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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 17 August 2010
I think this whole show is the best thing since the Sopranos. Funny, sad, heartwrenching, disgusting, violent, incredibly poignant; the story of a good man going bad while you still like and sympathise with him. Characters with confused moral codes, trying to do the right thing in the light of their twisted and ambivalent ethics. Just like the Sopranos - murderers who are loving and loyal to their family and friends. Towering achievement. Don't watch it without seeing season 1 first. S2 is much darker than season 1, fewer belly laughs, but still absolutely the best thing. I watched it all over again straight after the first viewing, simply because there isn't anything else I want to see more than this. Now I'm suffering waiting for season 3!
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on 14 June 2010
Dark, tragic and funny. There are not many programmes to match this program, it's far better than most movies let alone tv programmes. Some of the scenes, particularly in series 3 are outstanding and rank as ones that will stay memorable for some time.

Series 2 portrays the further drawing of the principle characters into a dark, dark world and the moral and practical decisions they are forced to make in order to protect and grow their drug business (started with the best of intentions).

This is a tv series that has yet to catch on mainstream but deserves all the success of The Sopranos, The Wire etc.

Brilliantly cast, acted, written and filmed. Understated and always, always totally engaging.

If you only watch one new series this year - this should be it. Can't recommend it enough.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 29 September 2014
Season 2 follows directly on from season 1. There's no overlap. The action picks up immediately and you're thrown straight back into the world of science teacher Walter White in his battle against cancer and his plunge into the murky world of drugs. I'd recommend you watch season 1 first. It sets the scene for what's to come and so much has happened to Walt, and his family, you might struggle to make sense of it if you don't watch the series in the proper order.

One thing's for sure; it's certainly ramped up in terms of action and violence and it's strong stuff. What makes it acceptable is the brilliant story that's unfolding throughout and the highly believable characters you just can't help bonding with. For that it's similar to the Sopranos but; Breaking Bad is in a whole other league. What I particularly enjoy is the wicked, dark humour flying around and the ongoing growth of the lead characters. The relationship between Walter White, Bryan Cranston, and his hapless, addict sidekick Jesse, Aaron Paul, is brilliantly worked into the plot. Extremely good TV.

Breaking Bad - Season 2 - contains all 13 episodes on 4 discs and runs for approx. 9 hours and 50 minutes.
English subtitles.
Age 15+ suitability due to 'bloody violence, hard drug use and drug references'.
Cast and Crew commentaries, Deleted scenes, Inside Breaking Bad - 13 featurettes about the making of each episode, Season 1 recap, "Negro y Azul" Music Video, "Better call Saul" Commercial, 11 behind the scene featurettes, Cop talk with Dean Norris, Gag reel, Walt's warning, 6 Breaking Bad original webisodes, Season 3 sneak peak, Vince Gilligan's photo gallery.
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on 8 August 2010
If you thought the first series was good, fasten your seatbelts for this one as lung cancer victim Walt develops his alter-life as crystal meth manufacturer while keeping it secret from his ever-suspicious bourgeois wife and hilariously unsuspicious drug enforcement cop brother-in-law. Existing characters are developed, and fascinating new ones introduced. It's darkly funny, deeply ironic and occasionally tragic while simultaneously providing a manifold critical commentary of US/western society and values. Plus, in this series, the script contains a suspense component that makes the whole thing positively gripping. Nothing comes near this superb series in TV past or present. Don't miss it!
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I loved series one of Breaking Bad, it was undoubtedly the best boxed set I have watched this year. The only downside was that 7 episodes just weren't enough so I was pleased to find that series 2 was also available to buy.

Series 2 continues the story of Walt (played by Bryan Cranston), a middle class, law abiding teacher who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer at the age of 50. His wife, Skylar is on the verge of giving birth to a new baby and his teenage son, Walt Jnr, who suffers from cerebral palsy, trying to establish his own identity whilst living in a family on the verge of a major melt-down.

During series 1, Walt in an effort to fund his medical treatment and to leave his family with enough money to live after his demise teams up with Jessie (Dean Norris), one of his former students. Together they set up a meth lab and cook the best meth anyone has ever seen on the market. But things didn't go quite according to plan.

Series two continues on directly from the end of the first series with the same cast of characters. The series is more hard hitting with even more black humour than the first. I can never look at a turtle in quite the same way again!

Walt tries so hard to do the right thing but things just keep going wrong and as soon as he makes some cash he seems, through no fault of his own, to lose a larger amount. And all the time Jesse, despite his best intentions, seems like the colleague from hell - mistakes seem to be his second name.

This series was a lot more gritty and emotional than the first one. I so wanted Walt to tell the truth when it really mattered. And I cried when a particular event took away the most important thing in Jesse's life.

I thought the use of the short teasers at the start of many of the episodes was great, for example the pink bunny in the pool. Each episode gave you the tiniest extra little clue before it went into the main episode. No matter how much you try to second guess what the teasers meant it was impossible to identify how they would link to the main storyline until right near the end of the final episode - what a dynamic and clever ending to this series.

The series doesn't make use of cliff-hangers or other tension inducing stunts commonly used in series such as 24, Prison Break, Oz etc - it simply doesn't need to bother with that type of ploy. Instead it relies on an imaginative plot, well written script and well rounded characters. When one episode ends all you will want to do is watch the next one; I would be surprised if anyone could stretch this series out over a long time period.

Overall, a brilliant drama series. If you missed it first time around on TV then grab a copy of the first series and I can pretty much guarantee you that you will be back on Amazon ordering this second series very quickly.
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HALL OF FAMEon 24 February 2010
Breaking Bad series 2 is an outstanding tv show, and more than rewards the slow build in series 1, not only does this second series reach its potential, it is perhaps one of the best series around and leaves the viewer hungry for season 3.
Bryan Cranston is superb as the high school teacher come drug kingpin and meth lab chemist Walter White, crossing the border between all american dad and underworld boss, he ventures more and more into his darkside, resulting in some of the tense kafka style dilemmas found in Dexter.
The cast in series 2 expands to include some excellent new characters, while developing nicely the characters from the short first series.
The series looks great, and continues to pull no punches when it comes to drugs and violence, and presents a less than glamorous reality of the addicts underworld, although the second series is somewhat less grisly than the first.
The only slight complaint is that the seeds planted in the stylized intros leading to the series finale, is a bit of a cop out when it finally arrives, considering the quality of the writing and the slow burn tension through-out, the ending just seems to jar.
Highly recommended to any fan of The Wire, Dexter, Oz and The Sopranos. Excellent.
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on 5 June 2014
I seldom watch films beyond 11pm but was compelled to watch it from 8pm to 2am! It's shocking but a film where far-fetched becomes believable & is definitely addictive. It took me a long time to get into Season 1 as this is, so I thought, not my kind of film. How wrong I was! By the end of the first season I was yearning for more & after watching action-packed Season 2 I have ordered Seasons 3 & 4. Superb acting by our two main characters: Walt & Jesse, & excellent, very realistic character portrayal which is enhanced by the contrast between the two of them. Amazingly, Walt's deep love for Jesse comes over very strongly in the last episode, or is it Walt's addiction to earning B . . .I . . .G money that that far exceeds his love of anyone now, even himself. I'm utterly amazed that he's still alive after the way he has starved his cancer-ridden body of food & water over such a long period of time/
This series has EVERYTHING, & is like no other on TV or Cinema . . . .BUY IT!
(It is especially interesting if you know someone who dabbles or has dabbled in drugs - a sad but realistic representation in parts of today's drug culture & the way it can invade all levels of society!)
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on 13 February 2014
I have now seen all the Breaking Bad series and rate it one of the best dramas I have ever seen. Beware, once you start it is addictive and leads to many late nights. The temptation to "let's see one more episode" is very strong. A sad day indeed when the final episode comes to an end as there is nothing else available that is anywhere near as good.
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on 5 March 2014
Breaking Bad season two is an absolute master class in character development. A huge step up from season one which just felt like an introduction, season two builds and then breaks its characters relationships and leaves the viewer gripped to the very end and then frazzled as the final credits roll.

Walt's descent into the drug world completes itself here. Bryan Cranston successfully portrays someone who slips from a happy suburban life into the dark realities of the drug world. Hardening himself the pitfalls of his new chosen profession, Walt decides that Heisenberg must flourish and to do so a network of employees needs to be recruited.

The script is immensely gripping, keeping you hooked on every episode. It quietly takes over your life and leaves you aching to see what these well written characters get up to next. It also feels totally organic. Each new scenario both Walt and Jessie find themselves in feels like it occurs naturally and is very grounded.

The introduction of Saul as a sort of financial advisor is a masterstroke and opens many more doors for these characters. Every moment has tension, from Walt's family life and the lies he tells to keep them away from the truth to his relationship with Hank which is starting to show signs of tension and he circles closer to the truth behind Heisenberg.

It isn't without its touching moments either. Hanks emotional state after being caught up in a couple of gun fights shows another (albeit short lived) side to his normally gruff exterior. Skyler with her constant struggles to look past some of the inaccuracies of Walt's stories and then ultimately Jessie's crushing devastation with the loss of someone he loves.

Breaking Bad is simply marvellous and shouldn't be missed. If the first season failed to whet your appetite give this one a go. With more time to flesh out the characters and develop the story season two is sublime.
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on 11 March 2016
If Meth is half as addictive this TV series... count me out...
If after watching this series, and you want to try Meth? You
are stupid or mad... This is the dark vortex of drug addiction
in present day America, and it makes me want to detox...

I can't begin to tell you how good this series is. Sad, funny
and... well see for yourself... After watching this, I feel the
USA, has some-what lost it's soul, to the Tsunami of drug
abuse... WHY? Because the American dream is dead...The
Poor are getting poorer, and the Rich, are getting RICHER...

Another thing here, is the disgusting American "health-care"
system... After watching this, you will never complain about
the British NHS...
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