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on 21 December 2010
Growing up I had heard of Bruce Lee but I never knew anything about him nor had I watched any of his films. I purchased 'enter the dragon' this year after Geoff Thompson (an influential martial artist) mentioned how Bruce Lee's films had inspired him, and I instantly became a fan. What I enjoyed more than the film however were the special features on the dvd which included documentaries on Bruce Lee, training footage and an interview with Bruce Lee.

This led to me working my way through Bruce Lee's films: 'way of the dragon' (which inludes a fight scene voted one of the best ever in martial arts history), 'the big boss' and 'fist of fury' which are all excellent. There is also 'game of death' which I haven't yet watched however this was made posthumously.

I then purchased this dvd which is an excellent documentary about an hour and a half long. It includes interviews with people who knew Bruce Lee personally as well as those he has inspired; and there are also further interviews in the special features of the dvd. The documentary itself was actually on Sky television a while ago, I think it was on the History Channel but I watched it on Anytime TV. If you have seen a recent documentary on Bruce Lee then this is probably the one that you have watched.

I already knew that Bruce Lee had revolutionised martial arts and film making but I was unaware of his influences in other areas such as music, philosophy, advertising and even break dancing. Even after his death he continues to inspire people around the world, crossing culturual boundaries and I think the words on his grave sum it up: 'your inspiration continues to guide us toward our personal liberation.'

It's incredible to think how much he achieved in his 32 years of living and it's just pure inspiration to watch him. Not only was he physically incredible in terms of his training and being able to do feats such as one arm push ups with his thumb and index finger; he was an extremely intelligent man who was university educated and had a personal library containing hundreds of books. Bruce Lee excelled in many areas including fencing and dancing and one interviewee on the dvd said he was so fast that he could hit you 4 times before you could even react. Bruce Lee was a pioneer who was using certain training methods and equipment 30 years before they were mainstream.

I've recently purchased the 'ultimate Bruce Lee collection' on dvd and the more I learn about the man and the more I watch him, the more it inspires me; he has influenced my physical training and my desire to learn more.

If you don't know much about Bruce Lee, this documentary will be an excellent introduction. If you're already a fan, then it's an excellent addition to your collection. Every time I need some inspiration, I'm going to watch this dvd and remind myself of what one man achieved in 32 years and what a phenomenal impact he had on the world even after he died.
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on 11 November 2010
a really comprehensive documentary that covers alot about bruce lee even new material that one may not associate with Lee; parkour, MMA, hip-hop and more. every interview is interesting giving not so much insight but more on how Lee inspired their career, it features known names like brett ratner, LL cool J, RZA, Jackie chan and many more. The docu is easy to follow and is split evenly into sections for people to understand the topic, his influence on music, martial arts, acting, philosophy etc. Fans of Lee should not miss this even if you know pretty much everything about Lee because it is a joy to watch and their are some interesting information that may catch you by surprise.

old footage is used interspersed between new materials, all interviews seem to be relatively new and up to date.
The narrator can be a bit annoying, he is your standard documentary voice actor, he sometimes mentions misleading information that fans will be able to point out but they are so minor and few it does not effect the overall quality of the documentary.

This is by far the best documentary out there that no fan should be without. highly recommended.
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on 12 November 2010
I'm really only echoing what the other reviewer has said. This is by far and away the most impressive Bruce Lee documentary I have seen. Wall to wall footage and high quality interviews with many people who knew him and some big names who were influenced by him either directly or culturally.

There's a genuine feel for Bruce Lee's era and the impact he had on the world at the time. His life story is certainly something you would imagine belongs in one of his films and I'm actually pretty staggered by it all.

The meat of this programme, besides the interviews, is the footage of Bruce lee from films and other aspects of life. I don't think I'm going to forget the film of his one inch punch in a hurry for example!

This isn't just an account of Bruce Lee's film career but his entire, impressive, life. Well worth the price of admission for any fan. Probably generate a few new ones too!
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on 24 February 2013
Great well worth the Money very good. This Special Editition DVD of Bruce Lee is the History of his life of a Legend and how he changed the World .A must Have if you like Bruce Lee.
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on 11 October 2011
I receive my Item and it was in perfect condition. The packing was perfect nothing to complain you really give a very good service. thank a lot
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on 7 March 2015
Possibly the only super hero this world has ever seen. Good film about Bruce Lee. Buy it, you will not get bored.
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on 27 July 2014
A nice look into bruce lee's life.
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on 9 November 2014
best film in the world
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on 22 October 2013
This is a pretty decent documentary, not the best Bruce Lee documentary in my opinion, I think A Warriors Journey is easily the best available.
The main pet peeve I had with this one, as with I Am Bruce Lee, was all the rappers & celebrities featured giving their two cents on Bruce in return for a quick plug about themselves/their music/movies etc.
It does however contain interviews with the likes of Linda Lee, Bey Logan etc. so it's not all bad!
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