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on 8 July 2010
This is the first sat nav I have ever bought, so I spent quite a bit of time reading reviews and talking to friends with sat navs.

I've read some negative reviews about the nuvi 1340, but decided to take the plunge and so far - five days in - I haven't been disappointed.

It is very easy to use. The screen is big and clear, the instructions concise and easy to understand. It updates and recalculates routes, when I have purposefully gone the wrong way, very quickly. There are other useful functions on there, like the points of interest, and the 'where am i' function would be very useful in an emergency. Safety camera alerts are a Godsend.

I appreciate that different people have different expectations, but I'm quite demanding and wouldn't waste my money on a pile of tosh, so I can recommend this sat nav.


I've had it for about five months now and still think that it is fantastic. It has got me around the UK and Europe with no problems at all. It was great for finding a petrol station in the middle of France when I needed one on the hurry up, for finding a cashpoint when driving around rural England and for finding a Thai restaurant in Bournemouth when we decided what we wanted to eat on a whim. Ten minutes and we were there.

What's more, all that driving and no points on my licence thanks to the camera alerts.

This sat nav is a very, very useful piece of kit.
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on 1 November 2009
Widescreen, clear map, easy to use and the audio instructions are clear, and these not only tell you which way to turn, but also the name of the road you are turning into. Speed camera notifications, the speed limit you are in and the actual speed indications are useful. If you know the route and don't want the audio instructions, you can just go to the MAP and it will show your car on the route and still give speed camera warnings. However, it is not perfect. For instance, it sometimes tells you to turn right but in fact you need to follow the road round the bend (the "straight on" road is actually a left turn). Also, the text which temporarily pops up when the speed camera chimes go off (double ding) is rather small. This text is useful in that it advises whether a fixed or average speed camera is looming, or a mobile camera zone. In this zone, a single ding sounds every few seconds if you are doing exactly the limit (or over). In my view it should not sound at the legal limit. Also, it would be useful to have a Mute "button" on the map screen for cases where you know most of the route but need help near the end. However, despite these minor foibles I am very pleased with the product.
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on 19 May 2010
FOR:- As the title suggests, it does what its supposed to. But what really impressed me
was how quickly it re-routes you should you need to take a diversion. I have borrowed
an older model Gamin from a friend from time to time but this cerainly does the trick.

AGAINT:- The only small complaint, even though it has a reasonable sized screen, is
that the qwerty touch screen can be a little fiddly to hit the right letter / key at times.
This could be made better if a stylus was included, the top of a pen did the trick for me.

OVERALL:- I still give it a 5***** rating
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on 8 March 2012
I bought this in summer 2011. I visited Weymouth, which has a lot of new roads, and they weren't showing on the Garmin - it instructed me to turn left - but the road no longer existed. I have just been to Cardiff, and it sent me down bus lanes, and again up a road which is no longer there - John Lewis have built a store on it. So I bought the cable to connect to my PC, and went to download the up-to-date maps - at a cost of £49.99 for a one-off, or £75 for a lifetime download. I only paid about £80 for the sat nav. I could buy a new one. Why are the up-dates so expensive? Why don't sellers tell us that?

When I was doing in-store research, ahead of buying from Amazon, the inference was that you could just go on line and download the latest maps, nobody said it would almost cost the price of the Garmin to do so, and it appears that none of the online reviews I read had this information either, so feel it's important to put it out there so that people don't fall for it blindly.
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on 28 July 2010
Easy to use without having to keep reading the instruction compared to many others that I have seen. Also cheaper. Many features that aren't in others and downloaded the free updates easily while registering product. Would highly recommend to others who are looking for a quality Sat/Nav at a reasonable price.
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on 13 January 2010
Great unit, has some good features and mapping pretty pleased until a recent trip to Yorkshire the unit switched itself off at a vital point and missed my motorway turn. It happened shortly after l bought it when my wife used it - unit completely froze up?? Anyway the freezing up happened on my recent trip and the switching off half a dozen times going and once coming back so quite disapointed with the performance. If l could trust the unit l would give it 5 stars, dont know if anyone else has experienced these issues.

Since writing the original review have had much more use of the unit and think since doing a software upgrade via Garmin Loader it seems a lot better and doesnt seem to switch off so often, still does it ocassionally but have learnt to live with it and guess its the unit. Still think its a great sat nav, has quick re routing (if you take the wrong turn etc)and the traffic is good too. Tried the pedestrian mode a couple of times in Nottingham and London but need time to get used to it but it seems to work okay, the spoken route is really useful and the motorway junction icon (comes on in top left of screen as you near the junction from about 1 mile) and it is only an 1 inch icon not the whole screen.

The "Where am l" is really useful especially if you need your GPS location or the nearest garage, hospital or police station also has a number of other good features too. A really must have sat nav, changed to 4 stars
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on 4 May 2011
This is the first satnav I have bought, which I bought especially for a holiday in France. I have no problem with map reading or with British road signs but I thought this would make life easier. It was worth every penny. There were two things I found invaluable. One was the current speed shown next to the speed limit in the bottom right corner. I barely looked at my speedometer as it's not so easy to read kmh. At times the speed limit was 70kmh, whereas the satnav said 90kmh, but this was just for short stretches of road and was so clearly marked on road signs that it wasn't a problem. The other useful thing was following it on roundabouts. It was very easy just to follow the pink line, turning right onto a roundabout and following it until you need to come off. In retrospect I was lucky not to hit another car as I realised I was looking more at the satnav than the road!

It is set for the default quickest journey setting and a couple of times we looked like we were coming off the beaten track a bit, but when I looked at a map afterwards we had just cut some corners. And it meant it took us on some prettier routes. We couldn't work out if it was being helpful or sarcastic when you are stuck in a traffic jam for a while and it asks if you want to switch to pedestrian mode!

I downloaded the instructions but didn't really look at them after discovering the help function on the satnav. Besides, I have teenagers who quickly worked out what to do!

My daughter gave me a stylus from her Nintendo DS which lives in the case. This was a great help. Firstly the fingerprints on the screen showed up when it was really sunny, and also it made it easier for me to reach if it was already attached to the windscreen.

I used it locally before we went to France to get used to it and followed our usual routes, even when it tried to take me a different route. It very quickly recalculates the route.

It comes with a free map upgrade within 60 days. The original map had a lot of wrong settings for petrol local to me but these were corrected with the download. The download did take a very long time but hopefully I won't need to do that again for a while anyway.

I would definitely recommend this.
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on 19 November 2009
I did a lot of research on sat navs before I decided on this one and have not been disappointed. It is so easy to use (which for me is important as I hate spending hours with a manual not getting anywhere). I used to get lost most places I went and found it dangerous looking at printed out directions on my knee - so this has been the best gadget I have brought myself for a long time. Have recommended it and shown it to lots of friends and they all seem to like it - very streamlined and easy to view screen. Excellent.
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on 17 August 2011
I got this to replace a Navman M300 that I paid peanuts for and which died after less than three months. So this time, I thought, I'll buy a big-name SatNav and read reviews widely to make sure I didn't pick a dud.

Well, this one isn't a complete dud, but it is a bit of a disappointment. Yes, it does most basic things okay but after only two or three weeks it is starting to lose my trust. And, as we know, trust is the most important thing in any relationship, including the driver-satnav relationship.

Around Sheffield, it made some odd decisions that I knew to ignore through local experience. In Leeds it sent me on another slow circuitous route that got me there eventually but didn't make a lot of sense, taking me off the motorway two junctions early onto slower roads. Then recently, heading south from Sheffield to the South West, I thought I'd fire it up to see what it recommended, even though I've done the journey many times. Weirdly, it wanted to take me of the M1-M42-M5 route that I've used for 20 years onto the A38 toward Derby. I decided to let it take over and it proceeded to take me on a weird slow route, mainly on A-roads, that saved only a mile in distance but which added 20 minutes and, to add insult to injury, finished up with a ten minute jaunt on the M6 toll road that cost me a fiver!

So since then I've stopped using it unless it's just to take me the last part once I'm virtually there. Which is fine but sort of defeats the purpose of the thing.

Added to that it seems to take abut three minutes to fire up and find satellites when the cheapo Navman took no time at all.

I'm not really sure that I shouldn't have bit the bullet and shelled out for a TomTom to be honest.
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on 30 March 2011
I bought a Mio Navman which lost it's speed camera warnings after 12 months. Wasn't informed when I purchased it that not only do the updates stop after 12 months (which is to be expected) but the ones stored on the unit disappear. As I didn't want to pay out every year I got a refund and purchased this Garmin. I've had it a couple of months and it's great if it knows the address. The problem is that most of the streets I input are not recognised and points of interest are not recognised.
An example been is that if you try to input a football stadium it doesn't know any. The problem is that if there's a major road that it knows, I probably won't need to use the sat nav, but when there's a small lane that I'm not exactly sure how to reach and a sat nav would be useful, then it doesn't know the lane. This results in me spending time using Google maps before I set off, printing a map off, taking it to my car and entering all the near by streets until there's one it recognises. If I had to do this on my old Mio I could then click on the unnamed street and all would be ready to go. You can't do this on the Garmin. You have to zoom out to get your bearings, then leave the map and through to a separate browse map. At this point you have to keep zooming in to the area, hoping you remember exactly where it was on the previous route map. If your lucky enough to find it then you can click where you want to go.
At this point the Garmin works well doing it's job. The only problem being that even though I updated when I received it, it misses many of the speed cameras.
I think if I could have tested this out first I would not have purchased it. I tried a TomTom and that seemed to work aswell as my Mio and as you don't need to subscribe to safety cameras, so that would be my first choice.
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