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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 5 December 2012
Some people will be attracted to this film because of the central character. Hey don't get me wrong he's gorgeous and good in it. But it's also a really good tale. It's gentle and sort of tip toes into your consciousness. Very cleverly written characters Truly moving when you realise the relationship between father and son. And it doesn't have that really schmaltzy happy ending that so often come with US films. Loved it and would recommend it
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on 23 August 2010
When i heard yet another one of Nicholas Sparks's books where being made into a film i was excited although was a bit sceptical of this one due to it being about a soldier and the girl he falls in love with and how they cope with their seperation. Although i LOVED the book (as with most books they tend to be better than the film because they leave some what more up to the imagination) i watched the film and instantly fell in LOVE with it!

The film like the book is based around John Tyree (Channing Tatum) who is home on R & R for 2 weeks and meet savannah Curtis (Amanda Seyfried) and fall in love. in true Nicholas Spark's fashion they have to stay apart when he has to go back and finish his terms of service with the army, and she goes back to college. they agree to keep in touch through letters. (One of the reasons i love this film is because they have to number the letters which any one who knows what post is like in the army its important if you want to understand what the letter is going on about!a small detail i know! but its those that count)

The film then goes on to show John signing up to extend his tour for an extra 2 years after the September 11th attack. We then go on to see that Savannah is unable to handle the distance and having John choose the military over her!

The other story line that i found intressting was that of John and his Father. I liked seeing how in the beginning John and his father seem to be distant but Savannah makes the effort to get to know his dad and goes to visit him even after John has left.

Although the film was not as good as the book it definatley deserves its mention as another great fim addaption of another one of Nicholas Spark's amazing novels. i Loved the plot and i feel the actors played there characters well. i also wanted to mention the irony of the title, as the letters are addressed dear john Obv but then no one wants to recieve a dear john letter telling you your significant other wants to leave you for another person! For us ladies its a dear jane letter!

I think its worth the watch, and it will definatley be keept with my other favorite movies (a walk to remember and the notebook =)

Dear John [DVD] [2010]
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on 11 January 2014
Your average romcom. Won't reduce you to tears, won't leave you raving about it either. Maybe it's because I don't get the Channing Tatum hype! Nevertheless, good to watch with the girls, but there are better romcoms out there.
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on 5 June 2011
The first copy I was sent of this film was faulty - it stalled at 30 minutes and wouldn't budge; I sent it back for another copy, so clearly by 30 minutes I had seen enough to want to continue watching. However, when the fresh copy arrived and I resumed the film at the half hour mark I started to feel marginally disappointed, as it all seemed like a teenage rom com for a while. Fortunately, after the to-ing and fro-ing of the mushy letters between John and Savannah, which became a little tedious, it did pick up and although the ending was predictably cheesy, there were enough interesting twists to the story to prevent it from being a flop. It's not the best film in the world, and it isn't anywhere near as good as the Notebook, but it's not bad by any means.
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on 11 August 2014
Good film, just what you can expect from a romantic film, my only criticism was that Amanda Seyfried's acting was a little too much, she must said "John" a million times, I felt like saying, we get the message his name is John, but apart from that it was good. However if its about Channing Tatum, I prefer "The Vow"
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on 21 September 2010
I bought this film really because i'd seen Channing Tatum in step up (which i love) so i thought i'd give this a go! this is an amazing film which i really loved and would recommend it to pretty much anyone!!
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on 1 August 2011
What a lovely story. Slightly sad at the end but it is happy too. If you enjoyed The Notebook you will love this one from Nicholas Sparks. There is also great chemistry between the actors which is rare these days.
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on 20 May 2014
I thought this film was OK. Was really looking forward to it and felt it had the potential to be a great film. But the end 1/4 of the movie felt like it pittered out rather than ended the story well. Loved the character of John's Dad and thought it was played really well. But Amanda's character lacked depth. Was disappointed it wasn't as good as I'd hoped.
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on 16 March 2011
This movie is one of my favorites.

Its a love drama with a great story and great acting.

Channing Tatum and Amanda seyfried at their best, playing the roles so honest and beautiful that it desnt even seem like feels like its they are living this life.

i dont think i ahev to tell you the story, you can just read that up there.
i found this movie very beautful and i will watch it again soemtime. it is very heartbreaking but doesnt leave you with a sad feeling...i would just call it touched...i wasnt feeling sad...just touched and very impressed.

i think a great movie, is a movie that leaves u thinking about your life..thinking that you are gartefull for evyrthing, but also amybe thart u have t change somehting.

its rarely that i watch a movie, that actually makes me want to change soemhting about myself...well..but this one did!!!

very beautiful for a movie night on ur own or with a friend...i honestly think gueys can enjoy this movie too...its not the typcal love drama..

so go and get it:)
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on 20 May 2012
As per usual, Nicholas Sparks does it again! Dear John is not the finest piece of cine art or the most intellectual film that has been released but it does not fail to jerk a tear here and there:) It has beautiful scenery, a stunning cast, and an intreging storyline... A joy to watch :) I must add though, please please please read the book! It cannot be topped! :)
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