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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 8 April 2017
The Final bungee halo game and a good way to go out Excellent game and multi-player Your team is up against impossible odds and you genuinely feel this You know it can't end well for you and your team But you have too play until the end I got the edition with the diary and it's a fascinating read
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on 6 January 2011
So what's inside the box: One of the special items contained within is Halsey's journal. This truly is a work of art. It is well done with sketches and proper journal entries relating to the Spartan programme and adds depth to both the game and Halo universe.

The care and attention that as gone into creating this quality product is exceptional. There is also a number of hidden items with the journal that makes this stand out as a really good piece of Halo memorabilia to have in within any Halo fans collection.

The game itself: This game is brilliant with a truly immersive campaign with a wide range of multiplayer options that will be talked about in depth within this review.

Campaign: Short and sweet with a dramatic and engaging story. 9/10

Firefight: What can i say? Incredible piece of technology, flawless and packed with extra features. 10/10

Matchmaking: Great! A wide range of different game types, maps and more. 10/10

Custom games: A wide range of options that all incorporate fun as a main priority. Mission accomplished. 10/10

Forge: A great improvement from the last game. Brilliant way to make your own maps. Incredible! 10/10

Theater: Truly epic re-watching your most epic kills. 10/10

Overall, an excellent game, and the extra content in limited edition only makes it better. A perfect package for any Halo fan.
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on 15 September 2010
The game itself is almost flawless, with only a few aspects that are bad. But if i talked about those, i'd truly be nit picking. Every aspect of the game is over blown and over the top!

Campaign: Whilst short, action packed to the last, with a dramatic but simple story. 8/10

Firefight: What can i say? Incredible piece of technology, flawless and packed with extra features. 10/10

Matchmaking: Great! So many different gametypes, maps and more. 10/10

Custom games: What could be better than messing about with options when your mates come round? Wanna just have a race? Kill each other? Run around really fast with just pistols? All easily accomplished. 10/10

Forge: A great improvement from the last game. One or two potential problems but none that i've been able to find so far. Incredible! 10/10

Theater: What can you say about theater? Truly epic re-watching splattering the annoying tea-bagger. 10/10

Overall, an excellent game, and the extra content in limited edition only makes it better.

Perfect for the halo fan who doesn't want to fork out the extra £60+
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on 15 September 2010
While I didn't necessarily order this version of the game, having ordered the "Legendary Edition" which has this full package in the box, I think what I have to say is relevant. Also my review relates more to the product on the whole rather then the game. I'm sure there are enough reviews of the game itself elsewhere to last a lifetime.

Anyway, as a huge Halo fan, I was disappointed to hear that Bungie would be calling it quits after Reach and Microsoft will attempt to continue without them. I loved Halo, it was the only reason I hung onto my old Xbox while all my friends were playing on their Playstations. The game series held so many fond memories for me whilst in my teens that I simply had to get hold of the top "version" of what already promised to be a fantastic game.

I do however, regret this decision. I honestly do believe that this Limited Collectors edition is the "just right" version of Reach. The collectors edition is presented fantastically, designed as some kind of container that would have been found of Reach. It slides open to reveal the game, and underneath you have the crown jewel of the package (minus the game...obviously). Halsey's journal is a work of art, it's fantastically done with sketches and proper journal entries related to the Spartan programme. The care and attention that as gone into creating this quality product is phenomenal. If you have read into the Halo universe, it's very interesting and much better then those "art books" which are thrown into other "collectors editions". I truly believe that this is the only collectors edition, of ANY game in the last few years worth paying out extra on top of the standard price.

It's the small little details that make you smile, like a reference to Kurt (Ghosts of Onyx), or something on 117, or even Dr Halsey's UNSC cardkey complete with barcode and holograph. It was all crafted for the Halo enthusiast.

You truly get the "meat" of the package right here, and the statue (for all it's hype) is lacking, and definitely not a necessary part of the Reach experience.
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on 23 September 2010
About the box set- worth every penny! It's presented well with a butt load of extras that will keep collectors feeling very happy indeed. Halsey's diary makes for interesting reading alongside the extra mountain of loose paper work contained within. The box itself will unlikely fit on your shelf with your other Xbox games so make sure there is a special place big enough to house such a large piece of memorabilia.

The game- I have to say that it's a little sad to see people putting down the game for being "too much like Halo 3" or just simply "Halo again". I say to them- what were you expecting? It would make no sense to think that this game would look or play any different from its predecessors as it is a new chapter in the same novel. It needs to have a flow and continuity that allows fans and followers of the Halo genre to seamlessly transfer from one game to another, feeling comfortable within that universe.

The continuity of the game, both in terms of looks and presentation, is outstanding. The creators have gone to great lengths to make fans feel welcome back to a universe we all know so well. I would think that most fans would find it so easy to go from Reach straight into playing Halo CE and have it feel very natural and fluid (well, apart from the graphic textures but that's due to Halo CE being almost 9 years old!).

However, this game does have one huge difference from any of the other Halo games so far- it's the way this game makes you feel as you progress.

I knew (as did we all) that Reach falls before I even put the disc in the machine but, I played this game as if my actions could somehow change this preordained outcome. And, as one by one my team fell, I developed more drive and determination to make the enemy pay for stepping foot on the world. There is certainly a more gritty and dangerous feel to the opponent this time around. Any "cuteness" they may have had has long gone. They're on the planet for a reason and they all come across as being more ruthless with no emotion other than hate and a willing to destroy. By the end of the first level you will find a new born sense of pride in humanity and a new burning for revenge against the enemy! (especially the Elites, they're particularly nasty on Reach!).

By the time I watched the credits role I felt comfortable in knowing my character gave his life up for the future of his race and felt pretty settled assuming he died on Reach. Then something different happened- the creators hit you with an Epilogue level. The planet decimated, enemy drop ships swarming the skies, ground troops massing like locusts and my character; his last stand. It almost had me in tears having to fight only to survive for as long as possible with an ending cut scene very unlike any I have seen in a Halo game so far.

So to those that spout off claims that this game is no improvement I say that this isn't a Halo 3 add-on. This isn't Halo again. This is a whole new breed of feeling and emotion brought into a universe that you were starting to feel comfortable and confident in. Oh yes, you know the weapons and all the symbols but think you know your enemy?

Think again.

Bungie showed us all what a victory tasted like in Halo 3... Now, they give you the flip side. Feel what fighting to the bitter end is like as your friends and world fall all around you. And maybe that's what some others can't see, or maybe they can't bear to lose.

Either way, if you're a Halo fan, if you love the Halo genre, story and the universe then this instalment is a must have.

And if you've not yet discovered Halo yet, well, where best to start than at the beginning.
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on 14 September 2010
I pre orded this game a few weeks ago and I was very exited for this day. How after a rubish day at school I come home to find Halo: Reach had not been posted. This is poor for such a big game. The five starts is for the game not the post.
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VINE VOICEon 16 September 2010
Before the events of the Halo trilogy, Spartan warriors like the Master Chief were trained and engineered on the planet Reach, a massive military and R&D world for the earth and UNSC (United Nations Space Command Marine Corps) forces. However, all is not peaceful. Civilian disturbances and uprisings are becoming more common, and the earth forces have detected that an outbreak of civil war is likely. However, all this is rendered irrelevant by the arrival of the Covenant, a massive force of alien species which obliterate entire worlds, declaring a religious war on humankind. The UNSC at once promises cessation of activity against the outlying human uprisings in exchange for co-operation against the covenant.

You play Noble 6, a biologically and technologically enhanced Spartan warrior assigned to a squad of five other Spartans. Initially sent to investigate a communications failure, you experience first-hand the Covenant invasion of Reach ... and its last days. The game takes you through Noble Squad's efforts to repel, and then simply survive the invasion, and get crucial personnel and intelligence off the planet.

Put simply, Reach is a gorgeous game. The makers have invested a lot of time and effort in making it graphically and audibly fantastic - the scenery is lush, the music is of a similar epic orchestral scale as the rest of the series, and the levels are well thought-out. You're noticeably tougher than your character in ODST, as you should be. The gameplay is also great - there are a variety of missions, from simple 'get from A to B' to 'defend this point' to racing across the landscape on a quadbike. The vehicle levels are well planned out, and you don't feel hampered by them, unlike some other games. Whilst the VTOL is (I suspect, intentionally) unmaneouverable, the space craft is awesome. You'll also feel the difference when you're playing with your squad of Spartans - the game is noticably easier than when you've got a human marine fireteam with you. You'll power through like a hot knife through butter, whereas going solo can be more of a strategic fight. The addition of armour powers (rather like the 'items' in Halo 3, such as the bubble shield) - but with the welcome addition of a jetpack, temporary invincibility (whilst stationary) and a holographic decoy - make the game feel much more about tactics and skill rather than simply blasting away at the Covenant.

It's a good length, and normal difficulty feels challenging without being annoyingly tough. The levels are suitably atmospheric - the defense of an underground bunker with most of Noble Team, and the quad bike racing level being real high points for me - and you'll start to feel attached to the rest of Noble Team. The AI is really good - you'll feel pretty challenged by some of the battles, and even some one-on-ones with elites can be tough!

The multi player is great as well. I didn't play online, but on a split-screen you can play against up to three other friends, or co-operatively engage in Firefight (a la ODST) holding off waves of enemies in a variety of settings. There's a setting with infinite rocket launcher ammunition which is particularly satisfying, although you've got to watch the range!

There are very few disappointments in the game. It's slightly annoying that you can't dual-wield, although always being able to throw grenades is a distinct tactical advantage - although I'd prefer to be able to make that call myself. The levels can feel a bit arbitrary very occasionally, rather than the linear plot progression which you get in the Halo Trilogy, and I think that's probably the biggest failing - the lack of a distinct overall goal. However, it does give you a good idea of what the final days of Reach were like, and you do see progressive amounts of damage being done to the planet, including a truly impressive moment in the VTOL where vast columns of fire shoot down from the sky.

A few last words on the limited edition. It's a large 'black box' recorder, with the full version of the game inside. Underneath the game is a black bubble-wrap package, labelled up as military, containing the diary and associated items from Dr Halsey, one of the founding directors of the Spartan programme. The diary is very well written and beautifully done, giving a lot of background on the history before the game begins, and the Spartan project. You also get a map, various dossiers and leaflets. There are also codes to unlock a couple of bonus items within the game, although I didn't really notice myself using these.

Overall, it's a great game. Gorgeous, epic and tremendously well executed. It's excellent, but if I could give it a 4.5 / 4.7 I would - it's a must for your collection, but I don't think it's quite as flawless as Halo 3 as an experience.
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on 13 October 2010
Halo: reach is the swan song to the halo franchise from Bungie, and that is evident throughout the game's campaign. The artwork in the skybox's is stunning and the brilliant level design lends to enjoyable gameplay. However the game is not without it's rather disheartening glitches. Occasionally when a large amount of firearms are being used at once, the game can lag for just a moment, but it's enough to cause a slight disapointment with the game.

There are also a few problems in forge where objects may not exactly line up using coordinates and you will have to carefully place a block exactly where you want it instead. However with the coordinate system, rotation snapping, phasing ability and improved controls, forge is a much more enjoyable and less aggravating experience. It is easy to build maps now and build them quickly, although setting up gametypes requires exiting and reloading each time which can be time consuming and the tag based system may be daunting for first time users. This is however not much of a worry and if you are at all serious about making your own maps you will get the hang of it quickly.

Finally, the game's multiplayer. This may be halo but not as you know it. With new armour abilities, weakened shields and weapon options, gameplay changes dramatically. You're increased mortality lends itself to more strategic thinking and the armour abilities encourage better planning before running out in the open and going all Rambo on everyone. Overall the multiplayer is a brilliant experience and the new gametypes are inspired.
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on 12 October 2010
Short answer is a definate YES!

Bungie deliver a game which you can tell from the moment you see the intro to the moment the credits roll was created out of sheer love. Don't be fooled by trolls that tell you this is just Halo 3 it is far far more than that. The game engine has obviously been revamped a lot, the game looks gorgeous in motion. Campaign for the first time since Halo 2 is engaging, nobody unless they've never played an FPS game before should bother playing in easy or normal. The most fun is Legendary, pick Heroic if you aren't willing to take your time, and those who love a real challenge will be able to play in co-op mode (Difficulty increases with the more players in the game). Bungie has taken a lot on board what people complained about Halo 3, the story is an epic and emotional journey.

Multiplayer hasn't suffered from the attention campaign has received at all, in fact it's quite the opposite, it's gotten even better! Armour abilities (AAs) really mix things up, but yet the game still very much feels like Halo should. Ranking up is a lot more fun compared to Halo 3, Bungie throws awards, acheivements and credits that you can spend in the new Armoury feature which lets you customize your Spartan (male or female) from head to toe.

Bungie have really spoiled us there are only a couple of negatives I have, campaign on the odd occassion can suffer from noticable frame rate drops but this generally happens during cut scenes so gameplay doesn't suffer. No customizable controlls but Bungie has done a good job with what they've given us. Forge world only uses Forerunner textures and items are mostly the asme has Halo 3's forge. Other than that this game is near as perfect as you can get, so I've still given it a perfect score. I won't need to buy any new games for awhile.

Ninja edit: How could I forget! Credit needs to be given to Martin O'Donnell for the amazing soundtrack, I'd rate this on par with Halo 2's soundtrack.
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on 29 October 2010
Actually I am not a glaring fan of the Halo-Saga but once I played Halo Reach, I got a different feeling, incompareble with the other Bungie games. The Gameplay is more realistic like you've a blowbak, more realistic aiming as the Bungie games before, get damage if you fall down of high levels and some more fllips that excites the game :)
All this I missed in the Halo-Saga before and now I enjoy it with Halo Reach. Thats a fact for me becouse I always played more logical games like FarCry, Crysis or Call of Duty 4+ including realistics in the gameplay.

Bungie did good with the singleplayer campaign. The story is really challenging and makes fun after all, but it's not really difficult to play. The first time I got Halo Reach, I started beginning the campaign on Legendary difficult mode and it's just easier as Halo 3. Maybe that's becouse of the better gameplay :D
The only thing that disappointed me is that you've not much munition for some weapons in singleplayer. But it's no big deal after all.

The multiplayer mode has a lot of options and settings, also the same to systemlink and custom games. You can earn 'Credits' to buy armor upgrades for youe custom Spartan and it shows your custom armor everywhere you play (campaign, multiplayer, firefight etc.)

This version of Halo Reach includes more languages. The dubs in the video-sequences are always in english! The language of the rest like menu, subs and the narrator can be changed to that language you've set your Xbox360 Systemlanguage on.
Hope you all understand me, sorry for my bad english!
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