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Customer reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
Cargo [DVD]
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on 17 October 2017
Starts off with a dash of Alien, then throws in a bit of The Island, next a chunk of 1984 and voila, and over-egged pudding. Beautifully filmed but a bit like candy floss, lots of bulk and colour, but little substance.

Starts slow, is quite predictable once you realise there are no alien creatures infesting the ship, leaving you with the obvious. Something of a twist when you find out who the dashing security officer really is, and there are a few tense moments but, in all, a slow film which I watched through just to see if the ending was as predictable as I expected. It was. Silent Running is a much better film along similar lines, and probably cost far less.
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on 7 September 2017
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on 21 December 2015
I am a self confessed Sci Fi nut. I love the genre. I always worry, I'm not sure why, but I always do when I start to watch a subtitles movie. Again the subtitles did not detract from the narrative. This one seems a little too long and the end too fast. Perhaps a problem in post edit, which often happens with conceptual style movies. The effects were pretty good. The story is straightforward enough. The Earth is dying, (there could have been more on that actually) people are living in an already over crowded space station of the usual exposed cylindrical shape. (Needed much more on that as well). They all hope to visit "Rhea" a terraformed paradise world far off.

The heroine is well played by Anna Katharina Schwabroh a german actress who performs her role very well. A little sultry, a little naive. Spot on performance. The rest of the cast live up to their roles apart from the "love interest" played by Martin Rapold. Dashingly handsome as you would expect, but somewhat lacking in dialogue and they missed a trick there I think.

The film is worth the watch if you aren't in a hurry for action. Why not go and find the paradise that is Rhea?
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on 15 March 2017
So many 'Hollywood' productions rely on big names and big bangs to get bums on seats, then end up being simple revenge plots. This is not one of those films. Some people may think it derivative, but then how much scope is there in this genre? The producers and director delivered a thoughtful storyline with good acting throughout and just enough excellent special effects to make it believable. No monsters here - just people.
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on 1 August 2015
German film with subtitles which should not bother you if the film is good....this isn't. It's slow, cold and with not much to get you excited about it. Predictable with a plot that has been done a number of times already. Even the romantic scenes had a cold efficient german feeling. Dialog is so minimal as to make this really boring. To be honest could not wait until it was finished
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on 21 March 2012
I have to be open at the start of this review and say that I do like me a bit of science fiction; therefore any film in the genre is likely to get the Sammy Bonus Bump of enjoyment. However, even with my love of the genre, there is a lot to be said for `Cargo', an old fashioned type of science fiction that places its heart on its sleeve. Portmann is a doctor who wants to escape the overcrowded spaceship she lives on for live on the picturesque planet Rhea. To afford this she becomes ships doctor on a cargo ship bound for Rhea on an 8 year trip. Each member of the crew spends months in cyber sleep only to be awakened to do their several month shift alone. Is Portmann going mad, or is someone else on board?

The synopsis shouts sci fi horror in the vein of `Event Horizon', but this is far more a cerebral affair full of what ifs, rather than what offal. Set largely within the confines of a giant spaceship `Cargo' has some great sets that cross the visual style of `Alien' with some more modern CGI effects. For a relatively low budget film there is little to argue with. Despite the good looking sets, like all good science fiction `Cargo' works because the story does. There is a compelling narrative that occurs on the ship and expands with far more outreaching consequences as the film progresses. It was great to watch the plot open up.

As a foreign film `Cargo' is subtitled, but they are clean and easily readable, especially on BluRay. Speaking of HD, the special effects are not undermined by the high resolution and it highlights how good a job the model and CGI workers did. `Cargo' is the type of science fiction film that would entertain anyone, but a science fiction fan will find right down their alley.
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on 18 June 2017
... watch it for one hour and then try and watch another movie. it is one of those movies which doesn't make sense. the initial suspense is but then further on, it became too boring.
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on 12 September 2010
The year is 2267. The ecosystem of the Earth has finally collapsed, and everyone - even the poorest people from the Third World - are now moving into the space stations and colonies around the solar system. The main character, Laura Portmann, is a doctor who accepts a several years long voyage from Earth orbit to a space station in the Oort Cloud which needs upgrading. She does it for the money; she hopes afterwards to be able to join her sister on the paradisic colony world Rhea. Also aboard the ship (which is called Kassandra) is a sky marshall, who's supposed to guard the cargo from an alleged anti-technology terrorist organization that has been carrying out bomb strikes on several space stations.

As the spaceship approaches its destination, something seems amiss. There seems to be a stowaway on the ship who's messing with the cargo. So the crew, after having awoken from their cryosleep, goes into the massive cargo hold to investigate, and soon meet with various accidents. What is the cargo, you ask? Ah yes - and what is the Matrix?! This film contains many - subtle and not so subtle - references to classic sci-fi films, including 2001, Matrix, Aliens and Cube; the cargo hold is arranged much like the cubes in the eponymous 1997 film, and occasionally rearrange themselves. But Cargo does not rip these films off; rather, it pays homage to them. It consciously uses them for the purpose of placing itself firmly in the history of the genre.

The film is, somewhat surprisingly, not sci-fi/horror (although it does contain at least one horror cliché, which however turns out to have a rational explanation), but actually straight sci-fi, which warms the cockles of this reviewer's heart. The story is relatively simple, but constantly keeps you guessing. There are a couple of plot elements which are not very clear, and there may also be a couple of little things that don't really work, but they do not ruin the overall impression - especially because the technical beauty of the production is so apparent. And although the film proceeds rather slowly at times, the cinematic craftsmanship always presents you with details worthy of your attention. For instance, it snows in the cargo hold! It's a great touch: everything in the cargo hold is iced over, so when they restore the atmosphere in order to go in there, particles and flakes of ice are whirled around inside the huge cargo bays, giving the impression of snow. Also, at the destination, when the cargo cubes are unloaded, the CGI special effects are very impressively made. In general, the effects comprise a convincing future world, and the slow scenes give you plenty of time to enjoy it.

As I watched the film, I never found it unoriginal; on the contrary. I found the story and the revelation at the end both topical and believable. The film raises a relevant problematic concerning virtual reality which we need to think about and come to terms with before this sort of thing happens in real life. Ultimately, the film is a political statement, directed against devious and profiteering corporations and governments. Not a new message, to be sure, but one which bears repetition as long as such problems persist.

If you like science fiction, consider this film recommended.
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on 19 January 2017
Giving it 3 as I watche dit recently but cannot remember a thing about it, so can't be worth more!
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on 27 May 2017
Excellent and well paced film; this refreshingly non-Hollywood piece is intelligently designed in every way, well acted and a true visual treat.
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