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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Deth Red Sabaoth
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 19 September 2017
Another Glenn's masterpiece!!!
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on 23 June 2010
After the departure of his original backing band, and his split from Rick Rubin, Danzig's music changed direction, and most would say not for the better. Whilst every album since the 4th had moments of quality, they were never consistent, and as the years went by, it became clear that Glen's voice was badly strained, and was not helped by his inexplicable decision as producer, to hide his vocal tracks deep in the mix, where they got swamped by his newer, more 'metal' guitar oriented music.

After 6 years of limited live performances, and no new material, hopes were not high, even among the staunchest of fans, for this album. Perhaps lack of expectation makes this MASSIVE return to past glories even more enjoyable.

Right from the off, Glen's vocals are back to being up front and in your face in the mix, and what vocals! Crisp, and full and powerful. The old Elvis croon, the old Morrison Swagger, its there like the noughties never happened. This can also be said in regards to the songs themselves - in every way, this is the spiritual successor to his second album, 'Lucifuge'. The blues of Ju Ju Bone, the hip-swaying lapdance friendly 'Black Candy', the bluegrass slow burn of 'On a wicked Night' , and more besides. This is not only the best Danzig Album since the Rubin years, this is better than the last 2 Def American albums in my opinion. Its more fun, its more consistent, and his voice....Did I mention how good his voice sounds again? :-)
With a backing band that includes main members of prong/Ministry and Type O Negative, along with legendary Samhain collaborator Steve Zing on bass, Glen finaly has the quality of band he needs to make his music shine, and they do not fail, though the uber-critical would be justified in pointing out Tommy Victor does not have as good an ear for constructing solos as John Christ. The guitar work is still excellent by any other standard however.

The only weakness still remains that Glen is not a skilled producer, and whilst this is by far his best effort in the chair, it would sound even better had it been mixed by a more skilled technician in this field.

That is a small quibble however, as with every play, this album gets stronger and stronger.
If you have any concept of how good a Danzig record can be from times gone by, and have lost faith, then I implore you to give him another chance, as this album will quite possibly make your year. in musical terms it has mine. Album of the year, no matter what may come, and a comeback more impressive than any Rocky movie.
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on 11 July 2010

After the U-turn of `Blackacidevil' (1996) every Danzig album from `Satans Child' (1999) onwards has been hailed as a return to the style & form of the first four classic albums. Ironically, none of them sounded anything like the first four LPs and none of them were as good as Blackacidevil either. Following the dissolve of the Christ/Von/Biscuits line up, Blackacidevil was really more of a solo effort. Due to the popularity of `industrial' music in the 1990's D5 is often dismissed as a cash-in or as a sub-par NIN rip-off. But the truth is D5 was a fine album. Aside from the unique aural assault it provided it was also the last album on which Danzig's voice still sounded youthful and with its original full range and tracks like `The 7th House' & `Sacrifice' pulsated and pounded with a vitality not heard since. I rate D5 8/10.

On 6:66 Satans Child (1999) the main attraction of the band- Danzig's legendary howl seemed to be AWOL. 90% of the vocals on the album were either whispered, masked in filters or just sounded plain hoarse. Despite this, the nu metal stylings of the record combined with GD's songwriting did make for some cool tracks... but it tends to leave one wondering what could have been had the LP been tracked with stronger vocals.

777 I Luciferi (2002) This one was an improvement over SC. The second half of 777 was strong with some great songs, the first half? Not so great. See `Wicked Pussycat'. Longtime punk/hardcore veteran Todd Youth made his presence felt on guitar lending a more dark and thick sound to 777 than that of 6:66 and this also highlighted the direction in which the band was heading;- becoming `more metal' with each new album. It was for this shift in direction that longtime drummer Joey Castillo would leave the band in 2002 to join Queens of the Stone Age.

Circle of Snakes (2004) This was a good album, but again not great. This time the music was heavier still with an even thicker sound than 777 but with none of the swagger and laid back cool of the first three albums. Tommy Victor of Prong provided the super heavy guitar which seemed to bury almost everything else in the mix inc the vocals and the whole album felt oddly soulless. On CoS Glenn sang a bit more and although the vocals were better than say, Satans Child, they often sounded flat and he did not appear to have the same range and power in his voice as on Danzig1-5. I guess that's to be expected after almost 30 years of mayhem.

In recent years his voice of old seemed to return. Just check out videos of the bands performance at 2009's `Fun Fun Fest' in Texas. If you close your eyes you'd think you were hearing a show from the early 90's. Turns out after Glenn cut certain dairy products from his diet it restored some of his former range and tone.

And so we arrive at 2010 which brings with it the bands long awaited new album- `Deth Red Sabaoth'. DRS is the first new album by the band in 6 years and so ends the longest break between albums. The line up is rounded out with Tommy Victor on guitar and Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative) on drums. As well as vocals, Glenn shared bass & guitar duties with Victor and provided piano and even drums on one track.


Hammer of the Gods (5:21) is a classic Danzig album opener- catchy galloping riffs the same tempo as `Am I demon' & `Night, BeSodom' with a sing along chorus that gets stuck in your head. In the middle there is a doomy Black Sabbath style breakdown with a whispered interlude and then one of Tommy's better guitar solos on the album. Miles better than anything on CoS and this one also goes over great live. 9/10

The Revengeful (4:11) is probably the most contemporary sounding track on DRS. It starts off with a pinch harmonic riff and an AC/DC style beat. Then Glenn kicks in as he croons about the approach of a death dealing being known The Revengeful, with the vocals perfectly mixed and full of range. The verse sections soon give way to one of the best ever Danzig choruses which recalls the feel of Lucifuge and contains that indefinable essence that makes you feel invincible. 10/10

Rebel Spirits (3:59) Awesome riff and the drums here sound so good- deep and huge! Tommy's playing on this track is much more restrained than anything on CoS where every track sounded the same. It feels less mechanical and more soulful. Similarly Glenn's vocals smolder for the most part- `rebel spirits call to thee, on this the dawn of your destiny, rebel blood strong and free, will never bow to the heavenly' later the chorus is underscored with the return of the double bass fills from the beginning and the last 1:20 of the track is just the band rocking out. One of DRS many highlights. 10/10

Black Candy (4:09) is another contender for best song on the album. The first time I heard it I was not that impressed, but like lots of great music- the more you listen, the more its true greatness is revealed and the better it gets. This is a slow one with a cool hook and Glenn also played the drums on this song. The drumming is a highlight ft. double bass fills and the snare sounds awesome as do all the drums on DRS. The vocals are also a highlight- mixed nice and high with Glenn in great form. 10/10

On a Wicked Night (4:02) is the first single from the album and as one of the most accessible it's a fine choice. It begins with an acoustic style intro/riff as Glenn sings over the top about a mysterious woman in black, possibly lady Death? from the album cover. Soon the drums kick in (Devil's Plaything style) and we get the loud version. Great song but one minor complaint I have is that the vocals in the second half don't seem to be mixed high enough and have to fight with the guitar for your attention. 9/10

Deth Red Moon (3:58) Another fav from DRS. A superb song which seems to be on every Danzig fans ideal set list this year. It's melancholy, atmospheric ... just great in every way. It paints pictures in your head, hard to describe. I love that it sounds like a maraca was used. Deth Red Moon sounds like a classic 70's rock song. 10/10

Ju Ju Bone (4:46) The riff you've heard a million times before in any other blues song but that don't matter. This one is all about the vibe. Glenn's vocals are subdued in the first half as he reflects on using the mysterious artifact to get payback on a certain girl. Then in the later stages he breaks loose with some Evil Elvis wails which sound as good as ever. To me this song represents the evolution of the band really well because it's a laid back number with simple riffs, but still contains that unexplainable Danzig magic. It's as if Glenn has distilled what makes Danzig great and if he puts that ingredient into any song it will be amazing no matter what the riffs or structure are. 10/10

Night Star Hel (6:42) Every Danzig album needs a slow evil track and this is it. The riffs are particularly sinister and the guitars sound massive. In the last two minutes the band rocks out in an extended outro section. 9/10

Pyre of Souls: Incanticle (3:18) has an almost folk feel to it and serves as the introduction to the next track- Seasons of Pain. Incanticle is much softer than the rest of DRS as it features no distorted guitars or drums. The track is essentially a riff that repeats for two minutes with layered vocals, piano & minimal percussion. 10/10

Pyre of Souls: Seasons of Pain (7:18) This track is amazing. The riffs recall Incanticle but this time instead of acoustic guitars and chimes it's a droning metallic dirge that pummels your eardrums. One thing that's cool about this track is that Glenn really lets the music breath with there being gaps between the vocals of up to two minutes. Definitely one of the album highlights. 10/10

Left Hand Rise Above (4:23) reminds me of `Let it be Captured' as it's a grandiose song in which heavy guitars are played down and the vocals are the main focus, but of course, aside from those similarities it is entirely different. This has got to be one of the top three songs on DRS and is the perfect album closer. The lyrics seem to be a celebration of individualism and inner strength and once again Glenn is in fine voice. Both simple and epic at the same time. 10/10

For the first time in 15 years Danzig has produced an album that is actually as good the first four albums, but with a looser feel and a much fatter and dirtier sound. Don't go in expecting the crystal clear / perfectly balanced production of the first four albums. One of Glenn's aims with DRS was to create an old yet contemporary sounding record- something with a bit of character. He has defiantly succeeded.

Any downsides? Well, as cool as the mix/ production is, sometimes it can be a bit choppy with the vocals occasionally not mixed high enough and the bass barely audible at all. The other downside to the album is that Tommy Victor's guitar solos are for the most part crap. A typical solo for him consists of shredding the fret as fast as he can with no meaningful direction for a certain amount of time and that's about it. His solos don't take you on a journey like those of John Christ do. So while his playing in general is more restrained and varied on DRS and with more feeling than on CoS, his solos are still lacking for the most part.

Despite its imperfections, Deth Red Sabaoth is a superb return to form. The songwriting is solid- every track, the music has that old Danzig swagger to it once more and best of all- Glenn's voice sounds awesome again. It was great to see Danzig return to the top 40 of the billboard with DRS debuting at #35. I rate this album 10/10.
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on 8 June 2010
** This review edited in light of recieving this, only to discover there were 2 ltd edition Urn sets released, one the 'delux' and then this the 'Fanbox'. I pre-ordered this believing it to contain many goodies, including a signed poster. To my dismay, this morning I recieved a (damaged) urn, containing the CD album, a postcard of 'authenticity' regarding the 'fanbox', and a set of 4 Danzig pin Badges.

Whilst I stand by my love of the new album, the quality and contents of this urn set, is, to be frank, AWFUL!!! For over 50 quid I would expect what was promoted as the delux package, not a cheap looking practicaly empty box.

If you can acquire the better Urn set, then good luck to you, but if not, then just by the (superb) album, not this overpriced let down.
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on 18 April 2013
Great album for danzig fans, though not everybody's favorite i believe. Heavier guitar sound than classic Danzig, with the guitars right at the top of the mix, which personally i really like to hear. Also, i believe Danzig played some of the lead parts himself, which was an odd choice when Tommy Victor is your guitarist, but then he is Glen Danzig and will do it his way, which is why we love him!
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on 5 September 2010
Best Danzig album in years. Its full of really good songs & cool catchy riffs. I think the whole album is really good, but I especially like 'On A Wicked Night', 'Ju Ju Bone', 'Revengeful', 'Rebel Spirits'..... damn I love it all lol!!!!!!
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on 9 August 2010
Just to add my two pence in... when news arose of a special edition box set version of the new Danzig album, I (and I imagine many others) were excited. All mention of this box-set (official and otherwise) referred to a nicely-made urn containing a decent set of goodies - CD, 7", signed poster, and limited to 666 worldwide - well worth the £50 for a Danzig fan. There was absolutely no mention of there being a second, vastly inferior, Red Deth Sabaoth urn box set for European fans. In fact, I still can't find any clear information now on the net about this `fanbox' - an unimpressive urn which contains nothing but the CD and some crappy pin badges, and is far less limited at 1666. Needless to say, when I received this `fanbox' I was severely disappointed - especially after such a long wait. Worse yet, I can't help but feel as though the record label and/or Danzig management have somewhat deliberately mislead European fans by not making it at all clear that there would be two versions of the urn. A cynical conclusion I know, but in this day and age of greed and opportunism in the music industry I can't rule it out.

Some hardcore Danzig fans might still deem this `fanbox' worth owning, but I'm a bit more shrewd with my cash, so I don't. No doubt there will be many confused and disappointed customers who, like me, had no idea there was a second, inferior urn to the one mentioned on all official channels.

All the above said, this review relates only to the `fanbox' edition of Red Deth Sabaoth. The album itself is great! I'd probably give that 4/5 just for being an honest, organic, dark, dirty and bluesy return to the form of albums 1-4. Love the production and overall atmosphere particularly.
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on 9 August 2010
There seems to be quite a bit of confusion and disappointment over this item. First of all there is only one DRS Urn, the only difference is that the 'deluxe' version comes packaged with two extras:- a 7 inch single of 'On a Wicked Night' & a signed poster.

A different Urn design was originally shown online, but it would seem that was just a prototype model and the final product is the one tone grey item we see above. I can understand some fans disappointment on missing out on the 7'' and poster, but ultimately anyone who bought this knew they were paying for the fancy box more than anything else. Aside from that I don't understand why anyone who did not love the album would buy this.

About the Urn: it's a good size - not too heavy / not too light and it smells a bit like doodie. However it looks great on your shelf or mantle piece and that's main thing. fifty three pounds for a box that does nothing is a little pricey, but I think the sheer aesthetic luster and entrancing smell of the item more than makes up for it.

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on 10 August 2010
Again I did not receive the box set as described when originally pre-ordered. I would never have paid £60.00 for basically the CD and a few badges in a plastic coated box. Where is the Signed Danzig Poster, The Wicked Night vinyl?
On a better note I highly recommend the album. It's amazing and definitely the best album I have purchased this year.
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on 7 June 2015
Great album as I find him hit or miss
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