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The War Lord [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£10.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 24 October 2017
Its very dated, Charlton Heston good but film shows its age.
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on 23 July 2017
Great movie, great cast
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on 5 June 2017
Excellent product, rapidly delivered.
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on 5 December 2017
Like new
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on 18 April 2014
Contrary to what others have posted, I found this bluray transfer to be superb and worthy of one of my favourite films. Don't intend reviewing the film as everything's already been said. The booklet is also a nice bonus although there are no further extras on the disc as the description lead us to believe might be included...
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 17 December 2013
Contrary to another reviewer on the US site, I am not sure that playing the role of "Chrysagon", the noble and valiant Norman knight, was indeed Charlton Heston's best role. My personal preference would have been his role in El Cid and I am quite sure that others would have thought of the Ten Commandments, Ben Hur or perhaps even Khartoum (or a few others, perhaps).
Anyway, if you like the heroic type movies as they used to do them in Hollywood during the fifties and sixties, then this one is for you, with all the usual ingredients.

First, do not bother with historical accuracy too much. So never mind is Chrysagon is not at all a Norman name, or if Drogo (which is a Norman name), his brother, wears a helmet that belongs to the late twelfth century although the action is supposed to take place a century before. You will be glad to hear, however, that Charlton Heston's helmet is all right. Never mind either about geography, with the noble brother knights' overlord being one "Guillaume of Ghent" (and Ghent, of course, is in Flanders, not in Normandy...). Do not bother too much with the costumes of the Frisian pirates, who almost seem to be wearing uniforms. Just sit back, suspend belief, and enjoy this "knights in shining armour" film (well, mail coats, rather, ahem) ...

Second, the story itself is a rather original one, with Chrysagon, his brother and a troop of soldiers being sent to take possession of a tower dominating a swampy coast and defend it against Frisian pirates. It is a very "moral" one, as they also used to do at the time. However, do not necessarily expect a "happy ending".

Third, the best scenes are those about the siege of the tower, but I will say no more to avoid spoilers.

So, if you like this kind of film (as I do and have since I was a kid), and if you are not overly fussy about historical accuracy, you will like this one. Perhaps not Charlton's best, but just about all of the usual ingredients are there, including a doomed romance and a villain.

Four stars.
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on 14 March 2014
In 11th century Medieval Europe, a Duke sends his trusted knight (Charlton Heston) to a small Druid village to protect it from Frisian invaders led by their Prince (Henry Wilcoxon). But it is at this village where the knight meets his downfall, not by Frisian soldiers but a young village girl (Rosemary Forsyth) who captures his fancy then his heart. Based on an unsuccessful play THE LOVERS by Leslie Stevens, Franklin J. Schaffner's (PATTON) film is essentially an intimate love story trimmed with movie epic pretensions. Unfortunately these elements seem to be fighting each other rather than meshing together. It doesn't help that the supposed 11th century European topography is clearly Southern California. It doesn't have the look or feel of an Epic and it's not just the obviousness of the Universal backlot. Its scale just seems small and that wizard of the camera Russell Metty (SPARTACUS) can't do much to punch it up especially when required to use rear projections. Heston provides the necessary gravitas material like this requires but he's playing with a second string cast of mostly Universal contract players like Forsyth, Guy Stockwell and James Farentino who don't measure up. With Richard Boone, Maurice Evans and Niall MacGinnis.

The Eureka DVD sports a handsome anamorphic wide screen (2.35) transfer.
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on 27 April 2017
Charlton Heston was famous for his historical epics like El Cid, The Ten Commandments, Ben Hur etc. The War Lord may not be an epic but as a period piece it is probably more accurate. Set somewhere in Northern Europe, most likely Normandy, in the 11th century, Heston plays a knight who after years of fighting has been rewarded with grant of a castle , in fact little more than a fortified tower, and village by his overlord. There are three problems, the area is subject to raids by Frisians, the locals are only nominally Christian and Heston falls in love with one of the village girls.

What separates this film from other films set during the middle ages is this is a world without soap, shampoo and freshly ironed clothes. Everyone including the nobles look like they come from the 11th century. What this film also shows is how deadly an armoured knight was on the battlefield .As one of the villagers points out they have been trained since childhood to fight and to kill.

Well worth a couple of hours of your time.
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on 20 May 2017
A generally underrated Charlton Heston historical piece. This film was directed by Franklin (J.) Schaffner, who went on to direct the first Planet of the Apes entry, also starring Heston. Incidentally, Maurice Evans likewise, appeared in them both. The film is marketed as being, 'One of the finest historical adventure films ever made' My take on this would be as follows: This is a medieval action adventure film made in 1965 Hollywood. It's well made and leads to a climatic set piece involving the defence of Heston's Castle Tower. Unusual for the day, and possibly the only medieval story from that era that took a more realistic approach to its subject matter. Heston sports an authentic haircut from that time, that apparently caused studio executives to caution him on the possibility that his sex appeal might be jeopardized by this action, but he went ahead, (no pun intended) with the style anyway! If you're a Heston fan, and have not seen this film, I recommend it to you! If you enjoy 1960's historical adventure films, this is for you! Those accustomed to modern fare may find it dated, but overall, in my view, a good entry to Charlton Heston's filmography. Blu ray transfer is good, although I should advise that the rather misty-looking opening of the film is not to be worried about. This was most likely a problem from the source material, as it soon clears, and beautiful cinematography by Russell Metty prevails. These observations being based upon My previous version of this film, A German transfer, 'Die Normannen Kommen' Which demonstrated the exact same transfer problem.
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on 7 March 2017
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