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on 22 November 2010
This TV is amazing, it has the most stunning picture I've seen of any TV that I've viewed.
When researching getting a new TV for a home cinema setup I must have viewed dozens of TVs in and around this size and price range.
I've only had this TV for a day or so, but I feel I must add to the 5 star reviews because this TV deserves them.
Watching Up on Bluray colours are vibrant and detailed, edging is perfect, motion is smooth.
Blacks are very inky which is important for giving fantastic colour depth which this TV has in abundance.
Whites and all lighter images are very bright when necessary.
All blurays I've played on the free panasonic dmp bdt100eg player I got with the TV have looked stunning and I've only fiddled around using the standard TV settings, professional 1 looks the best to me and makes images look very natural.
Blade Runner's opening scenes are gorgeous, the fireballs coming up from the city below look like I'm looking through a window of a helicopter or plane.
Star Trek 11's dark scenes are handled with stability and clarity, showing the films detail well.

Watching the Matrix upscaled on DVD there is of course a level of softness to the picture, but there is bound to be a drop in image quality when compared with bluray and it's not as much as you may expect to get from a none HD film.
Colours aren't quite so vibrant, but they're punchy enough, overall I'm very impressed with DVD upscaled material.

Freeview is good, but you can't sit as close as you can with bluray material, it's a similar story with DVDs that are upscaled, but you should always expect that with such a large picture on any TV.
I've found if I sit about 8 to 10 feet from the screen that's fine.
Haven't tried any 3d films on my set yet, but viewing Avatar 3d in a Panasonic shop in croydon and some 3d films of what I believe was italy and some white water rapids in the Currys Megastore I bought the TV from, well they looked very convincing.

The only area I'm not too happy about is the speakers, they aren't great, sound is more wide than direct and sounds hollow, but since I have a Sony STR DH810 reciever and Q Acoustics speaker package and you can use the TVs Audio Return HDMI 2 channel with a HDMI 1.4 cable(I brought one 2metre and 4 1 metre Cable Mountain ones from Amazon for around £30) it's not really an issue, tbh I would expect anyone able to spend around 2 grand on such a set would ugrade to at least a basic sub sat package which would solve the problem.

The TV is very heavy, but get two people and you can both lift it onto it's bracket or to wall mount.
I work in a Pet Shop and can lift 20 kgs regularly, my mother helped me lift it onto the stand and she is not very strong, but the two of us managed it.

Anyone considering getting a new TV and thinking Plasmas have too many problems should bare in mind that alot of the older issues with the technology have been solved, images aren't dull, but natural, motion is handled much better than any LCD or LED TV I've seen, colours are more vivid, film generally seems much better than either of those picture technologies and I've seen the Sony KDL-46HX903 which is what hifi's current award winner, whilst that TV is good, it was too lifeless when compared this set, lacked the naturalness of the VT20 and it costs more.
There was a small amount of noise (a quiet buzzing sound) to the panel when I first turned it on, but after a few hours it's gone away, it doesn't seem very hot, my 3 year old 32 inch HD Ready LCD Panasonic was much hotter and it's smaller, plus that set made noises and creaked a bit.
I believe the life of this set is documented as being around 100,000 hours, which I think if you watched this TV for 8 hours a day would mean it'll last you around 34 years.

Overall I'm extatic with this TV, it has only one major shortcoming in my opinion.
I will update this review further as and when anything new occurs, I understand there is a burn-in period for plasmas or any audio visual product.
My views on the set atm are of it out of the box, with a few tweaks using standard settings.
It's great!!
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on 3 July 2010
I bought this TV after owning a Samsung UEB7000 after being thoroughly disappointed with the picture quality, especially in close facial detail, blurring when the head moved etc, all I have to say that this wipes the floor with it.

You get what you pay for.

Sadly not tried the speakers as have a full 5.1 B&W set up so cant comment. Nor on the 3D as the movies are pretty poor at the moment. But 2D, whether its Wimbledon or your favourite dark fast moving film, it is staggering. My best purchase of the year!
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on 4 August 2010
Absolutely wonderful. It produces the cleanest motion and the deepest, richest blacks out of any flat-screen HDTV currently on the market.

THX Certification, 3D and perfect blacks make this a steal
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on 7 February 2012
This TV is the best TV I've ever had and am likely to have. Its rich 3D features mean that using Sky 3D is a breeze and the setup and controls are fluent. The colours are vibrant and vivid, and the darks really stand out. Also, in full HD with Freeview and Freesat, both in HD, this is an excellent deal. The only thing that's missing is a free 3D channel for Freesat.
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on 20 May 2013
This TV was excellent until it developed a fault two and a half years later (two weeks ago). It had a vertical permanent patch showing in the top left corner of the screen. The estimate to repair was a minimum of £300+ labour without any guarantee that it would last. Do not buy this model. It cost me £2.049 at the time.
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on 19 January 2011
This is my second Panasonic plasma and I am truly impressed. As mentioned in previous reviews, the blacks really are black which is always good, there are no extra shadows on dark scenes and the 3D is awesome.
The speakers are pretty poor but I have no need for them anyway.
This set just reminds me why i'm a panasonic snob when it comes to my TVs!
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on 24 December 2010
Amazing TV great 3D and 2D picture there is one problem,the glasses are rubbish only used ours on 6 occasions when one broke I glued it, used it once more and the same thing happened to the other side I then inspected the other pair and found a hairline facture. I phoned Panasonic not very helpfull seemed on their guard would not comment on known proplems told me to return them to the nearest Panasonic service centre, this I did on 06-12-2010. I purchased this TV along with a home cinema centre and wi/fi box at a cost of £3000 and we now find ourselves spending xmas with only 2D we have the sky 3D channel it has football and Avitar showing these we will miss. Panasonic are a rubbish company when it comes to after care I think to leave a customer with out the glasses is apalling I have sent 2 emails these have been ignored.check the av forum and read other buyers promlems with these glasses before buying

merry xmas
dave brown 24-12-2010
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on 21 October 2013
Easy to use TV and great picture.
We don't often use the 3D but it is very good.
Would recomend
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on 9 March 2011
I have owned 7 plasmas from over the years - this is the best - I would say the best overall plasma ever!!
I would suggest going to the showroom first and checking this out - especially against the other well known brands - this just blows them away.
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on 19 May 2011
Silliest purchase ever. Great TV but 3D just isn't a winner and as soon as Sky got a few customers they moved it to pay-per view
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