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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 August 2011
Opening with a decidedly ropey Pirates of the Caribbean-style score, Misty Island Rescue is pretty much as self-explanatory and easy to follow as it sounds. Narration is provided by Michael Angelis (sounds more like Bernard Hill than Ringo Starr) and the CGI is to a decent standard. 60 minutes may sound short for a film but I think anything longer and children might lose interest in what is quite a slender storyline.

The opening of the story concerns the building of a new Search & Rescue Centre on Sodor. Following the loss of their supply of Jobi wood due to rash action on behalf of Diesel, Thomas is rewarded with a trip to the mainland to see the Search & Rescue Centre there. Needless to say, things don't go well and Thomas finds himself adrift and eventually stranded on the mysterious Misty Island. Soon, the Fat Controller (I'm surprised in these PC times that they are still allowed to call him that) and the rest of the Sodor engines realise that Thomas is missing and they set about rescuing him but not before Thomas has made some new friends and discovered a new supply of Jobi wood.

One of the main themes of Misty Island Rescue is decision-making, both good and bad. Thomas is rewarded early on for his good decision-making when he saves Diesel and this then becomes his mantra throughout the remainder of the story. Despite ending up stranded as a result of a bad decision, Thomas soon recovers his confidence when he meets up with the "logging loco's" Dash, Bash and Ferdinand who, seemingly, were banished for being too playful. This also reinforces the secondary theme of Misty Island Rescue: usefulness. Diesel is teased by Thomas for not being as useful as a "steamy", Thomas is rewarded for being "The Most Really Useful" engine and so on. Also, the metaphor of the mist is used well to emphasise that a clear way forward is not always visible and a decision must be made on the evidence available. It seems some low-level moralising is demonstrated in the constant repetition of Thomas' mantra too; Thomas has made a good decision once so therefore, in his view, all his decisions subsequently are equally as good. Thomas soon learns that being wrong is often the best way to learn a lesson or help rid oneself of pre-conceptions. Being wrong is a complex lesson to explain and I think the story manages well enough without resorting to extremes.

As for the narration and dialogue, I found the repetitive and alliterative approach very pleasing. As a long-time fan of Dr Seuss, I know that children learn well by rhyme and association. Bearing in mind that this film is probably aimed at pre-schoolers, I think it can be forgiven for being a little on the simplistic side; the story is easy to follow, the narration is relaxed and friendly and the character's voices are easily identifiable. One thing that slightly bewildered me was the choice to give Dash and Bash voices that were ever-so-slightly similar to Ant and Dec. Whether this was by design or accident I don't know but it just seemed like an odd choice when regional accents hardly feature (except for the narration, of course).

All in all, a decent children's film and, where as I could get into another entirely different subject (namely the film being one huge advertisement for the Fisher Price Take `N' Play range), I hardly feel it's worth raging against too severely. Just don't go into it expecting Inception with talking trains or you'll be sorely disappointed.
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on 2 November 2010
The previous CGI Thomas film is probably my 4 year old son's favourite, so I was expecting him to enjoy this new one too.
In fact both my son and my six year old daughter love it. There's a bit more excitement and action in this new film than in the previous one which is no bad thing.
The little book of the story included in the case is a nice bonus as they both demand to hear it before going to bed after having seen the film.
Otherwise the bonuses on the disc itself (the film weighs in at around an hour) are pretty skimpy:
- a sing-along version of the main song (which gets my kids dancing like lunatics)
- a 3 minute documentary similar to that on the first film (which the kids enjoy)
- a 'game' which literally last about 30 seconds and is always the same. The pay-off is a bonus sing-along song which doesn't feature in the film (which gets my kids doing another lunatic dance routine)
In any case, if your kids like the CGI Thomas TV series and the first film they will love this one. It's certainly the new 'best film ever' in my household.
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on 9 April 2016
This is awful beyond belief. As a child of the 80's I grew up watching the original tv series narrated by ringo starr and watched every series since. This was to date the worst of all.

The rhyming couplets, three strikes and out formula that plagued series 10-16 was more prevalent than before. Sharon Miller should be disgusted with how much her lazy, awful writing ruined the series. Thank goodness for Andrew Brenner for bringing Thomas & Friends back to it's former glory as well as keeping it up to date and modern for the younger fans.

Simply awful movie. avoid at all costs.
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One of the few things my brother and I agreed on when we were children was how good the train books by the Rev W Awdry were and we both used to like reading them and having them read to us. In a fit of nostalgia I decided to watch this film and enjoyed it. I did find the narrator's voice came over to me as a little patronising when I first started watching it but I found I could easily ignore that once I was immersed in the story.

The engines are involved in building a search and rescue centre on the island of Sodor and they need a particular type of wood to complete the work. The Fat Controller asks for volunteers to go and get it which involves a trip by ship. Naturally Thomas is among the volunteers. But as he travels by raft attached to the back of the ship by rusty chains he soon finds himself adrift and coming ashore on the scary Misty Island.

Thomas's adventures on Misty Island may seem a little frightening to some children as it involves being stuck in the dark and having three strange engines making fun of him and ganging up on him but many children I am sure will take it in their stride as just being part of Thomas's adventures. I enjoyed my nostalgic trip with the engines and I think I shall be watching more of these films.
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on 17 October 2010
This DVD is perfect for the child who loves Thomas. Story line not too difficult for young children
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on 5 November 2010
What can I say about this dvd. My son who is two and a half lives for 'Thomas the Tank Engine' and when we purchased this dvd he watched it about 7 times in a row. Great story line with loads of new characters. He is interactive with the dvd calling out all their new names when they get into scrapes and all in all loves this dvd. Definetly one to buy for a son who loves 'Thomas'.
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on 18 June 2015
Good Thomas movie which my 3 year old Thomas fan enjoyed.

We own most of the new animated movies as well as a lot of the classics and dvd specials.

It's nice to see the narrow gauge engines from misty island in something.

Unfortunately it really doesn't have any soul to the story and seems a bit rushed.

Blue Mountain Mystery, King of the railway, Hero of the Tracks and Tale of the Brave are all much much better.

Having said that, its is part of the collection and my 3 year old has watched it 10 times already, so it was worth the price and he enjoyed it etc.
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on 1 June 2016
I am a life-long Thomas fan, but I honestly don't know what possessed the creative team to come up with this tripe! It's films like these that depict Thomas as just a money-making franchise, and not the work of art that Awdry made it and that Brenner (who is a saint in this case) restored it to. The narrative is awful, it's just about Thomas visiting an island inhabited by machinery that is either dull or breaks every health-and-safety rule in the book! There's no sense of an underlying threat like there is in Sodor's Legend Of The Lost Treasure (which is a REAL Thomas special, instead of this pile of s*&t). The characters are not given ANY development. Bash and Dash just complete each other's sentences, while all Ferdinand EVER says is 'That's Right!' - HE might've saved the film, if the writers had expanded upon his character, like say, for instance, Thomas caused an accident, and he gave him some encouragement not to feel too badly about it.

Then there's a scene between Gordon and Whiff at the waste dump. WHY IS THIS SCENE IN THE FILM???? It's just a random scene shoehorned in out of carelessness. It would've made more sense to include the scene more often in the film, with, say, Gordon becoming comically more adjusted to working in a rubbish dump, as a comic sub-plot!

And then there's Diesel. Diesel is provoked by Thomas into taking the jobi wood to the Rescue Centre, because Thomas teased him, calling diesels unreliable. So Thomas is pretty much being praised for being mean to Diesel, so your kid will now know that you simply have to be a teasing show-off if you want to have friends.

And don't get me started on the far-too-excessive repetition in the film!
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on 14 December 2013
The latest installment of the Thomas series, although containing some mild plot issues, is still a great addition to the Thomas franchise. The animation continues to get better and better each time and this is a good continuation of the great job that the animators accomplished with the Hero of the Rails DVD, which was amazing.

My 2.5 year old loves all of his Thomas movies and this is one of his favorites. He loves boats and trains and this movie lets him experience both. Afterward I did purchase the die-cast toys, Dash, Bash and Ferdinand as well as the Captain boat.

Although some of the feel good elements of the other movies may be missing and some holes in the plot may make the movie less enjoyable for adults, my son still enjoys it and regularly asks for this one.
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on 25 November 2011
This is the best Thomas and friends feature length that we have watched so far (havent got day of the diesels yet)
I watched it yesterday with my 18 month son. He sat and watched the first 40 mins without moving (which isnt very common) then my phone rang so i paused it because I wanted to see what happened at the end.
Very good dvd and is definantly worth buying for your little thomas fan.
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