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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 23 July 2010
If you're looking for essential Elvis songs then perhaps this is not the CD to start with! Although pleasant enough, some songs may be deemed a little mediocre compared to his more familiar landmark recordings, though 'Puppet On A String' and 'Do Not Disturb' are above average for Elvis 1960's movie ballads.
However, despite what the other reviews may say this is not the expanded version from the follow that dream label, this is the 12 track original album master remastered and as an Elvis fan I can say it's never sounded better. The original CD release on the early nineties double features series had a very narrow stereo image and no 'You'll Be Gone', which admittedly is not in the movie but was an integral part of the original LP. The 2003 FTD release had a 'tinny' echo added, despite the numerous outtakes sounding fine and the wrong version of 'You'll Be Gone'. So finally in 2010, a mere 45 years since it's first US vinyl appearance, we have the original LP on CD at last! There's no sleevenotes but it does feature the original US cover complete with nipper the dog emblem. Oh and the jordanaires 's' is still missing from the opening to 'Spring Fever'. As it always has...
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on 13 May 2004
Girl Happy is a soundtrack that holds a lot of delightful background information apart from its overall pleasant listening experience.
The background information comes to us through the CD package booklet and lets us in incidents like the 36 takes of "Do Not Disturb" that had to be covered in order to have the final acceptable level. During a segment of that track's takes we hear the sound engineer say to Elvis that they allready have a partial demo that is ok. Elvis, immediatelly responds that ok is not acceptable therefore more takes need to be reckoned with. On another incident, during the recording of "Spring Fever" we hear the sound engineer convey to Elvis that the specific song needs to come across with a happier, (no pun intended here due to the album title) feeling. The comment continues and the sound engineer says that maybe his mind is somewhere else.
Overall, the album presents songs that are somewhat indifferent and even the most electrifying performance by Elvis does not attach any merit to them.
But do hold on, because there are some excellent pieces as well like the tender "Puppet On A String" the sensual "Do Not Disturb" the grooviest in terms of lyrics and music "Girl Happy" and the best of them all "Spring Fever".
A very large ommmition remains the cover of "Sprin Fever" between Elvis and Shelley, with boy - girl respectivelly vocal backgrounds, which is the highlight of the film. Let's hope for a latter surfacing of this cover on a future CD project.
The song "Girl Happy" is further presented in its original slow tempo version which is equally if not more effective than the speeded track that appeared on the original album.
A must have for every collector.
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on 8 May 2003
Follow that dream, give your self a pat on the back because the new re-releases of Girl Happy is amazing. Not only is the sound quality the best I've ever heard any songs from this soundtrack but the covers are also amazing. With all oraginal cover arts displayed in a 7 inch cover with a fold out inside and booklet makes this well worth your money. Plus to top this all off the cd also includes a load of bonus takes of each song from the soundtrack. Amazing!
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on 16 February 2012
This soundtrack really is a mixed bag of good and not so good material that I have always felt marked the start of the fallow period in terms of production values and performance. That said many fans love this album and it does certainly represent that whole early 60's / beach/teen movie vibe. The trouble was Presley was nearing 30 at the time and some of the lyrics are just plain daft (Wolf Call) and attempts to get on the dance step bandwagon embarrasing (Do the Clam). The so called "rockers" like Startin Tonight and Meanest Girl In Town have promise but only the latter really gets a good performace from Elvis but both are let down by poor recorded sound. It is hard to know if this was one of the sessions that Elvis referred to when complaining about messing with the mix to push his vocal upfront of the band but it is obvious that studio trickery was involved in speeding up the title track which makes his voice sound strange. (Out-takes on the FTD version suggest the reason for speeding up the track was due to Presleys difficulty in reaching the sustained high notes of the backing vocal chorus)However the original slower version available elsewhere shows its actually a good song. As always Elvis did deliver on the ballads and Puppet on A String and Do Not Disturb are both class recordings. Of the others Cross My Heart (& Hope to Die) has a nice sizzling jazzy feel and Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce has charm, despite the naff title. Another reviewer has mentioned that it would have been good to of had the film version of Spring Fever but the one here is ok, but no great shakes as a song. But the original short album came with bonus tracks such as You'll Be Gone recorded a year or so earlier and you only need to compare that with the soundtrack songs to note the difference in performance and recording quality. Overall though the album is bright, optimistic and upbeat with enough glimpses of Presley talent still shining through on the ballads and the title track to make it worth a spin every now and then; as long as you remember this was a film soundtrack set.
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on 22 February 2007
There are a couple of numbers that spring to mind immediately on this '60's movie soundtrack, such as 'Cross My Heart, Hope To Die' and the ballad 'Puppet On A String' that are quite enjoyable to listen to. But, this is one of those Elvis albums that just doesn't appeal largely due to the likes of 'Do The Clam', 'Wolf Call', 'Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce', 'Startin' Tonight' and 'The Meanest Girl In Town'. It only slightly beats the soundtrack of the movie 'Harum Scarum', but not that much.
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on 11 October 2011
This has to be one of the most uplifting Elvis albums, with a real feel good factor,it will put ypu back in the film with a warm feeling in your heart ... you can relive the movie just while listening :-)
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on 29 June 2014
One of the best mid sixties film LPs from Elvis and a great fun comedy picture with a good cast and one liners. The King looking at is best. A must have for Elvis fans.
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on 15 October 2005
This is a good cd to own(for more serious fans)as it captures the mid 60's movie experience. The songs are fun and entail having fun; thats what it was all about. The original LP and CD release were faster tempo than the normal recording, however, the outtakes are not on here - they are the original tempo and that is a treat. Ultimately, this is a fun and positive album that most true fans that go beyond listening to the greatest hits albums will truly enjoy.
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on 28 July 2016
great cd some Elvis songs I had not heard of before
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on 13 April 2016
delighted with everything
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