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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 26 August 2010
This isn't a masterpiece, or an Oscar winner, or anything like that. It's light entertainment you can let yourself relax and enjoy and not have to engage your brain at all. Perfect if you want a funny, action pact film to pass some time. If your looking for something more intellectual then look somewhere else.

Once again Tom Cruise proves he can be funny. His character is a little bit crazy but so totally lovable. I left the cinema thinking 'I want one of him!'. And i'm not even a Cruise fan!!
Cameron Diaz we already know can do comedy so there's no surprises here. She comes and plays her part well. Little bit dipsy but on the whole a likable character.

The plot is so completely insane you have to laugh. Cruise is a CIA agent gone rouge apparently, and has taken a piece of technology with him that many many people want their hands on. Diaz manages to get caught up in all this. Chaos and comedy ensue.

I actually really enjoyed the film. Cruise and Diaz really worked well together and it was a great feel-food movie. Definitely one i'll watch again, especially if I need cheering up.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 August 2016
Okay, so ‘Knight and Day’ had some pretty big expectations on its shoulders – basically, anything carrying such star power as Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz is going to be a massive hit, right? After all, look how well ‘The Tourist’ turned out for Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie!

Yes, Tom and Cameron are great actors who can both carry a movie. Yes, they do have chemistry. And, yes, they’re always going to attract the public. But will the overall package attract enough of the public to make the film the serious money it needs? The answer is: sort of.

Possibly the first problem the film runs into is that it’s hardly a new premise. Jason Bourne has been doing those ‘innocent-spy-on-the-run’ movies for years, so the fat that Tom Cruise is a super-secret agent who’s wrongly accused of a crime he didn’t commit is nothing new. Plus, wasn’t that the plot for at least two Mission Impossible films?!

Then you have the fact that the film doesn’t really know what it wants to be. Tom Cruise provides the action, whereas as Cameron Diaz is more suited for quirky romantic-comedy movies. Therefore you’re left with a weird blend between the two.

It’s an odd sort of film that doesn’t really know what it wants to be. I found I sometimes didn’t know whether I was supposed to be laughing or getting pumped up at the amazing set-piece car chases and punch-ups.

However, it did make money. As I’ve said before… both leads have legions of fans. It is nice to see the two of them together and it’s their chemistry which does save the production. It’s certainly no classic and if you’re into your serious spy movies then this one isn’t for you. However, if you like one or both leading actors then you should wring enough charm out of the story to keep you happy for a couple of hours. It’s one of those films where renting or streaming is certainly more rewarding that paying full price for the experience on Blu-ray!
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on 9 August 2010
'Knight and Day' is an action-comedy that released in 2010 to mixed critical acclaim. The total for the first weekend box office take in the U.S. for the movie was allegedly the worst result for an action film starring Tom Cruise in 20 years. However, the movie in the end has turned out to be a moderate success.

The movie tells the story of June Havens (Cameron Diaz) who somehow gets involved with a rogue secret agent, Roy Miller (Tom Cruise). Both of them are then hunted by the FBI who want their hands on Miller and also something important.

I watched the movie with low expectations and was in for a pleasant surprise. It was like going back to the 1990's and witnessing a good old popcorn action flick with a hint of light-hearted comedy. The feel of the movie just felt right, although the plot was wafer-thin. In a nutshell, it was entertaining.

The positive things about the movie were the exciting and stylish action set-peices, fast pace of the movie, energetic performances from Cruise and Diaz who shared a natural chemistry and an eye pleasing cinematography. I should also mention that the comic moments were quite funny.

The downside is the really stupid story but that is thankfully over-compensated by the above things. Otherwise, this would've been the disaster of the summer. Another flaw is the bland villains who do nothing for the movie.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the ending, which is the CORNIEST movie climax I've seen in ages. It must be a good thing since it made me laugh.

Cruise pitches in a committed and cool performance combined with some cracking one-liners. His presence itself makes the feature more than watchable. Cruise proves that he is still a star. Diaz compliments Cruise step-by-step and holds her own against him. She is a treat to watch. The romance angle between the actors is done well. The great chemistry between Cruise and Diaz combined with their amusing dialogue exchanges actually saves the movie from mediocracy. The only realistic point is that the age of both actors is starting to show.

The direction provided by James Mangold mainly works on the style and not the substance. He could've worked on character development and made sense of a number of mindless scenes. Overall, his direction was acceptable as he caused Cruise and Diaz to flourish and executed the action scenes in a slick manner.

The cinematography by Phedon Papamichael especially in the exotic locales is worthy of a mention.

The background music score by John Powell is lively and adds excitement to the action.

Right, the movie had a lot of development problems where the makers were unsure who to cast as the lead actors, which isn't a good start. A different director and multiple writers had worked on the script prior to everything being finalised, which is evident when viewing the feature. Also, there were funding problems, which the makers resolved to an extent by paying Cruise a lower advance fee. They also neglected to provide him with a share of the revenue until the financiers earned back their initial investment in the production. All in all, a shaky project where it's clear on watching the final product that the end result could've been a BLOCKBUSTER.

When speaking about promotional aspects of the movie, the trailer is guilty of killing of any audience interest. The trailers were just lame. I also found that the title of the film didn't grab my attention. In my opinion, these two things could've been changed to the advantage of the feature.

'Knight and Day' for me was an unwinding CHEESEFEST and an ideal summer actioner. It's most enjoyable if you take it for what it is.
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on 11 March 2011
If you're looking for a banal action film (as lets face it, some of us often are) then this film is for you. It's completely 100mph action packed and very easy watching.

That said, it's completely far fetched, not at all believeable (in one shot Cruise is slightly taller than Diaz - I rest my case) and altogether kinda nonsense.

Watchable, entertaining nonsense, but nonsense nonetheless...
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on 22 April 2016

"Knight And Day" comes to blu ray with AVC-encoded 1080p 2.40:1 transfer, which was as slick as the movie itself. Contrast was high, with colour popping off the screen. Fine detail was deep. Those red bandanas worn by the running participants amidst the running of the bulls sequence really popped off the screen. Blacks were inky. (4.5/5)


The DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio really gave the home theatre speakers a real work-out, with tremendous surround effects, like the car chase in Boston. Gun shots ping-ponged around the room. The sound was quite realistic, that made you feel like you were actually in the midst of the chase. (5/5)


Tom Cruise received only $11 million pay for this film, instead of the $20+ millions that he usually received. The budget for this film was about $117 million, but it only grossed $76 million. And Tom Cruise actually dropped out of "The Tourist" to do this film. Of course, Johnny Depp took his place in "The Tourist". Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz did a majority of the stunts on their own. Both were avid drivers and had experience doing sharp turns and 180s. The car Cameron Diaz was driving in the chase scene was a 1966 Pontiac GTO with Martinique Bronze exterior and Parchment interior. Of course we all know that Tom Cruise personally owns a $2 million Bugatti Veyron.


Errors in geography: When June was taken to Antonio's home in Seville, Spain, the city was celebrating the festival of San Fermin. Part of that was the famous running of the bulls, which happened in Pamplona, not Seville. Pamplona was in northern Spain; Seville was in southern Spain. Also, Knight's "tropical island" refuge was in the Azores, which were nowhere near the tropics. The CIA logo used in the movie looked nothing like the real CIA logo, however, US law prohibit the unauthorized reproduction of the insignia of any department or agency of the United States. Likely the producers did not receive authorization to use the CIA logo, therefore had to use a logo that bore no resemblance whatsoever to the real thing.


"Knight And Day" brought together two superstars: Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, with good chemistry between them. This was a fun, action-packed thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It was an enjoyable 109 minutes. Thanks to 20th Century Fox for putting the subtitles within the picture frame, especially important for those with anamorphic lens and stretched picture. The Special Features were sparse, but it contained Knight and "Someday", featuring Black Eyed Peas and Tom Cruise, with Tom appearing during the Black Eyed Peas concert in O2 arena London. Tom Cruise actually asked the Black Eyed Peas to write the song Someday into the movie, which was also played during end credits. Highly recommended.
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on 27 September 2013

The name Knight comes from the real name of Tom Cruise aka Rob Miller aka Matthew Knight. Plus he uses a toy knight to conceal an experimental battery that can power a whole city. I am sure there may be some other knight symbols, such as knight in shining armor etc., but the movie isn't designed to be that deep. Cruise bumps into Diaz (June) in an airport as they get on the same flight. After some innocent flirting Diaz goes into the airplane restroom and does some primping, trying to figure out how to hook up with Rob Miller (Cruise). While Diaz is looking in the mirror checking out her T&A, Cruise is being attacked by everyone on the plane. Diaz comes out, has a drink with Cruise who explains that the pilots are dead.

Later in the movie Diaz attempts to have a serious conversation with her former bf. As she explains about the airplane, he ignores her and tries to talk about "the relationship." The movie is filled with these numerous turn arounds, most of which come near the end. One chase scene reminded us of that "Mission Impossible" criticized impossible train explosion scene, as Cruise jumps to the wind shield of an automobile which Diaz is driving. Crusie jumps around building tops like The Phantom and at one point Diaz models a red bikini for us. Eventually Diaz gets into the whole spy thing and decides to take matters in her own hands. The movie is fun and clever. The action has impossible chase scenes, but what action movie doesn't. It would make a great date movie.

Occasional dropping of the F-bomb.
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on 22 May 2015
Tom Cruise is back in another summer movie that is high on action and low on plot hole filler.

Diaz is on board to assist as the female sidekick. Have you seen Mr and Mrs Smith? Have you seen Mission Impossible 2? Have you seen True Lies? If you enjoyed these three movies, you will get something out of this.

The film centres around a Macguffin known as the battery, which offers something to someone, and Cruise has his hands on it. He meets Diaz, Crash lands a plane, and spouts a one liner. Hilarity ensues.

This carries on for the majority of the film, with Diaz falling more an more for Cruise, one scene that for any person who has 1% knowledge of movies, knows that Cruise isn't dead, and other set pieces being ripped off from other movies.

But it's not bad. For one, it's a summer movie, so all reality is thrown out of the window, because it's a star vehicle, and the makers know, that it will make some money.

The plane sequence isn't as exciting as the makers would like it to be. In all fairness, it's quite silly, but it's the poorest part of the film.

The warehouse scene is taken directly from Mr and Mrs Smith and True Lies respectively. The train scene has connotations toward Ubder Siege 2, and the bike set piece is totally ripped of from tomorrow Never dies.

But Cruise is great as always and lifts the film from absurdity. It's fun while it lasts but it's nothing memorable. The editing is slick as are the effects, although you feel that Cruise had some say, because when ever he does a huge jump or something dangerous, his head/body is put seamlessly on the screen (MI:2 is so ten years ago).

It's great for a first date movie, it goes along at a steady pace and isn't offensive, but than again so was six days and seven nights.

It's a summer movie of the highest order, and one of those movies that won't hold a special place in anyones heart who loves high concept.

See it, feel guilty about seeing it, but enjoy it.

It's not trying to be anything it isn't.
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on 22 July 2015
Bought it in HD, didn't let me play it in HD for some stupid reason.

Film was great though. Just a let down that Amazon wouldn't let me swap it for the lower quality purchase as I would have saved money.
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on 5 October 2010
Have to say I wasn't expecting much from this movie sounded like a lightweight rom-com with some action thrown in. kookie girl meets action man etc

Actually it pretty much was kookie girl meets action man but works very, very well. Cameron and Cruise convince both individually and together, the production is big, slick and flawless. The story and action sprint along, matched only by a blurring change of location. I would happily watch again and you can't say that about too many movies.

A genuinely entertaining action movie.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 December 2010
Oh boy what a really fun action film, its like watching Jerry Maguire in a Mission Impossible film with tons of tongue in cheek & just the chemistry between Cruise & Diaz sparkles. The pair look like they are having a ball making the film, at least it certainly comes across that way when watching it(Diaz is just so freaking cool in this film btw). I couldn't take my eyes off them during the film as i was fascinated by wondering what the next piece of action was going to be or what trouble June was getting herself into now, for Roy to save her.

The story revolves around June Havens (Cameron Diaz-There's Something About Mary) who is a cool chick who has a garage in Boston that specializes in classic cars, she is heading home to see her little sister get married, and at the airport a man bumps into her a few times who doesn't seem sure she should get on the plane. That man is of course Roy Miller (Tom Cruise-Top Gun), however unknown to her Roy is under FBI surveillance, so due to this meeting they begin to suspect if he and she are working together trying to sell a piece of World changing technology. OTT style Mission Impossible action sequences ensue, as June & Roy fall in love, although Roy's attempts to keep June out of harms way just seems to backfire as she gets a taste for the action herself. But is Roy telling her the whole truth ?

In conclusion Knight & Day is a really enjoyable action/tongue in cheek/romance mixture, brewed to the boil just right. kind of think of it as a much more funny version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith minus the marriage part. A really exciting film that will suit a romantic night in, infront of the telly. Recommend.
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