet so you don't need to crank up the sound to cover it, you can feel quite a bit of a breeze when you put your hand near the fans and I see this prolonging the life of a PS3 and laptop well.

On amazon there are quite a few products that look exactly the same as this one, I think there are just different suppliers, this is the cheapest of them all that I found and I am very pleased with it!
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on 11 December 2010
At first, when I received the box, it seemed very small and disapointing... When I placed my laptop on top, it came out to be very powerfull, and very effective in reducing laptop's temprature, with minimum noise. I strongly recommend this product to everyone how needs to cool down his/her laptop.
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on 16 December 2010
I bought this fan for my 360, it fits nicely under the 360. The fans in the plastic stand are quiet and work well to cool. Cheap and efficient.
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on 11 February 2011
how cheap this was and my son loved it , after having to pay to repair an over heated ps3 i bought this alongside the tower type fan and my son thought this the better of the two but uses both types and now over 2 months later by using both at the same time overheating is a thing of the past
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on 28 March 2013
Not a bad laptop cooler, it does what it says on the tin and looks pretty snazzy. The blue lights are nice underneath, and the coolers work well, I've not had my laptop overheat once on me. Not too noisy either. However, it is pretty flimsy and not fantastically made, I can see it breaking if I tried to carry it around with me on a day-to-day basis. Also, you have to position the cable in exactly the right place, otherwise the connection breaks off and it doesn't work. Had to do a bit of DIY work on it with some sellotape to get the wire to stay in the right place.

Good for the money, not if you want a long-lasting product.
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on 25 May 2012
This product does what you need it to. I have had this now for about a month.

I have used this for my laptop 15" and fits well, it doesn't quite go to the edges but this is ok and my laptop does not move during use. The front edge of my laptop sits about an inch higher than normal. Depending on your laptop style or your location when being used this may cause an issue for where to place your hands / arms to stay comfortable. I sit at a desk or table and the extra height does not cause me any discomfort.

I had two concerns when making the purchase of a low price fan cooler. The first was that the quality would be poor and the frame would break after a short period of time. The second was that the fans would be loud, which would be a distraction. Well the frame, although light, feels delicate, and I'm not sure how long it will last, if I have it for a year I will be very happy! With regards to the sound, I have nothing bad to say. Although it does make a noise, as you would expect from most fans, it does not cause a distraction and most of the time I forget it's on.

It does use a USB slot but provides another at the same time! And I really like the blue neons attached to each fan, that was kind of the selling point for me. If it looks pretty, then I'm happy. I have not tried to transport it with me yet, and I don't think it would fit in my laptop bag. You would need to check dimensions if you need to do this.

Ok so my last point is about its practical purpose, the main reason I bought it! Does it keep things cool????
Well YES it does, I don't have any means of comparison, but I can tell you this. I recorded my CPU temp at various times before and after using the fan. As a guided average for my laptop, my cpu temp was reduced by about 5 degrees C during low load times (not many application open, idle speed), during max load, between 85 - 100% cpu load the cpu was reduced by about 10 degrees C. The fans themselves do not cool the air but provide good airflow. I think the fact that my laptop is just raised off the surface is a big factor in the reduced temps, the airflow is just a benefit!

With a laptop that is now 3 years old this has been a welcome addition and it's doing its job well! You really can't complain for the price. If you want something a bit more stirdy or guaranteed to last longer I would look else where, but you might be better off just buying 2 or 3 of these!!
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on 9 November 2012
Promptly received this item. Worked instantly when plugged into a USB port on my laptop. It is fairly quiet, certainly less loud/annoying than my laptop's fan. I have a large 16.4", it sits easily on the cooler even if the cooler much smaller. The pc does not mvoe an inch when I'm using. I can feel cool air being expelled on either side of my laptop, and at the back. The back of my pc is where it used to get very warm straight away. After 40 mins, that part of my pc remains cool to the touch.

The cooler does not sit very high on my desk, and the front legs are shorter than the back ones. The gentle slope means that using the keyboard is just as good (if not better) than without it.
The cables running between the fans are dressed in clear plastic which gives an impression of extreme fragility! Handled with care though, I think they will do just fine. Make sure you wrap the cable out of the way of the fans, and around one of the stands of the cooler as the merest brush against them will stop the fans from spinning.

Overall, very happy with this purchase. Surprised at how little noise the 3 fans make. Does the job well of keeping your device cool. Really great that seller is able to provide this useful item at such low price. Would recommend.

** Note: some previous reviews mention a USB lead with a male and female connection. My item was shipped with only a regular USB cable so that I cannot plug another USB cable into the fan connection.
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on 16 February 2012
I've actually bought 2 of these. One, I unscrewed the fans and have fixed them to the back of my iMac to keep that cool, and the other I use as a laptop stand.

They are a bit flimsy, but it works, and for a product under £5, I actually think it is well worth 5 stars. It is better than I expected given some of the negative reviews (which begs the question what on earth were they expecting for the price point!?).

This is a simple bit of kit. The fans are reasonable quiet, it isn't the most robust bit of kit, but it will do a very good job for it's purpose.
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on 18 September 2011
You need this product. My laptop fans would scream at me after a couple of minutes usage, but not with the CRYSTAL cooling pad, that's a thing of the past. The LED's are a cool touch too, good thing that blue goes with the rest of my room, because you can't change the colour of the LED's.
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on 24 March 2015
Fits perfectly beneath our PS3, and it appears that the PS3 fan isn't working as hard now after prolonged use, saving wear and tear on the internal fans, and also helping the airflow to run cooler in general.

My only disappointment was that the pictured device has a pass-through USB connector, which would have been great for the PS3, as it only has 2 ports. However, when I received my device it did not have the pass-through connector, which was a little disappointing. This isn't too much of an issue, as I am sure that I have a USB hub knocking around somewhere to use with it.

Hopefully it will help to preserve the life of my PS3 (... not too long, as a PS4 would be a nice replacement!!!).
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