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on 25 March 2016
Who knows why but I've badly neglected my three Walkmen albums, inexcusable really as they are all three so good (You & Me, Heaven and Lisbon) but I am rectifying this laxness on my part right now and all three are now on my Cowon Plenue 1 DAP so they will be heard through my incredible AKG K812 Reference headphones which make all music sound its best.
Wonderful passionate voice, brilliant drumming, brilliant guitar work, an exciting listen in many parts with some novel placement of other instruments from time to time. Was it maracas I heard in Canadian Girl?
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on 17 September 2008
I've had this album only two days but it is very, very good . You can hear many subtle influences from Spagetti western , Niellson, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Velvet Underground, Mexican, Crooning and David Lynch type scores but this is pure Walkmen sound. The lyrics are intelligent and placed beautifully. The instruments are used sparingly and creatively - these guys can really play and don't need to show off - Hamilton's vocals have never been better....there are some real stand out tracks all ready for me that have given me goose bumps.... but some times the slow burners can surprise you.....Buy it ...get in your car, drive and become part of your own movie with Walkmen score. Amazing, brilliant, multi-layered genius .
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on 14 October 2008
I can't really put it better than Betty Clarke's five star review from The Guardian. That a fourth album can be this good is astounding in these times of diminishing returns. Hamilton's vocals have never sounded better drenched as they are by the rest of the band's splashy and reverbed guitars and skittering drums and bass. Slower and more sure footed than previous efforts this moody magnificence continually made the hairs on the back my neck stand to attention. Scarily good.
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on 21 February 2009
I have been a fan of the Walkmen since Bows and Arrows but I was very very happily surprised by this album. A Hundred Miles Off wasn't a bad album but it wasn't good enough. After I heard it I wondered where they would go next. When I heard You & Me I very quickly realised that this was not only the best Walkmen album, but one of my favorite albums of all time.
In the New Year and I Lost You are my personal favorites (the first of which struck a chord with me after my dad took ill at the start of this year) but there isn't really a bad song on it.
Its much more mature sounding than their previous work - and you can really tell they have gotten to grips with what they want their music to sound like. The Walkmen have the best drummer, the best guitarist and the best singer around just now in their band which just gives the songs an amazing feel.
Another point to note is that the songs from this album have to be heard live. The band (especially Hamilton) really give it everything they've got.
In conclusion, this is the best album I've heard for a long time, and the Walkmen backed it up with the best live performance I have ever seen.
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on 11 February 2016
Was introduced to the walkmen recently having only heard them in passing. Not expecting much to be honest but I got bows and arrows and was delighted with what I heard. So I went and got this album on the back of it, and quite frankly I'm amazed by how good it is and embarrassed to have not heard it before. The opening track highlights an intelligent and musical album that never gives way until the last track is finished. My favourites are the brilliant middle of tracks 7-9, Red Moon, Canadian Girl and Four Provinces, but the whole album is excellent. For any sceptics thinking about it, stop thinking and just get this album. Now to purchase their debut.
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Although not particularly well known in the UK, The Walkmen are an indie five-piece from New York and have a cult following in the US, this being their fifth studio album release (and their fourth of original material - their last recording was their 2006 version of the entire John Lennon-produced Harry Nilsson 'Pussy Cats' album). They have a fairly unique sound, coming across as the unlikely combination of the vocal styles of Bob Dylan, only much more tentative and uncertain in tone, and the steely, treble-high guitars of The Fall, but with a grander, more eclectic, visionary sound, often drenched in reverb. I can tell from the uncompromising style of this recording that they are a divisive band - quite frankly, you're probably going to either love or loathe this. The music on this album will grab and fascinate you or you won't be able to get it off the stereo quick enough. You can probably tell by the tone of this review that I'm of the former opinion.

My favourite tracks are the beautiful, horn-embossed 'Red Moon', the atmospheric 'On The Water' and 'Canadian Girl', which features some heavenly guitar work, the sound of which is as distorted and flawed as the emotions on display here. Perhaps my favourite composition on this album is 'In The New Year', all passion, high-emotions and declarations of love, decorated by gently chiming, flowing guitar patterns, drums which pound like a heart racing with love and a beautiful church organ sound providing some delicate depth to the sound - I really get lost in that song. Although those are my personal picks, there is nothing on this album I don't like. Even the lesser tracks are, at least, interesting.

If you're a fan of early Echo & The Bunnymen, Arcade Fire and other leftfield indie bands then you could - and probably will - get a great deal of enjoyment from 'You & Me', but if you prefer your music a little more mainstream then you'd probably be best served passing this one by. Still, for those who appreciate music with a little more depth, who aren't easily turned off by bands who do things just a tad differently, this album is for you.
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on 21 December 2008
It was a close-run thing between this and the Felice Brothers. This gets it by a whisker. What a great album.
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on 12 June 2012
I love that feeling you get when music slowly unveils its charms and wins you over completely. This happened to me with The Walkmen and their album 'You & I'. The lead singer's passionate delivery and soaring voice is utterly convincing and the lyrics are punchy and concrete, abstract and literary. 'In the New Year' is a contender for my all-time favourite song, it's festive thrum and belting refrain makes my heart feel like it's leaping from its cavity, and 'I Lost You' is so direct in its searing emotion that it transcends sentimentality and becomes something genuinely moving. The instrumentation is considered and brass flourishes occasionally leap through the beautiful malaise. Such a memorable and gorgeous set of songs that I'm certain I will keep returning to throughout the coming years.
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on 24 February 2009
Clever and engaging throughout. Probably like many, came to the The Walkmen with The Rat (Bows and Arrows), and bought You and Me on the back of it. It's dark and a little disturbing for those with weak constitutions but always accomplished.
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on 22 March 2010
a consistent group's most recent cd, chiming ringing forces - they know how to pull one's heart strings!!
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