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on 18 June 2017
Cool cd - always loved Shakespeare sister, they never fail to deliver
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on 28 September 2016
good cd but early stuff is better
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on 13 December 2009
Not being a fan of Siobhan's first solo outing as Shakespear's Sister on "3", and after a few collaborations and solo singles under her own name, I was wondering if we'd ever hear from her again. Although this is a compilation in a way (more on that later) it works perfectly as an abum, with the three bonus tracks complimenting the main album perfectly.

Siobhan released 3 singles (2 on her own SF records) several years ago, "Bitter Pill" (with the Droids), "Pulsatron" and the more indie "Bad Blood". They came with a selection of mixes and all disappeared without trace, supposedly scuppering the release of the album she was working on. However it's great to see these tracks surface in a genuine album environment.

Interestingly "Bitter Pill" has been dramatically reworked here, from electro-kitsch to something far more indie, and different lyrics. Also the two chosen mixes of "Pulsatron" are the least electro I've heard, so work perfectly here (generally minus the high-pitched backing vocal yelps, thankfully). "Cold" appears in its full vocal glory, plus the sinister Death In Vegas dubby version, I'd not heard the proper song before so this was a very pleasant surprise! "It's A Trip" was originally another electro collaboration, re-recorded here for consistency of production, although it still has that Donna Summer-esque sequence!

All in all if you liked her solo singles, then there is plenty here to get you thinking or dancing (or even both), and the re-recordings/mixes gel extremely well. If you liked "3" the this s slightly trendier approach, and falls in nicely with the current electro tinged scene. She sings her heart out on the closer, "Loaded Gun", which is one of the most emotional vocals we've heard from her, whilst she sounds a bit like an up-to-date Siouxsie Sioux on other tracks.

This album is a real gem, so thanks to Siobhan for the work, and the labels for releasing it, however low-key. Worth every penny!
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on 7 February 2015
Had no problem at all,be happy to use this site again
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on 18 August 2017
Excellent recording, as per usual with Ms. Fahey. I read with absolute disdain the review by BBC. If they had looked into the true history of Shakespear's Sister, they would understand the problems that she faced with London Records, who had refused to launch #3, & it took some time before they actually gave her access to HER music. SFTRR is a great album, as with ALL of her other works (Bananarama, Shakespear's Sister & Siobhán Fahey. The best is The MGA Sessions released under her own name.

Please note that Bananarama have sold out concerts thanks to the original trio getting together again. Siobhán is one of the greatest singer/songwriter in the world. So BBC please review cd & artists in full before stating the drivel spouted in this review.
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on 9 January 2010
Every track on this album is contagious and edgy. Particularly like 'Was it worth it', 'Bitter pill' and 'A loaded gun' but there are lots of other really strong tracks on the album. In fact, the only track I don't like is the remix of 'Cold' by Death in Vegas. However, the album version of 'Cold' sounds great. Highly recommended!
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on 6 February 2012
The fourth studio album of Shakespears Sister is released
and many fans enjoy the comeback of Siobhan Fahey who presents her solo work.

The work differs from 'Sacred Heart', 'Hormonally Yours' and '#3' because of
the new direction between electro rock, electro pop and synthi.

After earlier tops like 'Stay', 'Hello' and 'I don't care' in cooperation
with Marcella Detroit, the new songs show an interesting arrangement of her voice,
electronic melodies and a new instrumental line.

'Pulsatron' creates a significant lounge-club-feeling, flavoured with guitar sounds
and dance-elements, that gives a special accent for the described party woman in an
urban nightlife and hypnotizes the listeners.

'Bad Blood' describes a town trip in love's chaos and breakout feelings. In drum and
sounds it becomes a dance-trip.

'Was It Worth It?' is a duet with Terry Hall, a constellation of hip hop,
electro and rock. The electronic love duo asks for faith and avoids love catastrophes
before they happen.

'It's A Trip' contains and designs youth, ecstasy, love, dream and city life in music.

'Hot Room' is as one of the best songs able to point out the voice of Siobhan Fahey and
to go under your skin with special trance feelings in a special zone of dark poisoned revenge.
Look, how fine it develops.

'A Man In A Uniform' as a faster song about the love for men in uniform and 'You're Alone'
as a slow-motion-song about lies in one's life and the question of being show the contrasts of
Siobhan Fahey.

'Bitter Pill' is here in a rock version that is not the maxi version but another interesting
example for this song. It contains weakness in life and the feeling to be without perspectives.

'Cold' is the best song of the album and is a monumental ballad that hits you in a soul being.
It creates ice in your veins and makes a picture of the cold love zones. Memories of old works come out
and are connected with her new line.

'You're Not Yourself' and 'A Loaded Gun' show different pictures of love and style in contradictious accents.

The B-side for the Deluxe-album contains further electro-, dance- and love songs in changing times and phases,
especially 'White Rabbit' and 'Someone Else's Girl' (single).

Siobhan Fahey as a woman in being is after a beautiful cover in it as well and still sounds very impressing.
She wins with her new accent although earlier works are missed sometimes. Her development is interesting and modern
and convinces because of her tendency to create her own style. That's fine. She won the post-war.
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on 24 November 2009
Just received the new SS CD in the mail. I must say that even know I haven't had the opportunity to listen to the CD more than twice, I'm fairly impressed. This one is a grower, that's a good thing. The growers are spun allot longer. I know from following Ms. Faye's music trial that this was to be a solo album recorded over so many years. Thank god she resurrected the SS Fodler!!! I have the first 2 albums and the twelve inches. I always been very fond of SS. I was very disappointed when Ms. Detroit left. I always thought the 2 blended well. I have read a number of reviews on the new album that state the songs seem to be dis-joint and don't fit together do to the fact that they were recorded over several years. I think they blend quit nicely. Though I haven't a favorite yet, it appears there is no filler here. I have heard a number of the songs over the years a have the remixes for Bitter Pill. If your questioning on whether to spend your hard earned cash on the new SS album. Do it its a worthy investment.
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on 13 September 2010
Bought this as I never had hormonally yours of my cd player I think that they should have left well alone and just let us have our memories !
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