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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Dogville [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 13 November 2017
A film more liken to a play with set pieces but the opposite with no scenery.A very clever way of portraying the story.In fact I don't think I would have watched it all if it had been in the usual style.
Nicole Kidman for me can play any character in all of her films to perfection.
I won't spoil the film for you but I will just say (What you sow
you will reap) and in some cases with an abundance!
Watch it ,the film is more about human compassion and forgivness
Yet just like Soddom and Gommarah some things can only be fixed one way! How did they get to that stage? The film in a similar way shows a facade of peoples put on persona yet you can't fool the bringer of righteous indignation. 5 stars from me all day long.
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on 31 July 2017
You can taste the Claustrophobia. Not a feel good movie. Loved it.
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on 13 July 2017
Quick delivery. Fabulous film. Watch a normally shallow actress surpass herself.
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on 13 June 2017
great idea like the set and the way it almost resemble play but badly executed and acting just not great
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on 7 September 2017
Very unusual film, in the way it was done, but very good. All the characters in it different to how they appear at first...
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I was a bit nervous when I first put this into the DVD player - I have a low pretension threshold, and everything that I had seen about this film before I watched it had my pretension antennae throbbing. However, this film is anything but: it is a brilliant exploration of human nature and society, seen through the lens of a small isolated town and the effects on the townsfolk of the arrival of a stranger in their midst.

Filmed on a minimal set, where the street and houses are represented by mere chalk lines, and with characters that almost seem like sketches of characters at first, it uses the minimalism to good effect, to produce a complex and subtle tale which is driven by the characters and the story rather than the physical impedimenta. It allows a deeper insight into the motivations of each character. And the minimalist set has the great effect of keeping most of the characters on screen and visible for most of the film, even when they are not directly involved. Watching them going about their normal lives in the background is almost as fascinating as the front of stage story. Hats off to Lars Von Treir and all of the actors, they put in so much effort you really do start to believe that this IS an ordinary town and not just a series of chalk mark in a playground.

The story is that of Nicole Kidman's Grace, who stumbles into the town under mysterious circumstances. The town agree to shelter her, on their terms which become increasingly unbearable. The film builds slowly towards a disturbing climax. It's got a great rhythm, drawing you along from minor event to minor event, working its way slowly up to a giant crescendo of an ending that will leave you exhausted. The darkness of the actions of the townspeople is contrasted with a witty and deadpan delivered commentary from John Hurt which really ices the cake.

The end result is a film which forces you to think, to reflect on the nature of society. And you have to exercise your imagination every step of the way. An excellent film, one that I would highly recommend.
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on 16 March 2005
Dogville could be heard on the radio: It could be seen on a stage.
There is nothing visually to distract you from the story taking place on the screen.
Well acted a story is played out in many acts and is well worth watching many times.
This is a modern "An Inspector Calls" film.
I loved it ! No car chases little in special effects nothing but the story is played out on a chalk set/town.
The secret is to forget that there is little to see and just follow the narrative and one will be rewarded.
Treat people as you would wish them to treat you.
When roles are reversed you may get what you deserve.
A modern "An Inspector Calls" film.
I thought it was great !
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on 15 July 2016
Lars von Trier’s Dogville (2003) is a concentrated blend of subtle storytelling and stylish filmmaking.

Grace (Nicole Kidman) arrives at night in the American small town of Dogville. A resident, Tom Edison (Paul Bettany), hides her from pursuing gangsters. Over the follow days, weeks and months, Grace becomes an integral part of the community. In a Hollywood film that would be the end, but we know von Trier, he’s one half of the parental set of the Dogme 95 manifesto, and he’s anything but Hollywood; so a change happens over Dogville, altering the simple story.

In a way, von Trier reminds me of Quentin Tarantino. Both writers/directors generate strong opinions. For von Trier to create such a film, he needs to understand the fundamentals of directing in order to alter it completely. Just like Tarantino’s script for Pulp Fiction (1994) couldn’t have been created unless he understood, exactly, how a linear story is constructed in order to break it. Von Trier directs the film as if it’s a play. The entire film’s location is one big set, almost like a rehearsal studio. Each house is chalked out like a floor plan, and inside the wall-less properties are bits of furniture resembling the characters’ homes. Camera operation, done by von Trier himself, is handheld, giving the film a documentary ambiance; and there are other great shots, such as the Google maps view of the streets. The lighting is theatrical-like, there are no golden glows that dominate mainstream films.

A question might be that if everything is filmed so theatrically, why did von Trier bother to make a film? Why not just go to the west end of London and put on a play? Maybe, because, that’s what everyone would do. Instead, von Trier decides to make a film that feels like a play, looks like a play and is as long as one of Shakespeare’s plays. That’s what’s so refreshing about this film. It is just so different.

Von Trier’s script is the film’s highlight. He’s penned an engaging screenplay, which has you sympathising with the protagonist. So much so that the magic of film encapsulates you, and you forget the studio location, theatre set design, the spotlights, the stage clothing and all the other theatrical aspects and follow the story to its conclusion.

Comparing Dogville would be a cross between something like Ben Wheatley’s Down Terrace (2009) with the handheld camera work and sense of danger, or Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York (2008), with its theatre feel.

Dogville is a masterclass in scriptwriting, acting and directing. It swims against the current to display that normality can, and should, be broken. A brilliant film.
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on 5 March 2017
Personally I didn't like the fact the film is set on a stage, using chalklines to represent roads, buildings etc. and imaginary doors are opened and closed, instead of real ones.
The story itself is chilling, and the behaviour of the townfolk is disturbing, and cruel. I therefore, was glad of the ending.
I missed the middle, as I fell asleep as I found the stage setting spoilt it, and bored me, but the bones of the story, and the last third I did see was interesting.
Overall, it was irritating due to the way it is made.
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on 27 March 2017
OK but not brilliant
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