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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 2 November 2015
Possibly my favourite Bluray release this year and long overdue.
Tales from the Crypt is the second in the series of Amicus portmanteau movies and for me, one of the very best.
With five excellent stories that do not outstay their welcome and an outstanding performance from Peter Cushing as Arthur Grimsdyke in his story, the presentation is also cleanly transferred to Bluray fully uncut and even comes with brand new 36 minute documentary on the subject too.
This is a must have and another thumbs up to Final Cut for releasing it. Now please do the same for Vault of Horror!
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on 8 July 2010
The best Horror film i ever saw ( as a kid), at long last it's on a Region 2 DVD. All sub stories are great but the performance by Cushing as "Grimsdyke" takes all awards, scared the life outta me when first watched on a late night ITV showing. Each offering being carefully crafted and perfectly presented by a hardcore cast of expertise, how on earth did they get Sir Ralph to play the Crypt Keeper ?? ;-) Buy and enjoy.......
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on 27 July 2010
well what can i say?the best british horror,ever!ok.naff all extras but who cares?what you get is a great transfer and some great horror,oh,and a beautiful joan collins.
really,this is that good.if your at the age of remembering these being showed late friday and saturday nights then this is gonna bring a lot of memories back.
forget your big budget hollywood horror,this is the bees knees,and shows british horror may not have loads of money to spend but has great scripts and acting to boot.
buy without know it makes sense.
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on 30 May 2014
I remember being allowed to stay up late and watch these old hammer horrors if only to keep my mother safe ;-) Ooooh they were scary, especially when you're ten! Even today they have a sort of Twilight Zone feeling to them. I recall being blown away with episode with Ian Hendry being involved in a car accident only he got catapulted in to a year later. Great stuff, well made well acted!!!
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on 30 June 2010
This is a fantastic transfer to dvd, the picture quality is almost pristine and in the correct aspect ratio 1.85:1
The sound is perfectly clear and audible. Yes, the original crypt keeper is misleading but that's only a niggle compared to what we get on the disc.
All in all, a long awaited release for a fantastic film given the treatment it deserves.
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on 13 July 2010
I just received this item the other day and I've already watched it. Amazon yet again deliver on the delivery front in terms of being prompt. This film features greats such as Joan Collins, Peter Cushing, Richard Greene and Nigel Patrick. This one is straight out of Amicus' style of Asylum and the house that dripped blood. 5 people get seperated in an underground crypt and are told of their futures by a mysterious crypt keeper. The stories are intriguing and at times quite chilling in their own right, though most people would find it tame now. It's hard to single out the best story here, so I'll just advise you to buy it and sit back and enjoy!
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on 29 June 2010
at long last this movie is on region 2.
the picture quality is excellent. my only complaint is the cover art features the crypt keeper from the 90s series, which is somewhat misleading.
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on 17 October 2013
Another great slice of portmanteau horror from Amicus. The format is familiar to fans of this stuff - five characters brought together, in this case in an underground chamber during a tour of some catacoombs. A mysterious cowled figure predicts their future, and so we see a housewife facing Yuletide terror, a car crash in which death isn't quite the end, retribution from beyond the grave for a spiteful neighbour, a gruesome twist on three wishes for a greedy wife, and a bleak tale of revenge set in a home for the blind. Right up there with Vault of Horror and From Beyond the Grave - a box set if ever there was one.
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on 26 July 2011
In the 1960s and 1970s Amicus studio's were one of the main rivals of Hammer Studios, specialising in making horror anthology films as well as gothic period-piece horror films. Tales From The Crypt takes its inspiration from the old EC comics of the 1950's and its similar to other anthology horror films like The House That Dripped Blood. They were both classic British horror films that had some great acting and an all-star cast, but this in my opinion was my personal favorite. Tales From The Crypt was directed by Freddie Francis and was released in 1972, it stars Joan Collins, Peter Cushing and Patrick Magee among others and the film contains five stories my favorite story would be All Through The House which was then remade as an episode for the Tales From The Crypt t.v. show in the 90's during the first season which was fantastic, and another would be Poetic Justice. Five strangers lost on a tour of old English catacombs wander into a meeting with a strange man (The crypt keeper) in a hooded cloak who proceeds to tell each of them their unpleasant fates.

All through the house, a woman kills her husband so she can begin living happily ever after until Santa stops by. He's been a bad boy and wants her head on a plate. This story was amazingly good and has a fantastic and memorable performance by Joan Collins as the scheming and frightened wife who's being chased around the house by a maniac dressed up as Santa.

Reflection of death, A man who is leaving his wife for a mistress without telling his wife dreams of his horrific car crash, unfortunately when he tries to find out where his mistress is it has been years since his death and his existence is a surprise to everyone. This one stars Ian Hendry and was it was my least favorite.

Poetic Justice, Peter Cushing stars in this next segment as a kind hearted old man who is hounded to death by his horrid neighbors only to exact brutal revenge on them, great stuff this is my second favorite.

Wish you were here is the reworking of the old tale Monkey's Paw, Richard Greene and Barbara Murray star as a loving couple who suddenly find themselves faced with the grim threat of bankruptcy. They however own a oriental statue that is said to grant the owner three wishes but they both have their own selfish and greedy reasons and so their luck backfires on them, this one was decent.

Blind alleys, an efficiency expert who is also a cruel retired army officer played by Nigel Patrick has taken over a home for the blind but treats them as if they weren't even handicapped. So he'll get his efficiency back at him when the blind patients treat him as disrespectfully as he did to them. This last segment was great as it wraps up the film. Overall Tales From The Crypt was a highly influential and classic British horror film that should be seen by all horror fans. Check it out, oh and the transfer on this new edition looks fantastic.
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on 12 August 2012
A collection of classic British horror stories to scare,amuse and entertain. The story with Joan Collins is really scary especially the guy playing Santa, pure frighteningly fun, the story about the old man and the neighbours that took a dislike to him had a tinge of sadness to it, and the story of the old blind men getting their own back on a scrooge type care home manager was good also. A enjoyable 90 minutes of harmless scary fun. No swearing, just quite a bit of red paint, a young Joan Collins, an eccentric but harmless old man, and a group of blind old codgers getting their own back. Enjoy!!
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