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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

on 28 May 2013
I love this case. apart from the ease a twhich i can swap HDD's and SSD's it's the coolest running case I've ever used. apart from a very slight temperature rise at the side panel grill (that's directly opposite the cpu cooler fans) the rest of the case always feels stone cold. Temperatures of my hard drives never go above 29 degrees (that's the highest recorded temps).

The only thing I don't like is the locking bars across the DVD/Blu-Ray player and the temp meter.
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on 11 October 2011
Ordered the case a few month ago, replaced my old zalman case.
Set up is standard routine, not too much bother.
The case allows efficient cable management, which my last one didnt.

The only issue ive had is that one of the top fans didnt spin, took off the fan for a closer look and it was being obstructed by the fans frame. so to sort this i loosened one of the screws that hold the fan in place. its not a perfect fix but it will have to do. Though it shouldnt have been necessary anyway.

Apart from that, this really is an excellent case. i definitely need a PSU with more four pin molex cables, as it requires a bit more juice to get the fans at optimal speeds. As it was quite poor when using the dedicated fan cables.

I would definitely recommend this case.
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on 2 August 2012
The product is amazing great case lots of fans to keep system cool bay at top for ssd comes in really handy.
Bad point took nearly 2 weeks to deliver very poor of amazon on that i was not amused.
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on 29 March 2013
I really think it's the best case out in the market and it's also the most good looking one too. The only issue I had with it is that the front USB cable inside the case weren't attached to the case so it broke one of the blade on my top fan.
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on 13 July 2011
I've just received the case this morning, after waiting a looong week for it. The first impression was that the case is not so strongly built like Antec P183 Midi Tower Case, for example... But, for a house computer, i think the quality is more than enough. I had a nice surprise to find 7 (yes, you heard me) fans inside - there are other 2 big ones on top, not showing in the amazon's photo - all of them with individual speed controllers, plus another fan space on the side panel, just in case. The only existing problem (if you consider it a problem, of course), 5 of them are red. This doesn't affect me, as long they are keeping the inside as cool as possible. In my case, I'll have to remove one of them and to install my Corsair H60 radiator and fan instead. Huge space inside, perfect for making your life easier when instaling the components. The 3 fans on the front are installed on 3 lockable access doors with washable filters, so, again, helps you having more control over installing the hdd. Again, like P183, the mobo cables are going between the mb and the side panel. Another interesting feature, if you are an IT enthusiast, is the external hot-swap drive, very accessible, in case you want to install another temporary SATA hdd, without opening the side panel. Even the power and the reset buttons are very handy, on top of the case. In one word, I am really impressed with it. The only thing I would rate with 1 star instead of 5 is the postage. I recived the case in an open, ripped and broken box, luckly nothing was missing inside. Don't know who do I have to "thank" for that, but the Antec packaging saved the case from any damage. Not even a scratch.
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on 4 November 2011
when i was looking for a new case i wanted a haf x or one of the zalman ranges but just could not afford one at the time,my mate owns on of these df-85 cases so i new what i getting into before i bought it,some say its ugly but thats just down to taste as i like its looks,this is alot of case for the price and it does its job very well,i cant believe how well this case performs.my last case was a cheap midi tower and i was having major problems with cpu and gpu over heating even though i have good coolers on them.now my system is in this case no components overheat even when under load,i have also installed a fan controller and for normal use i run all the 7 fans plus an extra fan i added to the side panel at 40% and also have the cases built in controllers on there lowest settings,even running the fans this slow i have no over heating problems,the only time things get hot is when i am playing games,so i just turn the front fans up and switch the fan controller to auto and i can game for hours on end without the temps going up,the only reason i fitted a fan controller was to keep the noise down a bit as with 10 fans all together there is a fair bit of noise,i dont see the point of the 5.25 bay doors i think it would of been better without those,the three doors and the three fan housings feel like cheap plastic,i think they could of made them a bit more robust but a suppose this would effect its price alot.all in all this case is an awesome work horse and you would not be disapointed by it for this sort of price.
tonnes of room and easy to work with.
does its job very well even with the biggest gpu's and overclocked cpu's.
7 fans plus option to fit another in the side panel.
hot swap feature is very good but i did need to move them from the default places where they where put as they where to close to my gpu,i have one above the gpu and one below and now theres plenty of room.
the fan filters do the job very well and are easy and quick to clean and replace.
the hotswap on top of the case for a 2.5 hard drive is handy but looks a bit out of place,would of been better if it was fitted to one of the front 3.5 bays,or they could of at least made its cover black and not see through plastic.
cable routing is very good and its nice and tidy inside,could of done with a few more routing holes though as it is tight behind the right panel,also be aware that you may need a few cable extensions depending on motherboard as this case is huge.


psu has to be fitted upside down as there is no vent in the floor of the case,so psu is drawing in warm air rather than cool air,well i wouldnt say warm as its still very cool at the bottom of the case but still it would of been better if they had a vent in the floor like the more expensive cases.
cheap plastic feel of the doors on the front of the case.
the front usb 3.0 port has to be connected by a cable poking out of an empty com port on the back of the case,does the job but looks like an after thought.
only three 5.25 bays,would of been better with four,2 for roms,one for a fan controller,one for a card reader.
the top two fans dont have leds in them like the other five fans,why not fit leds to all of them?


dispite just a few small niggles this case is awesome,its one hell of alot of case for this sort of money,well worth every penny.
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on 19 January 2012
Antec DF-85 Midi Case Dark Fleet

Recieved yesterday very impressed. Well packaged in the Antec original packaging.

Only one gripe was the rear top exhast van was catching ever so slightly on it`s cover. I only checked this because I noticed someone else mentioning this in another review. Solved by loosening one screw nearest the front of this fan mounting by half a turn. Whoever put them in has been a bit heavy handed and over tightned them.
Apart from that great case loads of options for cable management. I`m sure my shiney new i72600k and noctua NH-D14 cooler will be happy in there. A good alternative to the HAF-X. ;)
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on 11 September 2011
Large Case with lots of fans came with 7 fans lots of room and great air flow. Great built case, brought this case mainly because it would only fit my new Antec CP-1000 1000W A/PFC Power Supply. An expensive case but was worth it would recommend it

Very Good Build Case
Up to 9 x internal 3.5"
Top 2.5" hot-swap SATA (SSD-compatible) drive bay
Advanced cooling system
USB 3.0 support

A bit expensive
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on 25 July 2010
Would buy this: but will not buy because of red fans. and would have to sell supplied fans. To me red fans are tacky or am I being fussy. but a very nice case.
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