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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
Price:£10.67+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 18 February 2013
I was waiting for this to come down in price and i'm glad i waited this is a great game and like all the Tom Clancy games you can either play the game yourself or use your team to help you.

There is some great weapons you can choose from the graphics and story line has been well put together and i'm still yet to complete.

The multiplayer i still cant figure it out it seems just a little but difficult to handle or maybe it's just me being used to the call of duty multiplayer. But maybe i just need to spend a good few hours on their to give it another go.

But all in all it's a great game with good story line you won't regret buying this game.
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on 6 July 2017
Great game and the graphics and gameplay and top notch, good story to it too.
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on 29 May 2017
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on 20 April 2013
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on 31 May 2012
This game was meant to be coming out in March 2011 and I was looking forward to it but was not overly bothered by the delays as it has led to a nicely polished and good looking game, yes the cut scene characters look a bit lifeless - especially the faces but this does not detract from the over all quality of the game.
The cover system is great and really well thought out with lots of different points of cover for any one object.

I mainly play FPS games and really liked the 3rd person view especially as it allows you to look around without moving the position of your aim i.e. like turning your head in real life (I have always felt that FPS games should have a special controller with a little 3rd stick for head turning)

The co-op/campaign is great with the AI being intelligent and life like. I especially like the reflection from a snipers scope. The only problem with the co-op is that you have to have friends who have the game there is no drop in and out like in OFP RR. So if you have no friends with the game and do not make friends in the MP you will not be able to play co-op.

I have not yet played guerrilla mode but have played a lot of clan MP and I love it. The harbour map is both claustrophobic and tight, but on a good sized map.

If you like FPS and want something more tactical you will enjoy this.

Pros: co-op all games should have this
Tactical you run and gun you won't be running very far.
Interesting equipment which as an edge to the game and slows the pace down.

No mates with the game or generally no mates - no co-op
When you have shouldered your rifle and then reload it does not reshoulder your weapon i.e. looking down the sights.
Auto aim - they need to provide an option to turn this off and fast - hence the lack of 5 stars

Apart form that I am really enjoying this game :) Hope you do too.
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on 14 August 2014
You play as John Kozak, a member of the highly elite 'Hunter' Ghost Squad unit. You and your team are sent across the world to track down the source of a bomb that killed the 'Predator' Ghosts unit on a hostile mission. The 'Hunter' squad are thrown into a dangerous world of weapons trafficking, which brings to light a rogue Russian military outfit known as Raven's Rock who have become hellbent on stirring up political elements in Russia and spreading their influence across the globe.

The plot is wafer-thin from the outset, and Kozak's Ghost unit are truly forgettable. Kozak's role as the lead protagonist is wasted, supported by an underwhelming performance amongst the other squad members.

G R A P H I C S & S O U N D
Future Soldier is a globe spanning adventure, which has given the level artists plenty of diversity to work with. The campaign will take players from the crumbling towns of Bolivia, moving on to the scorched Zambian deserts. From there on the art direction becomes much more vivid, whisking players into Pakistan, and also plunging players into the frozen landscape of northern Russia. Future Soldier is at its best when immersing players in external environments.

The animations of all Ghost squad members are highly fluid, whether they are pressing against cover, or going prone in an instant; they all move with a sense of realism and precision. The blockbuster action-oriented nature of the game has also allowed the developers to create a wide range of particle effects and impressive environmental effects.

Unfortunately, the facial animations and textures are very dated and do nothing reflect character emotion. The menu systems are also poorly designed, especially

Future Soldier's gameplay mechanics are as tightly woven together as many third-person shooters on the market today. The hook of the experience is the ability for Kozak to initiate a Sync Shot with his fellow team members. Each squad member can target an enemy and quickly perform an execution shot simultaneously. Many of the levels can be packed with numerous enemies, which makes it wise to survey the environment and attempt to swiftly eliminate all hostiles. Using the sync shot will allow the Ghosts to advance forward and gain better strategic positioning. Another way for Kozak to survey areas is to use his UAV Drone to mark enemies and get into tighter spaces. Each Ghost member also has a nifty optic camouflage feature, which will render them partially invisible to surrounding enemies. The camouflage is a great way of sneaking upon enemies and getting in some nasty close-quarter kills.

The gameplay places a great emphasis upon working with your squad to keep your survival chances at a high. You can dish out orders to the team to focus their fire on specific enemies, which is a great way to get around more dangerous artillery. The campaign provides plenty of action and attempts to utilise a variety of tricky scenarios. A number of missions incorporate 'No Alert' parameters, which need to be handled more delicately. Utilising stealth becomes an invaluable asset; failure to keep a low profile will result in mission termination. The sync shot becomes your best friend in these situations, ensuring that multiple enemies can be eliminated without the alarm being raised. Kozak also has thermal vision to spot pesky enemies in the dark; and there is also a very handy magnetic vision, which will allow players to see through walls and target enemies.

Another handy feature is the ability for players to customise their weapons in a number of ways. This can range from adding scopes, improving firepower, increasing cartridge capacity, and even balancing the effectiveness of the weapon in combat. When Kozak doesn't have to sneak around like Batman, he is more than ready to get his hands dirty. Moving from cover-to-cover is very swift, allowing players to mark cover spots and quickly dash into them. The highlight of the campaign is when players have access to a walking battle tank, allowing Kozak to interface with it and utilise its missile and gun armaments to totally blow s*** up! Other scenarios will involve the Ghosts using machine guns aboard aboard a chopper to chase down an escaping convoy – completely blasting it into kingdom come. All is never easy, as the enemy A.I. is up to the task of making your journey very hellish. The Russian Spetsnaz will utilise the same camouflage tech as you, which makes for some interesting shootouts.

Unfortunately, the campaign doesn't provide much of a challenge and attempts to hold the player's hand a little too often. Some of the shootouts will funnel players down narrow paths, which can become a little predictable and do nothing to spice up the level design.

Future Soldier fuses stealth and action into an exciting package. It gives players a number of toys to play with in order to achieve success and keep the fight alive. The story doesn't seem to exist, the visuals paint a vivid picture of many worldwide locations. The gameplay ushers in plenty of thrills and near death scenarios. Future Soldier puts a new twist upon cover-based combat.
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on 31 May 2012
I really like the ghost recon series. It has always done things it's way, never following the popular crowd. However, that day may have passed. Future soldier is probably the least hardcore ghost recon released to date. Full of set pieces, mindless shooting and big explosions, it feels like Ubisoft are just trying to appeal to as big an audience as possible. The new stealth system is cool even if it feels a bit overpowered at times. That's the games whole problem in a nutshell. The game is ridiculously easy, even on the hardest setting. Your team hardly ever go down and will happily take care of all threats for you while you sit back and do nothing. Can't see an enemy you want your team to kill? Simple. Just send a drone into the air, fly around the battlefield till you find one, mark him and let your team take care of the rest. Want to see what lies behind a wall, in a room or on a roof? Simply turn on your metallic vision that allows you to see all nearby enemies, regardless of where they may be hiding.
To sum up, it is an enjoyable game, with a good length campaign and fun guerilla mode, but it can also feel at times that the game is playing itself. However, online co op does rectify some of these problems but it also removes most of the strategy element to the game.
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on 25 May 2012
Incredible game, if you enjoy a game which will require skill and tactics, this would be a great recommendation!

Being an absolute Metal Gear Solid lover, I found the stealth amazing; you can work within your team, organising synchronised shots and much more.

The Multiplayer is also great! It truly does boil down to teamwork, if your squad/team are close together (you can spawn of them) you will be constantly rewarded with exp, bonuses and be able to beat the opposition.

Didn't have too high hopes for this game, but easily a 5/5 from me! Nothing I would complain about :)
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on 31 May 2012
The singleplayer has a perfect balance of stealth and tactics mixed with run and gun. This balance makes the game enjoyable and the story line is something you can return to, completing challenges within the game. The characters are ones that you can easily like and you get a real sense of the bonding between the four men. There is also a survival mode which keeps you entertained as you try to beat your previous highest round. Multiplayer is a slight let down, however it isnt bad. Overall the game is fun, with smooth gameplay and crisp graphics.

p.s. The gun customisation is a nice touch too.
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on 27 May 2012
I picked up the game last night and absolutely love it.

Cover system is the best out of every game I have played so far, third person (with first person zoom) adds a new dimension to the genre, and overall, Ghost Recon is an amazing game.

Possibly one of the best features is that every mode, including the 12 hour campaign and 15 hour guerrilla mode, includes Co-op, which for me, makes the game even better.

I love call of duty and battlefield, but this game is so refreshing. You actually have to play extremely tactically and if you are tired of the sometimes irritating and boring run and gun gameplay of duty and battlefield, you should definitely pick up this game. Kudos to Ubisoft
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