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on 20 October 2014
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on 4 October 2010
My seven year old navigates around the various games and tests on this product with ease and seems to be learning whilst having fun. If you are looking for a learning tool that is engaging, and challenging for your children then you can purchase this product in the knowledge it does exactly what you want from it. I scored it 3 on value for money because I think that given the alternative learning games out there on various platforms that this bit of kit could and perhaps should be less expensive.
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VINE VOICEon 18 September 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got this because my son age 7 really does not like doing his spelling.

The games has 10,000 word that it sort in different ways like high frequency and you choose a list of 10 words for my son to learn. He then can choose from 4 different games that uses the choosen 10 words. My son found the games OK to play but not over the moon about them. He found playing the games much more fun and interesting than having to do the traditional paper and pencil way.

One games gradually fades in the words and you type them in and if done in time your get a point. Another game you navigate a spaceship throw the force field that matches the correct spelling of the word that you hear.
Another games you shoot the correct letters for your spoken word then later place the letters in the correct order for that word.

With the last game my son found that having a time limit quite stressful, because there was a large band sound after a certain time to show time was getting by. Then the games would say time had run out. I would rather it was timed rather then you ran out of time. My son needed extra time to think about which letter to put down. With this games I alway do it with him, so that it is not so hard. I think this games would suit an older child and my son would grow into playing this game on his own.

I love the fact that I can enter his school spelling words every Friday and let him play as he learns. I just let him choose any of the games and play them over and over again. I then give him every now and again the spelling test that says the word and he keys the correct spelling.

I find that I really need to be with him while he plays the games to help him sound out the words and keep motivated with the games. But my son needs this attention with school work as he is still only 7. Each game has many options to make it easier or more difficult like increase/reduce the speed.. have the words show up while they shoot the letters etc.

When the words are spoken they are in a very clear English. I would like for the games to be timed, so that my son could have his best times for each spelling test that he does and retake the test and aim for a faster time.

We have an apple mac computer and it works fine on this. It was very easy to install and works fine. When the games is running it completely covers the whole screen, so that you don't have other windows of other programs showing. That way your child is not distracted them.

I gave it only 3 stars because i feel it could be more engaging with the games. But with such a large database of words and the ability to customise the options for he game we will be using it regularly. I feel that this is worth getting as an alternative or additional way for your child to learn their spelling.
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VINE VOICEon 3 September 2010
I was intrigued by this offering as I have one very keen academic child (8) and one capable child (5) - not sure which way she will go on the academic front yet hence was very keen to see how they would both take to this.

The concept of having individual accounts for each child/user is good. The premise of having word games to make spelling more exciting is also good. The verbal instructions were useful (including the ability to switch them off for good readers - even better!!!). The game concepts were good, particularly the one that allowed you to shoot letters.
All of them I think could have been improved with minor tweaks to the sound - a fanfare/or noise to indicate the person has done well/or not. Remember these need to be compared to things like Brain Training which is what the children are used to. The x-ray emergency game did not seem to hold their attention either - I believe in part this was caused by the very dull graphics. The countdown being a timer from 1000 (not very good for a Reception/KS1). Why not have the screen turning red or something like that.

In terms of the variety of word lists I found them extensive, if a little interesting. There may be the feature but I did not come across it the feature to be tested from any one of the 1000 words at each level. It seemed to rely on selecting a list of 10 and then being tested on them.

There is quite a lot to this package, and I think it will get the young ones using the computer, but for the DS/Wii children of an older age I just do not think this will hold their attention.
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on 17 March 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Any tool that helps children sit at the computer and learn is great. Spelling Force is a great initial tool, it does give you encouragement to help your child spell. However, the games are mediocre and they lose concentration fast, maybe rewarding them with something that excites the child is better. I mean I usually reward my child by allowing them play there favourite game or something. The spellings also need to be more varied and allow the user to change the levels on the fly.

Overall, it's not bad and pretty decent tool. However, I am a strong believer that writing the spellings down on paper help you remember much quicker than visually seeing them. You can't really beat the old method in doing spellings. As it is scientifically proven that writing and reading helps the memory better than just visually viewing it.

I can't knock the toolset within the spelling force, so definitely 4 stars.
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on 11 May 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My son is a good speller but I love anything which continues to challenge him. This package uses a gaming approach to keep the user interested and to get them to progress with harder and harder words. For the first week my son went to the program without being asked, but then his interest waned and I had to encourage him to keep at it. This is not really the fault of the package, more that children have a 100 things they have to do. He still uses the program and really enjoys it, so for that I recommend it as it has not just been disregarded.

Overall, a very nice way to keep spelling interesting

Glad to see this work on a Mac with no problem.
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VINE VOICEon 24 March 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The ordering of these spelling activities around games is a great way to encourage children to keep learning while they play, and more importantly to progress in their ability in order to work their way through the games. My daughters enjoy the games and enjoy getting the answers right. The only niggle I have is that I think the games are perhaps more suited to boys, even though there are female characters throughout. I've certainly noticed that while my two enjoy this package, their interest doesn't perhaps hold as long as it does with some of their other educational games. Overall a good buy though.
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on 24 December 2010
This software coupled with Word Rock gives you play and learn for those students reluctant to leave their computers and DS's.
You can also input your own words for them to practice which is especially useful. It puts your word lists into the games too.
A wide age range is also a plus for both of these programs. Can recommend both.
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VINE VOICEon 26 November 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a lovely programme for any ability. From the easiest to the most difficult it will challenge even a professor. A great opportunity for anyone to improve their spelling. Fantastic for any child or adult to learn and it doesn't matter how many times you get it wrong you will know that you can only get better.

the challenges are in categories such as 'Weather' then proceeds to test you on your ability. If you get one wrong you can keep having a go until you know them all.

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on 30 September 2010
I originally bought the BRAINtastic Version 2 Mega Bundle, Ages 5 to 15+). The children liked it so much so I downloaded some other trials from their home page. (Don't think i can post a link - but I just googled EdAlive anyway!) This was one of their programs for spelling, the demo was fun but not very long. So when my neice's school ran their Community Software Plan, I purchased the rest of the titles ( I think there were like 16 or so! But they were really cheap :) )

Hannah (9yr neice) had some difficulty with the first sets of words that the program made for her - so I copied the list her teacher gave her for homework into the administrator part of the program. That made it much easier for her because she was learning the same words at school! While she thought the games were fun, she was very eager to tell me that the "subliminal" messages were NOT working! Intrigued I asked what she meant, and she explained that all the games were named after vegitables (like P.E.A.S.=Protective Energised Atmospheric Shield and V.E.G.I.E.S.=Very Expensive Gravity Inducing Energy Sources)) and that she would not be eating more than "her fair share". She must be doing well in Words Rock Version 2 to pick up those words!
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