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Just some information for those who do not know; HDMI cables with Ethernet are also known as HDMI 1.4, this version is needed for anyone wanting to play 3D films on their blu-ray player connected to their HDTV, also the cable allows people to view 4k resolution movies and allows upto 100Mbps Ethernet connection between two HDMI connected devices. So lets say you have a TV that can be connected to the internet but at the same time you want a blu-ray player to be connected also, instead of having the hassle of linking the router/modem to all your devices, you can connect it too your TV and use this HDMI cable to transfer internet from your TV to your device connected on the other end... who would of ever thought that one day all this could be in one cable, I surely didn't even think about it!

TV's and devices that can support the Ethernet connection should have by the HDMI port labelled as "HEC", however not all of them do so if your unsure, check the manual to see if it supports this extra connection, if it doesn't no worries as this HDMI cable will still work for those devices and TV's that can't support the Ethernet, you just wont be able to use it to connect them to the internet.

For me I was rather gutted that my HDTV does not support the extra features of 1.4 whereas my device connecting to the TV does, so I cannot comment on the speed of the internet connection, however I can comment about the quality of the cable; The quality of the cable is done well, It's the perfect length, I really can't see many people needing more than 2m of length and the Audio/Picture quality is just what you expect from an HDMI cable.

So once again full stars for a another great quality Amazon Basics item.
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on 17 November 2013
The high speed HDMI is brilliant and has good quality coax that really looks robust. It has gold plating on the conection ends and, from what I've been told, this really improves the connection. All I can say is that it's better than the one I have for my digi-TV box and the picture is LOADS better. I got this for my DVD/BluRay player and used it for this but decided to see what it would be like on my PS3. I was using the AV Scart that comes with the console and was quite happy with the graphics etc. Oh what a fool I was! I plugged this into the console and the HD tv and WHAM, a whole new world of clarity and resolution I never realised was there. I will now HAVE to buy another two, one for the DVD/BluRay and one for the digi box! Ah well, it's only money.....but, in this case, reasonably priced and well spent.
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on 27 September 2012
Purchased 2 of these Amazon Basic HDMI cables and the first failed in days (Amazon replaced) the second has failed 3 months down the line. The cables aren't being moved about or disconnected so can only assume they are poor quality and a bit too cheap. Maybe a bad batch perhaps. Will be refunding this one.
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on 30 July 2012
This cable is exactly as specified on the Amazon page. I found it to be very well made indeed and it works just as it should.

The cable is HDMI with Ethernet, which means that it supports the HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) rather than having both HDMI and RJ45 connectors. It fully supports the HDMI 1.4 specification. If you have a device such as a PS3 and want to play 3D movies on your television, you will almost certainly need this cable since lesser specifications simply won't support that kind of data transfer. If you're just looking for a standard HDMI cable, at this price you might as well buy one of these in case your setup gets upgraded in the next few years.

Great product, great value, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. There is no point spending £100+ on a "pro quality" product that does exactly the same thing!
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on 3 October 2011
The Amazon HDMI cable is really cheap and a good quality, the frustration-free packaging is also good and eco friendly.
If anyone is thinking of buying an expensive HDMI cable, DON'T!, it's been proven that HDMI cables costing £10 and HDMI cables costing £90 have the same high quality so save yourself some money!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 October 2015
Bought three of these to fit inside a conduit in a wall to connect to the TV to various devices (Sky, Media centre & console) and they were fine hidden inside the wall. Despite any marketing, you don't need gold plated or other outlandish claims. You need a decent quality cable that will carry a digital signal a short distance.

Good price, quality product at the advertised length.

No issues at all and I'd buy again. Highly recommended
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on 6 January 2015
Doesn't work with my old TV. My TV is nearly 10 years old, and it doesn't work. Connected it to my new Sony Smart DVD player with this cable and the DVD sign thing comes up, but then just a blank screen. I tried it with our newer samsung TV in the sitting room and it worked but it was very touchy, if i moved or touched the cable then the screen went all fuzzy and cutting. I then tried it on our 2 year old TV in the kitchen from Tesco and that worked perfectly. Awaiting a new HDMI cable from John Lewis so hopefully it's the cable and not my TV! But from what I tried on our TVs, it seems to be that it works with new TVs and not old ones. A positive point is that it doens't feel cheap or flimsy!
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on 3 January 2014
There's really no need to spend a fortune on a HDMI cable. It's a digital signal which means you won't get benefits of 'higher quality' cables like you do with speaker cable. It either works or it doesn't.

The cable feels solid, with moulded connectors and a sturdy feeling cable.
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on 22 November 2014
Frustration free packaging superb, and little caps on ends ... well protected guaranteed to turn up like it was made that day.

It's just a cable but it looks smart and matches nicely with Amazon fire tv box, it fits tight into hdmi port as I have bought a few other brand hdmi's in the past that seem to small and slip out slightly ... not much else to say it allows me to watch programs in high definition.

Overall I don't know whether you can get hdmi cables better than each other when it comes to picture quality as this says it's high speed, that's to technical for me but it's robust built strong and made to last and fits great so 5 stars and ill be replacing my other hdmi cables in time with this one.

Thanks for reading.
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Having once subscribed to the 'expensive is better' principle, I had since learned that these are reliable and far more compatible than the more expensive ones that I no longer use.

They may not be as fancy as some but they do the job very well.
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